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High Stakes: Gus Hansen on a Winning Spree

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Posted on 13 August 2012 by "T".

Gus "broksi" Hansen has been doing very well at PokerStars' high stakes tables lately. Last Friday, he won $431k playing $200/$400 PLO - $350k of those winnings came from late night/early morning sessions against Ben86, duubadaaba, Axel82 and other regulars. In total, he won $548k in 48 hours and was involved in 7 of the biggest pots on Saturday. Here is the biggest pot Gus won...

Gus Hansen betted $1,400 from the button and EireAbu raised to $4,600. römpsä folded from the big blind and Gus made the call. Flop came out 8ClubQDiamondKHeart and EireAbu betted $6,000. Hansen made the call. The turn card was the 6Spade and EireAbu fired $15,200 into the pot. It didn't take long until Hansen went all in for his last $57,370. EireAbu made the call. The river card 5Club completed the board.

Gus Hansen 9HeartKDiamond7Spade10Spade
EireAbu ADiamondJClub10ClubAClub

Gus Hansen took home the $136,335 pot with a rivered straight.

source: highstakesdb

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12 comments on "High Stakes: Gus Hansen on a Winning Spree"

 noonlion13/08/2012 15:40:48 GMT
Nice work if you can get it.

That photo was taken straight after the river card was dealt out.
 MarcWinz13/08/2012 16:40:24 GMT
Can imagine me making those bets getting a straight on the river and the first word evryone would call me is "donk" or dummy bet.

Anyway GL to him.

One day I will make those bets ................ dream dream dream

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 Mysik8613/08/2012 19:13:55 GMT
Awesome cash... we only may dream about these pots and winnings... but maybe one day...?
 erru910713/08/2012 22:36:44 GMT
Maybe I'm a bit rusty on Omaha but didn't he already have the straight on the turn? Looked to me like he got the 6-10 straight and not the 5-9 as the last words "rivered straight" would suggest?

Never mind! I just remembered that you can only use 2 of your hole cards Tongue

In any case, it was a risky bet according to me and he was lucky to catch his straight on the river. Never the less, a great take down, or suck out, depends on how you want to look at it Blink
 teddybears7314/08/2012 00:59:18 GMT
nice winnings there for gus,isn't always nice when you get there on the river,i'll bet he gave a smile when he saw that one.
 Jibberish14/08/2012 01:14:27 GMT
i dunno he was maybe 3 to 2 underdog on that, he had a lot of outs, omaha is a tricky game and he mightve put eire on a semibluff, personally i wouldve folded though
 TheMachineQC14/08/2012 01:17:26 GMT
Well, Gus probably knew that the other player had AA in his hand. So he thought he had a good chance to make him fold on the turn with his shove, trying to rep 2 pairs or a set, wich is why he floated. But with 10J to go along with it on a rainbow KQ flop, other guy was never folding, especially not against a loose post flop player like Gus Hansen.

Pre flop it's 65/35%, Gus' hand is actually a pretty good PLO hand because it's all connected. On the flop its 82/18%, and I think most PLO players would fold there because he has absolutly no outs that can give him the nuts. Don't do this call at home unless you're a crazy gambler, that was a really bad call but I think Gus knew he was gonna make a move later trying to rep KK or QQ. (wich is a good move in this case)

On the turn, Gus got more outs. But he was still only at 22,5% because other guy is blocking a couple of his outs although he couldn't know that. He got really really lucky to win that hand, other player played it perfectly and Gus made many mistakes. But he's the type of player that wants to outplay other players so he doesn't mind putting himself in dangerous situations, and he wins a lot of pots without going to showdown.
 Fakiry14/08/2012 13:30:31 GMT
These guys are too good for something like what i am going to write next to happen, but it really seems that EireAbu was playing Omaha thinking he had to do the best combination between three of his four cards in the hand and two from the five at the table, instead of two from the hand and three from the table. If it was that way, he already had top straight at the flop and he would have got the nuts flush at the river. Is it possible that a player like this would do such a confusion just like what i just wrote? EireAbu had more outs at the river, i think he did well in calling, Gus just got poker gods on his side this time.
 ayaraled14/08/2012 14:23:40 GMT
lucky gus there..he was way behind on the turn....hes only chance was the lower straight to hit and he made it....very lucky..
 TheMachineQC14/08/2012 14:51:41 GMT
Fakiry, I'm a fairly good/experienced PLO player. Trust me these guys don't do this kind of basic mistakes. What's happening here is:

Gus floats knowing he's gonna try to rep something (probably KKK, the nuts) strong on the turn --> Very advanced play with a very marginal hand, but he has a K so he thinks it's very likely that EireAbu is holding AA and he's right.

EireAbu knows that these cards are totally in Gus' raising range, so it's very likely he has 2 pairs + a draw, but he also knows his straight draw is the best one on this board. If Gus doesn't have a set, EireAbu has a lot of outs because he has an up and down straight draw + an over pair (he can make better 2 pairs if board pairs on the river). He probably thought he was most likely to be behind when he called the shove, but he knows Gus is capable of doing crazy moves.

Gus may look like a donk in this hand, but his move was actaully very good, it just didn't work and he got lucky afterwards. EireAbu's call was great on the turn, not an easy call to make with only a pair and a draw.
 Macubaas14/08/2012 17:25:57 GMT
Gus Hansen always had some sick PLO sessions back on Full Tilt POker and now i see that the same is happennning on POkerstars.

I bet that once Full Tilt POker will reopen we'll witness once again some sick action there too, maybe even from Isildur 1 Big Smile
 pochui14/08/2012 18:47:30 GMT
it was awhile back since we heard anything from gus (antonius is the same story) probably he got a loan from someone at last Beer...sure not from sahamies Stupidwell the fact that he has won some green means that we will hear more news about him for at least one more session

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