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Alleged High-Stakes Poker Scam

Tags: cheating, high stakes, johnny lodden, Matthew Marafioti, patrik antonius, Samer Rahman, scam, trojan.
Posted on 14 August 2012 by "T".

It seems like a new high-stakes poker scam has been revealed. It all started last week when an anonymous person posted very shady Skype and Facebook conversations between Canadian poker pro Matt Marafioti (the guy who wrote not-so-nice-things about Lauren Kling after the break-up last month) and Swedish poker player and IT expert Samer Rahman, who was accused in 2007 of helping fellow countryman Mohamed Kowssarie to steal millions of dollars from Patrik Antonius and Johnny Lodden in a hacking scheme.




The conversation between the two contains discussions about how they were going to hack the computer of Canadian poker player Will "molswi47" Molson so that Marafioti could see his hole cards.

Marafioti and Rahman had different stories regarding the suspicious conversations. Rahman denied that the two were even friends while Marafioti admitted that they were friends but claimed that the Skype conversation had been "doctored". It didn't take long before someone posted photos of Marafioti and Rahman together, which confirmed that the two definitely know each other. Marafioti's friend William Reynolds then added more fuel to the fire by posting Twitter messages from Marafioti about Molson.

Below are the shady Skype and Facebook conversations between Marafioti and Rahman:


[12-01-04 10:42:36 PM] Matthew Marafioti: u here
[12-01-04 10:43:40 PM] Matthew Marafioti: habibi
[12-01-04 10:43:46 PM] Matthew Marafioti: we keep missing eachothe
[12-01-04 10:43:51 PM] Matthew Marafioti: when we going to get to work
[12-01-04 10:44:43 PM] samerrrr: hehe
[12-01-04 10:44:44 PM] samerrrr: im here
[12-01-04 10:44:46 PM] samerrrr: bro
[12-01-04 10:44:51 PM] samerrrr: im working 24h
[12-01-04 10:44:54 PM] Matthew Marafioti: man
[12-01-04 10:44:55 PM] Matthew Marafioti: lets def
[12-01-04 10:44:57 PM] Matthew Marafioti: get molswi
[12-01-04 10:45:02 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i can access his computers i think
[12-01-04 10:45:07 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and he will play me all day
[12-01-04 10:45:10 PM] Matthew Marafioti: there is all these dutch guys
[12-01-04 10:45:11 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i want to get
[12-01-04 10:45:12 PM] Matthew Marafioti: like
[12-01-04 10:45:15 PM] Matthew Marafioti: fmylife
[12-01-04 10:45:19 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and ****ind0nk
[12-01-04 10:45:22 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and others
[12-01-04 10:45:23 PM] samerrrr: math
[12-01-04 10:45:25 PM] samerrrr: easy now
[12-01-04 10:45:28 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ok
[12-01-04 10:45:45 PM] Matthew Marafioti: so
[12-01-04 10:45:47 PM] Matthew Marafioti: what u mean
[12-01-04 10:45:54 PM] Matthew Marafioti: skype convo?
[12-01-04 10:45:56 PM] Matthew Marafioti: w/ me
[12-01-04 10:46:22 PM] samerrrr: like i said before be careful and dont trust anyone. and avoid conversations until Im done
[12-01-04 10:46:33 PM] samerrrr: 5 more days
[12-01-04 10:46:48 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ok
[12-01-04 10:46:50 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i understand now
[12-01-04 10:46:52 PM] Matthew Marafioti: 5 more days
[12-01-04 10:46:55 PM] Matthew Marafioti: affirmative
[12-01-04 10:46:57 PM] Matthew Marafioti: wont mess this up again
[12-01-04 10:47:47 PM] samerrrr: u havent done anything wrong I understand you . But we have to trust us this line between me and you. dont let anything break it.
[12-01-04 10:48:03 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i will listen harder from now on
[12-01-04 10:48:10 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ok
[12-01-04 10:48:11 PM] Matthew Marafioti: understood
[12-01-04 10:48:13 PM] Matthew Marafioti: fix it for us ya?
[12-01-04 10:48:19 PM] samerrrr: yes
[12-01-04 10:48:32 PM] samerrrr: Me and you 100% safe before anything else
[12-01-04 10:48:38 PM] samerrrr: thats the rule nr1
[12-01-04 10:48:59 PM] samerrrr: I will meet you soon
[12-01-04 10:49:04 PM] samerrrr: habibi
[12-01-04 10:49:07 PM] samerrrr: hehe
[12-01-04 10:49:29 PM] samerrrr: what is the time
[12-01-04 10:49:33 PM] samerrrr: on your side?
[12-01-04 10:53:12 PM] Matthew Marafioti: 10 53
[12-01-04 10:53:12 PM] Matthew Marafioti: umm
[12-01-04 10:53:13 PM] Matthew Marafioti: sorry
[12-01-04 10:53:15 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i was looking at my imac
[12-01-04 10:53:18 PM] Matthew Marafioti: cuz im playing 109 rebuy
[12-01-04 10:53:19 PM] Matthew Marafioti: on adz
[12-01-04 10:53:28 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i cant wait
[12-01-04 10:53:30 PM] Matthew Marafioti: till after pca
[12-01-04 10:53:33 PM] Matthew Marafioti: we r gona **** these mother ****ers
[12-01-04 10:53:36 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and every1 wants to play me HU
[12-01-04 10:53:37 PM] samerrrr: haha
[12-01-04 10:53:44 PM] Matthew Marafioti: **** them all
[12-01-04 10:53:48 PM] Matthew Marafioti: they are all ****ing pieces of ****
[12-01-04 10:53:50 PM] samerrrr: love the spirit
[12-01-04 10:53:54 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and i have nothing to lose
[12-01-04 10:53:56 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i dont care about money
[12-01-04 10:53:57 PM] samerrrr: they are all cheaters
[12-01-04 10:53:57 PM] Matthew Marafioti: one day
[12-01-04 10:54:00 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i will put a gun
[12-01-04 10:54:02 PM] Matthew Marafioti: to my own head
[12-01-04 10:54:03 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and blow trigger
[12-01-04 10:54:07 PM] Matthew Marafioti: cuz of poker and what its made me
[12-01-04 10:54:08 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i hate poker
[12-01-04 10:54:10 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and every1 in it
[12-01-04 10:54:11 PM] Matthew Marafioti: they are all ****
[12-01-04 10:55:23 PM] samerrrr: I dont trust them either they are all cheaters sharing
[12-01-04 10:55:29 PM] samerrrr: hehe
[12-01-04 10:55:30 PM] samerrrr: ****it
[12-01-04 10:55:52 PM] samerrrr: so you are leaving tomorrow
[12-01-04 10:55:54 PM] samerrrr: ?
[12-01-04 10:58:17 PM] samerrrr: listen
[12-01-04 10:58:30 PM] samerrrr: you talked about molswi
[12-01-04 10:58:37 PM] samerrrr: are you going togheter to pca
[12-01-04 10:58:38 PM] samerrrr: ?
[12-01-04 11:01:30 PM] Matthew Marafioti: no we arent
[12-01-04 11:01:32 PM] Matthew Marafioti: hes with his gf
[12-01-04 11:01:34 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and ill be with mine
[12-01-04 11:01:40 PM] Matthew Marafioti: but i can go visit him he lives 3 hours away
[12-01-04 11:01:41 PM] Matthew Marafioti: hehe
[12-01-04 11:01:51 PM] Matthew Marafioti: hes up 155 k on me on Stars for now
[12-01-04 11:02:02 PM] samerrrr: is he going 2 pca
[12-01-04 11:02:04 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ill beat him back for it!
[12-01-04 11:02:06 PM] Matthew Marafioti: yes
[12-01-04 11:02:08 PM] Matthew Marafioti: hes playing the 100k tmrw
[12-01-04 11:02:23 PM] Matthew Marafioti: can we talk via webcam
[12-01-04 11:02:29 PM] samerrrr: sure
[12-01-04 11:02:33 PM] samerrrr: let me go to my office
[12-01-04 11:03:08 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ok
[12-01-04 11:04:52 PM] samerrrr: im caliing
[12-01-04 11:10:19 PM] Matthew Marafioti: if u give it to me now
[12-01-04 11:10:22 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i can use it in bahamas
[12-01-04 11:10:49 PM] Matthew Marafioti: they dont think im smart enuf
[12-01-04 11:22:18 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i know mafia
[12-01-04 11:22:20 PM] Matthew Marafioti: big mafia
[12-01-04 11:22:22 PM] Matthew Marafioti: italian
[12-01-04 11:22:27 PM] Matthew Marafioti: they protect and collect money for me
[12-01-04 11:22:30 PM] Matthew Marafioti: men
[12-01-04 11:22:30 PM] Matthew Marafioti: like 60 year old
[12-01-04 11:22:34 PM] Matthew Marafioti: not 25 year old donkeys
[12-01-04 11:22:41 PM] Matthew Marafioti: she knows
[12-01-04 11:22:45 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i dont want her to hear me telling u tho
[12-01-04 11:23:45 PM] Matthew Marafioti: massage parlors
[12-01-04 11:23:47 PM] Matthew Marafioti: strip clubs
[12-01-04 11:23:49 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and he is mob
[12-01-04 11:23:51 PM] Matthew Marafioti: so then the big mob king
[12-01-04 11:23:52 PM] Matthew Marafioti: go to get him
[12-01-04 11:23:55 PM] Matthew Marafioti: cuz he wont call police
[12-01-04 11:23:57 PM] Matthew Marafioti: cuz he is a gangster
[12-01-04 11:24:34 PM] Matthew Marafioti: calabria
[12-01-04 11:25:19 PM] Matthew Marafioti: so what do you need me for
[12-01-04 11:25:21 PM] Matthew Marafioti: thats what i want to know
[12-01-04 11:27:03 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i knew from
[12-01-04 11:27:05 PM] Matthew Marafioti: when i met u
[12-01-04 11:27:06 PM] Matthew Marafioti: because
[12-01-04 11:27:09 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i used the alladiin account
[12-01-04 11:27:13 PM] Matthew Marafioti: then i asksed i am soso


Facebook chat:

Samer Rahman
Hi there m8

January 2Matthew Marafioti
sup dood
merry christmas/happy new year
how u doing

January 2Samer Rahman
im fine I wish you the best year ever
hope 2012 can be the best one for us both

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i hope so too habibi

January 2Samer Rahman
tell me how are you and whats your plans for the next 2 month

January 2Matthew Marafioti
**** all these mother ****ers

January 2Samer Rahman
haha thats the spirit lol
how is everything going for you?
havent see you or your friends online the since black friday

January 2Matthew Marafioti
things are well
i like live poker alot better tho
but ive been playing

January 2Samer Rahman
me 2

January 2Matthew Marafioti
the walls have ears

January 2Samer Rahman
tell me?
are you working for stars?

January 2Matthew Marafioti
what do you mean

January 2Samer Rahman
going to quit poker soon... i've got what i wanted from it
tell me about your plans m8

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i bought a house for 2 million
ive travelled the world

January 2Samer Rahman
usd where?

January 2Matthew Marafioti
or at least what i want to see
in toronto
just at the point
where seeing every1 in poker
is miserable
and im gona get out

January 2Samer Rahman
before its to late?

January 2Matthew Marafioti
my point habibi

January 2Samer Rahman
maybe I can help

January 2Matthew Marafioti
and then its game over
well if u can help then do it
im a man of action
im ranked
top 20 in the world for live tournament
cant find a solid backing deal i like

January 2Samer Rahman
I have been offline for 2 years more or less
I have invested alot of money

January 2Matthew Marafioti
just tired man

January 2Samer Rahman
in a business
there I know we can make enough money and there I can make your name so BIG it reach the sky

January 2Matthew Marafioti
well explain more
im listening
what kind of business and how is my name going to be involved

January 2Samer Rahman
I really want to meet you private
nothing I can take over fb

January 2Matthew Marafioti
what about phone call or skype
and how much would i need 2 invest

January 2Samer Rahman
I just need to know where you stand about the business there you need to work before it gets profitable.
You dont need to invest money at all

January 2Matthew Marafioti
u know me
from our past
im always willing to work
and hard
for the right price
ill do anything

January 2Samer Rahman
yes i know and since that year I have been develope this business I didnt believe it worked but today i know it works
Lets talk at skype
add me

January 2Matthew Marafioti

January 2Samer Rahman
tell me when you have add me

January 2Matthew Marafioti
going on now
on different comp

January 2Samer Rahman
let it be a mac
not a pc
dont trust pc

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i love your humor

January 2Samer Rahman
maybe you will love me forever or hate me after this

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i know enough about you
where nothing you could tell me would make me hate you if it hasnt already
and it hasnt
i think your a genius
r u samer gbg
on skype
from sweden
or is that someoene else

January 2Samer Rahman

January 2Matthew Marafioti
ok i added u

January 2Samer Rahman
calling you

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i unplugged comp
when i turned it
its turning back on
1 second

January 2Samer Rahman

January 3Matthew Marafioti
bro do u think im ****ing stupid

January 3Samer Rahman

January 3Matthew Marafioti

January 3Samer Rahman

January 3Matthew Marafioti
there is a new server
showing up on my laptop
called sangellotti
and the laptop
i left in ur room
in san remo
had a server show up on it after
if u want to do business with me
u cant put trojans on my ****ing machines

January 3Samer Rahman
What are u talking about?

January 3Matthew Marafioti
this was not showing up
if i look my my desktops
and there are servers on there too
im gona be so pissed
i am ready
to work and do business
but if u start messing with my machines im gona go dizzy
and im not like these other pussy nerds
im a little more powerful and a little more calculated
so please
lets do things the right way
thats all im gona say
im going downstairs

January 3Matthew Marafioti
to skype
in a minute
these servers
make me nervous
and i just woke up
im delerious

January 3Samer Rahman
Plz call My phone ********
Im in the casino

January 3Matthew Marafioti
ok i will
give me 10 minutes
this ****ing server
go away
or i throw all these computers away
and we do no business

January 3Samer Rahman
Ok bro dont stress and you dont need to worry. Be smart!!
I havent harm you !! Dont be stupid!!
Just call me if you feel better.


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11 comments on "Alleged High-Stakes Poker Scam "

 noonlion14/08/2012 10:07:52 GMT
Didn't read it all...

But siuffice to say both are fucked.

To leave a paper trail is hilarious - total bozo's.

And this just shows that online poker is definitely a danger when you're a high stakes player.
 nipitiri314/08/2012 12:32:29 GMT
hmmmm figgin crazy stuff lol better stick with tourneys only that way not lose way too muich if get hacked
 Fakiry14/08/2012 13:27:12 GMT
It’s no longer only the software of the rooms that may scare people who invest big Money on online poker tables, it’s also people with good knowledge of IT who are capsable of entering the system of these softwares and make them work for their profit. I’m not much of IT connessieur, but i fone of the players is able to see everyone’s cards when playing i can see he is in a big advantege to the opponents. Now, if they are able to do this, maybe they can also get to know the table cards before they appear. And there’s nothing strange on this: it’s just software, if one can mess on it, it can turn it possible. I remember my father always put his name at the first place in my 1980’s PC games thanks to PC Tools. These guys do similar things in network programs…
 ayaraled14/08/2012 13:39:24 GMT
its very many it experts who can create a software or hack systems software...very scary to online poker again...second to the poker is rigged thing....
 teddybears7314/08/2012 18:39:53 GMT
what i don't like is that if he thinks he's so good why would he even contemplate this?
i mean surely he is good enough to win without any unfair help.
 pochui14/08/2012 18:51:45 GMT
not sure about this...from it point of view the least safest place has always been and will always be the home user (pc of the user) since banks, e-shops, poker sites etc. at least have people who know how to protect themselves, or hire them on a contract basis...meanwhile home user can only rely on himself...
 damosk14/08/2012 20:18:21 GMT
Technology is only a danger if you do not truly understand it....therefore to most people it does spell Danger. There rae some clever techy kinds out there who dont need to know anything about poker but cos they can do what they want with IT they can make a killing. One would hope the sophisticated sites can moniotor and overcome this otherwise they will lose of money due to reputational vulnerability. Be scared? or be very scared?
 Jibberish14/08/2012 20:40:57 GMT
i guess i understand why i play tourneys now :S

haha i always think people are colluding when i play the cash tables and i see 2 random people with the same random country, guess i could be right most of the time, back to MTT's i go!
 Greenmohave14/08/2012 20:52:23 GMT
What a cluster story to stayed focused on. I guess that's why there are so many people who speculate the legitimatcy of electronic gaming. There are ways to scam the system especially if you can get a group of individuals to work on it together.
I mean, what if you knew 3 people all on the same site that could log into the same 6 or 9 player SnG and communicate with eachother while playing. This would definitely put the odds against the other players. I've often wondered about things like that, but hope there's not such things happening.
 noonlion14/08/2012 22:30:28 GMT
Wow really putting the willies into people.

I mean everyones suspect of online gaming as is, poker was thought of as fairly 'safe' I think.

But the lack of regulation stinks.

Live = real deal.

 marie151015/08/2012 16:04:40 GMT
I will really stop playing cash tables everywhere I always loose on good cards in the end imposible combinations, its insane!

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