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2012 WSOP Europe: Giovanni Rosadoni Scores Another Title For France!

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Posted on 28 September 2012 by "T".

Event #4: €3,250 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout ended up being a very thrilling 3-day tournament. The tournament attracted 141 players and Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Faraz Jaka and a few other big names got in the money. After several hours of final table action, the American poker pro Daniel O'Brien and Giovanni Rosadoni, from France, were playing heads-up for the title.

When the match began, O'Brien had the lead with 776,000 to Rosadoni's 501,000. After about two hours of heads-up play, Rosadoni was in front with 787k to O'Brien's 490k and the tournament director called it a day because the casino was closing at 5:00 AM.

Play resumed in the afternoon and Rosadoni picked up where he left off, and it didn't take long before he got O'Brien down low. O'Brien refused to give up, though. After a couple of double ups, the American poker pro was back in the lead and full of confidence. In fact, no one believed that Rosadoni, whose biggest score on record was for €9,000, would be able to get back on his feet after this and overcome such an experienced poker player as Daniel O'Brien.

Rosadoni stayed calm and focused after losing the lead, and he didn't seem to care who he was playing against. All that mattered to him was the title and the first place prize! It didn't take long before Rosadoni picked up a two kings and O'Brien AJ suited. Both players pushed their stacks towards the centre of the table before the flop. O'Brien picked up a flush draw on the flop, but neither the turn nor the river card was to any help and Rosadoni collected the big pot. Rosadoni had a slight lead after the double up, and the battle continued for about 40 minutes before the final hand was played.

O'Brien had just been knocked down to around 300,000 after losing with JHeart9Spade to Rosadoni's JDiamond8Spade on the board KSpadeJClub6Diamond8Diamond2Spade when he picked up KDiamondJSpade on the button and announced that he was all in. Rosadoni woke up to the QClubQDiamond in the big blind and quickly made the call.

The dealer dealt the flop JDiamond9Diamond2Spade and O'Brien picked up a pair of jacks. However, he was still behind the queens Rosadoni held. The turn was the 2Diamond and O'Brien picked up a flush draw as well, but Rosadoni was still the big favourite to win the hand. The dealer burned a card and revealed the last card; 5Club. Rosadoni's queens had made it and Daniel O'Brien was eliminated in second place for €66,503. O'Brien stood from his chair to shake the hand of Rosadoni before leaving the casino. Giovanni Rosadoni received €107,614 for the win and became the second Frenchmen in WSOPE history to win a bracelet!

Final Table Results:

Place, Player, Prize
1 Giovanni Rosadoni €107,614
2 Dan O'Brien €66,503
3 John Monnette €48,177
4 Oleksii Kovalchuk €35,560
5 Adrien Allain €26,724
6 Paul Guichard €20,434
7 Roman Romanovskyi €15,890
8 Trond Aanensen €12,564
9 John Duthie €10,095
10 Valentin Messina €8,239


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6 comments on "2012 WSOP Europe: Giovanni Rosadoni Scores Another Title For France! "

 Fakiry28/09/2012 13:13:07 GMT
On wednesday, France was just another country full of unknown poker lovers, and some names who fight for big titles in the world poker scene, although never reaching them. Now, in a couple of days, France manage to launch two name into the list of event winners at the WSOP Europe. And once i had a very similar hand history to this that just defined the end of the game for Dan O'Brien. If you read carefully, you will see that he first lost big part of the stack with J9 in the end and then he lost it all with KJ in a flop that brought the J9 that would have helped him if it was in the previous hand. Being remarkable hands for defining the future of his game, i bet he also had this thought when he looked better to the cards.
 Sorin88828/09/2012 14:46:40 GMT
Place Name Prize
1st Giovanni Rosadoni €107,614
2nd Dan O'Brien €66,503
3rd John Monnette €48,177
4th Oleksii Kovalchuk €35,560
5th Adrien Allain €26,724
6th Paul Guichard €20,434
7th Roman Romanovskyi €15,890
8th Trond Aanensen €12,564
9th John Duthie €10,095

Players: 1 (141) | Prize pool: €406,080

Not only did Rosadoni take down the €107,614 first prize, he also became the second Frenchman in as many days to win a WSOPE bracelet.
 teddybears7328/09/2012 18:37:41 GMT
i see that john duthie got into 9th place there,used to see him all the time in the tv tournaments,i didn't even know he was still playing well done there john.
 Doarulle28/09/2012 19:24:43 GMT
Is not fair the prizes ... 9th take $10K ... first take $107K ...and i can bet the chips on the final table wasn't : 100.000 9th and 1.000.000 1st ... if was like that okey you can say the prizes was fair...
But when i'll play a final table live (IF) and my position of chips will be enough for first 3-4 ... i'll stay away... ( fold ) until the lowest chips player will leave on low position... Big Smile
 mcedger29/09/2012 06:32:34 GMT
Posted by teddybears73:
i see that john duthie got into 9th place there,used to see him all the time in the tv tournaments,i didn't even know he was still playing well done there john.

yes and maybe you do don't know that he is the man behind the EPT
 pochui29/09/2012 09:36:45 GMT
what's the point in posting these titles- scores victory for france, uk, germany etc.- those who win- win it for themselves, they absolutely have no interest in the fact that the win could be counted as a win for's just money and nothing else, they r just happy to get pile of cash and go to next tourney

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