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Joe Sebok to Join WPT as Commentator?

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Posted on 23 July 2012 by "T".

A few days ago, Jeanine Deeb, World Poker Tour Development and Casino Relations Manager, Tweeted that the the American poker pro Joe Sebok (Barry Greenstein's stepson) had joined the World Poker Tour team as commentator. But the Tweet was removed shortly after and still World Poker Tour hasn't made any official statements on the matter. One thing's for sure though: the rumor has caused waves as many people don't think Sebok is the man for the job...

For example: Isaac Haxton, who lost a lot of money when UB Poker went belly-up after Black Friday, posted the following story on a poker forum:

"It's not like he was an investigative journalist who tried his best to dig up a story and failed. He was a paid representative of UB, spun that role as some sort of "I'm gonna get to the bottom of this!" bull****, learned nothing, and then turned around and assured people that it was safe to play on UB,
"The people who believed him lost every dime they had on the site when the **** hit the fan. He continues to tweet about his awesome life and his sweet house on Hermosa Beach that he pays for with money UB stole and gave to him to tell people they weren't crooks. He's never even made a proper public apology or admitted his role in helping UB rob more people.
"If anything, he doesn't get enough hate. The fact that poker related businesses continue to pay him money to use his name in association with their products is mind-blowing."


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3 comments on "Joe Sebok to Join WPT as Commentator? "

 noonlion23/07/2012 10:04:44 GMT
Pretty damming mud being slung by Haxton.

sounds like another poker crook getting employment where they shouldn't.

The funny thing is, this sort of stuff happens all the time in business/ companies (outwith poker) where some crook who lost money gets a job at X company and so on. But only insiders know.

I think by Poker's very nature it's a magnet for crooked and dishonest people.
 Fakiry23/07/2012 12:13:30 GMT
When big news come out earlier than they should, usually headmasters don’t like that and it can bring consequences, like the cancelation of what was going to happen. Maybe that is just what happened in this case. And the only one who can feel prejudiced is Joe Sebok himslef, who was about to have a new paid activity and just saw that disapear because of a tweet that went out to early to the social media.
 Macubaas23/07/2012 20:52:29 GMT
Not sure how much importance has this piece of news right know or how many will care about it.

Still,i have to admit that Isaac story is pretty interesting if you ask me and i think it should deserve more attention.

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