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Weeds Producer Matthew Salsberg Wins WPT Grand Prix de Paris

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Posted on 17 September 2012 by "T".

In case you didn't read our WPT Grand Prix de Paris updates last week, Philipp Gruissem finished both Day 2 and Day 3 with the largest pile of chips, and he had about 3 times the average stack and $100k more than his closest opponent Matthew Salsberg when Day 4 kicked off with 24 remaining players.

However, Gruissem didn't managed to maintain his chip lead for a third consecutive day and instead it was Salsberg who finished Day 4 as the chip leader. Below are the end of Day 4 chip counts (final table):

Seat 1: Matthew Salsberg - 1,575,000
Seat 2: Philipp Gruissem - 776,000
Seat 3: Theo Jorgensen - 1,169,000
Seat 4: Fabian Quoss - 570,000
Seat 5: Timothy Adams - 1,198,000
Seat 6: Mohsin Charania - 1,435,000

The final table was all about Matthew Salsberg and Theo Jorgensen as they took turns at holding the lead. It probably wasn't such a big surprise to anyone that they were the last two men standing after several hours of play. Theo Jorgensen had the chance to become the first-ever player to win two WPT titles at the same venue, and Matt Salsberg, producer of the TV show Weeds, had the chance of winning his first major tournament.

Jorgensen's long experience of playing poker tournaments really showed as he dominated most of the heads-up match. In fact, he was clear favourite to win the whole thing when he had Salsberg dominated with ADiamond5Diamond vs AClub4Spade in an all-in. But the deck had other ideas and Salsberg doubled up with a pair of 4s. Then it didn't take long until Salsberg won another lucky all-in and overtook the chip lead. This time he hit a diamond flush on the river with ADiamondTClub vs Jorgensen's AHeartQSpade.

Jorgensen seemed really frustrated and annoyed after being denied the win for a second time. However, many thought it would affect his game. But unfortunately it did and the match came to an end after just a few hands with Salsberg as chip leader.

Salsberg raised to 435k, Jorgensen moved all-in and Salsberg snap-called.

Salsberg QClubQSpade
Jorgesen QHeartTSpade

The flop came out 5Heart3Club2Club and left Jorgensen with just a few outs. The 4Club on the turn left him with 6 outs - ace or 6 (no clubs) for a straight (split pot). But the river card was the 7 of spades and Salsberg took home the pot, the title and an amazing $515,720! Jorgensen received $341,149 as a consolation but will probably be having nightmares about Salsberg for many nights to come.

Final table results:
1 Matthew Salsberg $515,720
2 Theo Jorgensen $341,149
3 Philipp Gruissem $219,265
4 Timothy Adams $162,162
5 Mohsin Charania $121,987
6 Fabian Quoss $97,684


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4 comments on "Weeds Producer Matthew Salsberg Wins WPT Grand Prix de Paris"

 noonlion17/09/2012 10:52:10 GMT
That's such a sick way to lose the final, to two lucky shoves.

I mean that diamond flush must have wrecked Theo's head.

That's a great example of the final table being about luck perhaps more than any other time. To have your opponent go all in and win twice with weak hands is plain horrible at any time. To work so hard and have that happen is a bitter pill to swallow.
 nipitiri317/09/2012 14:29:34 GMT
luck is big part of game must be great player to get so far at all anyways
 sirthomas17/09/2012 14:46:15 GMT
Theo was lucky many times before heads-up started. One needs a lot of luck in a tournament to even make it to the final table.
 Fakiry18/09/2012 09:01:47 GMT
It's sad to know that Philipp Gruissem didn't handle til the end, after being dominating so well for so long. But that's just poker! And Salsberg had the poker gods on his side when he got to the final HU. We all know some all-ins can turn the whole game upside down, and that's just what happened here. Experience haven't played on Jorgensen's side.

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