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Patrik Antonius wants to Ban Hoodies, Use Shot Clocks in his Poker Event

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Posted on 22 May 2019 by "T".

The Estonian capital of Tallinn is the place where the first-ever Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge (PAPC) was held, at the Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park from April 1 to 7, 2019. The event was sponsored by Antonius' brand new poker social media app called First Land of Poker (FLOP), which was launched during the festival.

Now that event has been etched in poker history, what did Patrik Antonius learn about hosting poker tourneys, and what things would he like to change about poker tournaments?

In an interview by a PokerNews reporter, he straightforwardly enumerated two problems he saw in poker and what he wants to do to change them for the better.

Shot Clock
The first problem he pointed out was the pace of the gameflow.

A shot clock (or action clock) is an item popular in live poker tournaments which allows players only 30 seconds to act. Antonius said the new and advanced shot clock allows players only 10 seconds preflop and 20 seconds postflop, but they get to have more timebanks.

Hoodie Ban
The second thing that Antonius would like to change in the live poker tournament scene is the use of hoodies and other apparel. A hoodie is simply a jacket with a hood commonly worn by many poker players. The jackets of course are not the problem, but when a player covers up their entire face with their hood so as not to give away tells, the thing is, it doesn't make the game look fun anymore and it doesn't look good for the audience when it's aired on TV.

He strongly wants to ban the use of hoodies, scarves, sunglasses and other stuff, so he imposed penalties to players using such items to cover their faces. He emphasized players can still wear hoodies but they should not use them for covering facial tells.

Watch the video:

Here's what some people think about Antonius' ideas:

  • "I think he's right there should be a dress code where you can't cover your face and go in there looking like a clown or an armed robbery or a burglar or some kind of stupid outfit it's a shame that people have to dress like that it's a Series game there's a lot of money involved in it and people want to be serious I think there should be a dress coat people shouldn't dress covering their faces their heads all kinds of outfits on so forth they should ban that."
  • "So no freedom in poker anymore, no freedom to protect your tells which I think every player has the right to do, since they rely on these tells makes the game harder, poker players don't play for other people entertainment, they play for their own enjoyment and to make money, so i totally 100% disagree with him on this one."
  • "He's just being RIDICULOUS now! Who cares what players wear and how they control revealing tells. If you can't read a player, then maybe you need to revise your methods. IMHO, I LOVE seeing players that have scarves, etc. that tells me with LITTLE to no history their bluff frequency is HIGH!"
  • "If you can't control your tells, stick with online poker."
  • "No one cares if you're afraid of players you can't read.. all part of the game, if you can't handle it go play blackjack or something."
  • "I agree. It's his event, his rules. My home games have similar rules. My turf, my say."


What do you think?

Do you agree using a shot clock in a cash game?

Do you disagree or agree with Antonius banning the use of hoodies and other items that cover faces?

Let us know in the comments below!



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16 comments on "Patrik Antonius wants to Ban Hoodies, Use Shot Clocks in his Poker Event"

 CALICUL22/05/2019 17:58:00 GMT
I like when the players wear sunglasses to the eyes. I do not think it's right like wearing these glasses to be forbidden. Hoodies and scarves must to be banned. The first problem with the clock is more complicated because it should be different, depending on the blinds.
 shokaku22/05/2019 18:06:55 GMT
Of cause a pro wants to ban stuff, that can stop him reading other players. Most amateur players will see it differently, and be happy by covering their tells. and 10 to 20 seconds time in a live tourney seems to be a bit on the short side.
 T3ddyKGB22/05/2019 19:38:37 GMT
the rules are in his favour and all in all it sounds like online poker and kills the soul of live poker.
nevertheless i always have a laugh when i see hooded players. tells are part of the game and just like he said "if u cant hide ur tells > play online". to forbid hoodies is fine but to invent a shot clock forces to play like a robot aka online.

 Mober23/05/2019 12:27:19 GMT
I agree with what he has said about the hoodies. Sunglasses also is a problem.
When you play live you face should be uncovered completely.
But i do not agree with the clock. It is a live game. You need your time,
and less stress to think about your move. But also you need more time,
in order to be able and read your opponent. This is why he wants the removal of
the apparel in the first place, right? Smile
 Gerimantas23/05/2019 15:24:14 GMT
I personally think it is not bad ideas because more fast game is more fun to watch and nit so long for other players to wwit for opponent moves. Dress code is good idea too, not very good when player hides all his face sometime looks like criminal
 bowie198423/05/2019 23:20:53 GMT
Honestly the hoodies are not something I would consider a bannable offense on any level with this game, but of course for certain televised events they could make a dress code so nobody is taking away chance 4 figuring each others out. But if you really need to look for the sweatspots on somebody for tells then you should give up playing this game.
 CALICUL24/05/2019 17:54:26 GMT
I do not think these rules will change. There are many players who do not want this and nothing will be forbidden. In the case of minutes, the situation is difficult but here can change many tournaments and Patrick Antonius will be happy.

 captnviagra25/05/2019 07:24:39 GMT
I'm ok with the hoodies, many amateur players nerves are visible. I'm ok with them trying to hide it
 CALICUL25/05/2019 18:13:12 GMT
I would definitely forbid smoking and alcohol in the casinos and i would do very well. I've noticed a month ago at a high-stakes table, some players who smoke and drink wine. That seems to me absurd and it's not fair because there were other players, who did not smoke and had anything else to drink.

 dule-vu26/05/2019 10:50:47 GMT
I dont know what to say exactly on this,everybody have right to wear whatever he want,but on other side you have players like phil luck who wear ski glasses on table and it look very strange!dont think that this will change in near future,but some players do strange things!
 bowie198428/05/2019 12:48:52 GMT
Posted by captnviagra:
I'm ok with the hoodies, many amateur players nerves are visible. I'm ok with them trying to hide it

Yeah, but if we coming from this angle soon they could be wearing one-piece winter suits with a helmet and sunglasses next to the table...
 Nightkid29/05/2019 14:42:58 GMT
Well nose if something like that would be good but it would be good to play without covering your face (either with glasses, hats, etc) to read well the face of the players hahaha but good to everyone will like or have your idea with respect to this subject so good is only what I would like to my Tongue Tongue Tongue
 CALICUL29/05/2019 18:10:37 GMT
It is the opinion of a professional poker player and it's in his advantage if the things he said were banished. He's a fox from this point of view because he will notice the players much better and his chances of winning will be much higher.
 pajalnick29/05/2019 21:48:25 GMT
but it seems to me that this is wrong .... if a player is emotional enough to hide his emotions, he has to use glasses and sweatshirts ... if you play online your emotions are not visible .... And here you are all in sight ... and therefore do you have to mask your emotions .... or do you think that a poker player in a live tournament should be an absolute robot without emotions?
 dule-vu30/05/2019 13:03:50 GMT
some players do this kind of things only for show and that other players look at them because of this things,but for me this isnt something normal,to have whole face,body and everything covered!some rules should be and we will see will they change something in future!
 Nightkid30/05/2019 15:03:53 GMT
Well I think everyone has their point of view and sees it differently ... the truth is that those who are professionals or more experience would have more advantages to see their opponents but good if it were the case I would take a mask so you do not see hahaha Tongue Tongue Tongue

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