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Online Poker Traffic Down 13% in the Past 7 Days

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Posted on 31 August 2012 by "T".

According to the latest report by an online poker tracking site, the poker traffic has dropped by 0.6 percent in the past 7 days. PokerStars dropped 13 percent in the past week after climbing 17 percent the week before. The main reason for this big change is that PokerStars' 85 Billionth Hand promotion started and came to an end during this period. However, PokerStars is by far the biggest and strongest online poker room with about 22,000 real-money players over the past 7 days.

Here are the top 10 online poker rooms as of Thursday:

Rank, Site, 7-Day Average (Real-money ring players)
1 PokerStars 21,800
2 iPoker 2,850
3 PartyPoker 2,200
4 888Poker 2,000
5 1,780
6 Ongame Network 1,540
7 1,400
8 Revolution Gaming 1,260
9 1,220
10 1,220

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16 comments on "Online Poker Traffic Down 13% in the Past 7 Days"

 nipitiri331/08/2012 12:31:30 GMT
pokerstars is best maybe not best freerolls and stuff but best software and that is important for me at least
 noonlion31/08/2012 13:16:05 GMT
Wow that shows how people get sucked in to promos.

Cos that's a monster drop in activity.

Makes me wonder if it's not something else that's causing it. It's obviously nothing economic.

Perhaps some event? Elections in america? Weather? All the caribbean and Southern American states are getting ass raped by Isaac.
 Sorin88831/08/2012 13:25:53 GMT
Nothing to worry about.Adiction is so hard and expensive to cure.
These are last sunny days of this summer,so is natural traffic to decrease.
Olso money are so rare latelly Cool
 ayaraled31/08/2012 14:37:33 GMT
it seems that number of players has increase in the poker site that i play...anyway maybe the numbers will go up soon....maybe many players are waiting for the return of Fulltilt this november
 mgabesz31/08/2012 16:05:11 GMT
I think some pros took a rest before WCOOP.
 pochui31/08/2012 19:06:57 GMT
well there is nothing special to see people flooding into the sites when major promotions are going on- same thing happens when you have a sale in your local supermarket- why the hell to miss the chance of getting some green Dollar so it is a normal thing to see numbers decreasing after the promotion ended...
 Macubaas01/09/2012 06:54:15 GMT
Now i started playing full ring no limit holdem on 888 poker and frankly there is no change in the traffic if you ask me...

I also don't remember something important happend in the last week in order to create such a traffic downswing, pretty weird...
 thefly13101/09/2012 09:45:08 GMT
Maybe a good idea to puit some pressure on PS to give better and more promo's

If this would continue some weeks there management should take actions to encounter this drop.

Extra depositing bonusses, extra freerolls, pormotions like the 85th billion hand , etc

Maybe an idea to pressurize PS as a lot of players switch to another site for a while ....
 kwasac02/09/2012 21:24:55 GMT
PokerStars - market leader!
 damosk03/09/2012 20:03:18 GMT
Summer holidays? Who knows....its more thn likely a combinatiion of all of the aforementioned things coming together at the conclusion of Pokerstars 85Billion promo. Maybe its just there was no other news so some newshound dug this one up to interest us poker types"!!
 Mysik8603/09/2012 20:23:23 GMT
Why they divide PokerStars into some parts? It's one site!
 bok04/09/2012 02:06:11 GMT
I think these is happening because people started to play at real tournaments all over the world Blink
 Macubaas04/09/2012 07:09:48 GMT
I also have to agree with some of the members that posted above, really the only way to boost up traffic again is some good promotions...

I still do believe that stars as company, not site will get a nice boost once FTP will be back online.
 MIGO1404/09/2012 07:30:37 GMT
Normal flow of traffic because of this promotion.
For sure people are looking for good promotions to get some extra value (like I do myself).
I hope when FTP will be back they will also have some nice promotions up and running.
 SuperpokefA04/09/2012 07:33:20 GMT
YEah but they all came to my house, pretty much traffic around the fridge.
Luckely I stored by beer in the garage
 Fakiry04/09/2012 14:48:20 GMT
The last days of August are becoming the worst ones for online poker companies. Vacations are above everything else, even above the chance of running for some big prizes. They always have great campaigns and great games, but it’s useless to book them to the late August, people will just shut the computer down and jump for a dive at the ocean.

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