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Titan Poker Part Ways With its last 2 Pro Team players

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Posted on 09 May 2012 by "T".

A few days ago the Brittish poker pro Sam Trickett announced on Twitter that he and Titan Poker had parted ways: "Me an Titan have decided to part ways. I have enjoyed representing them and they was a absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks again Titan..."

According to Trickett's ex team-mate Marvin Rettenmaier's Twitter, Titan Poker is parting ways with all its Pro Team players. This means that Titan Poker no longer has any pro players. However, nothing has been announced on Titan Poker's website, so we will have to wait and see if they will spend the Pro Team money on something else instead.


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5 comments on "Titan Poker Part Ways With its last 2 Pro Team players"

 noonlion09/05/2012 12:52:35 GMT

I guess they are losing money.

Can't be a good sign thats for sure.

They aren't a huge online force anyway - maybe there's a merger ahead?
 bullettooth109/05/2012 14:08:21 GMT
totally agree noonlion. it doesnt look good at all does it?
looks they are trying to trim the fat to save the bacon Big Smile
hope it doesnt go under. wont affect me but to everyone who has money there, i would be looking to cash out before its too late.
 Fakiry10/05/2012 11:42:09 GMT
What can this mean? New promotions? Is Titan interested in improving the relation with amateur players and will give it a try to call them to play more often at their rooms? Or is this a sign of financial problems? I would go for the second, although I don’t wish nothing bad or them, I think they are a good room with potencial to keep working as one of the main competitors in the online poker scene.
 lukasb11/05/2012 08:43:18 GMT
They should part with that annoying woman that called me at 11 pm asking me to make a deposit instead...
 Indo36M12/05/2012 22:01:48 GMT
can means 2 things,not enough income off money,or simply broke...., like 888poker the GTD prize is exemaple 4k buy in 99 cent whit rebuy add on and not reach the ammount off 4k,not always but sometimes it happens,then the site cost that tourney money,and what about the rest off the tours.......maybe a new full tilt issue in the future

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