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Martins Adeniya leads the way into Day 3 of EPT Deauville

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Posted on 03 February 2012 by "T".

Martins Adeniya started Day 2 with 115,000 chips and ended the day with amazing 512,00 and the chip lead. Most of the chips he accumulated during Day 2 came from a young, aggressive poker player that tried to bluff him in several pots. Adeniya figured out his young opponent's "strategy" quickly and managed to win some huge pots.

"I came into the day with 115,000," said Adeniya. "My stack swung around between 100,000 and 150,000 for a while, but then a young kid at my table tried to bluff me. I made a huge call on the river to get a full double-up to 250,000. I've just been building from there, picking up small pots."

"I had another big pot where I had a full house against the same guy who I think rivered a flush. I took a lot of chips off that one player."

"It's been a quite a comfortable day," said Adeniya. "I've not done too well flipping against short stacks, but at the same time I've been on the right side of the big pots. I feel like I've dodged some callers... I think I played pretty well today."

This is not the first time Adeniya does well in the European Poker Tour. Last season, for example, he finished 15th. His career, however, has a path on the acendand, as his record shows.

"Before I had a lot more wild aggression which was just all over the place but now it's a lot more controlled," said Adeniya.

"I feel like I'm a better reader of players and I'm using that. Before I used to be really good playing against very good players, not so good against bad players. But right now I've improved my game. It's going to be hard to stop me in this tournament."

Day 3 starts in a couple of hours and 178 players remain. There are a few notables left: Fatima Moreira de Melo & Luca Pagano - just to mention two. The money bubble will burst when 128 players remain and all of them will be guaranteed to walk away with at least 7,5000 euro each. But of course that's nothing compared to the money that's up for grabs on the final table. The winner will take home amazing €875,000, while the runner-up will get 557k.


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4 comments on "Martins Adeniya leads the way into Day 3 of EPT Deauville"

 Fakiry03/02/2012 16:15:06 GMT
Good for Martins in getting that bluffer. It is very nice when things like this happens. Someone loses the first time with us and then they keep coming against us just to see if they can take revenge on that first hand. If they do it, everything keeps well. If they don’t, they will only stop when they lose all.
 pochui03/02/2012 17:09:45 GMT
always great to catch a bluffer- especially in a serious tournament- you basically get double joy: bust up the bluffer and put yourself in a great position to make some profit in the end of the tourney- it sounds easy enough to do, but in reality the bigger the buy in the tougher call it gets to make when someone you believe is bluffing
 GIOMi604/02/2012 11:51:46 GMT
This is gonna be a tough final table to reach, because of the many great players there are in this tournament.
 Macubaas05/02/2012 18:51:48 GMT
The competition is pretty serious at tjhis EPT, i mean many good players are still in the game...

There aren't too many famous poker players bu there are definately some really experienced live players Blink

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