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Jamie Gold's Bracelet Sold For $65,725!

Tags: 2006 wsop main event, auction, bracelet, jamie gold, The Heritage Auctions
Posted on 15 August 2013 by "T".

In case you missed it: Jamie Gold's 2006 WSOP Main Event gold bracelet was sold (after 9 different bids) earlier this month for an incredible $65,725 at an auction in Rosemont, Illinois. According to The Heritage Auctions, the organisation that sold the piece, the bracelet has 259 stones including over seven carats of diamonds and 12 grams of white and yellow gold.

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2012 WSOP Europe: Giovanni Rosadoni Scores Another Title For France!

Tags: bracelet, daniel OBrien, france, Giovanni Rosadoni, wsope cannes
Posted on 28 September 2012 by "T".

Event #4: €3,250 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout ended up being a very thrilling 3-day tournament. The tournament attracted 141 players and Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Faraz Jaka and a few other big names got in the money. After several hours of final table action, the American poker pro Daniel O'Brien and Giovanni Rosadoni, from France, were playing heads-up for the title.

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He bought Eastgate's bracelet

Tags: 2008 wsop winner, bracelet, peter eastgate, Willie Haughey
Posted on 19 January 2011 by "T".

Peter Eastgate, the 2008 WSOP Main Event winner, retired from poker last summer and not long ago he sold his bracelet on eBay - in order to gather money for charity. The bracelet was sold for not less than $147,000 to an anonymous buyer. Ever since the bracelet was sold, there have been many speculations who the buyer might be.

A few days ago, one could read in the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet that it was Willie Haughey, a Scottish businessman and poker player (won an EPT side event back in 2008), who bought the bracelet for stunning $147,000. However, neither Eastgate or Haughey have confirmed this yet.



Tony G didn't get Eastgates bracelet

Tags: bracelet, Peter Eastgate, Tony G, WSOP
Posted on 06 December 2010 by "J".

He said it in advance he was gonna get it, but eventually he had to give up. Tony G did not get a hold of Peter Eastgate's bracelet, which famously went under the hammer for the massive amount of $ 147,000.

In his most recent blog Tony G says, his bid was well over $ 100,000 but eventually he had to give up, since he after all has his limits. According to Bluff Magazine the bracelet has probably been sold to a poker site, and if Tony G knew that, he probably also realized that the poker site have a greater disposable income than he has.Read more » Tony G didn't get Eastgates bracelet


Eastgate's bracelet auction reaches new heights

Tags: bracelet, Eastgate, main event, tony g, unicef
Posted on 25 November 2010 by "K".

Through out the night, the bids for Peter Eastgate's bracelet from WSOP Main Event 2008 have been pouring in.

It was a pleasantly surprised ex-world champion Peter Eastgate, who yesterday noted that bids on his WSOP bracelet had reached 75,100$ from a starting price of 16,000$.

- I am obviously pleasantly surprised that the price has reached such a high level, he said.Read more » Eastgate's bracelet auction reaches new heights


Tony G: I'm buying Eastgate's bracelet for my dog

Tags: bracelet, Peter Eastgate, Tony G, WSOP
Posted on 17 November 2010 by "J".

The highest bid of Peter Eastgate WSOP bracelet is at the time of writing at $ 16,600, but before long Tony G will go in and outbid, he says. He will make the bracelet into a dog collar.

It sparked widespread outrage when the Danish ex-world champion Peter Eastgate on Monday announced that he would discard his WSOP bracelet in an auction on eBay.Read more » Tony G: I'm buying Eastgate's bracelet for my dog


Eastgate auctions of his bracelet

Tags: bracelet, Eastgate, main event
Posted on 16 November 2010 by "J".

The Danish ex-world champion has decided to auction off the trophy from the victory in the WSOP Main Event from 2008 to a good cause - It's still just gathering dust, explains 'Isser'.

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2010 WSOP - $2,5k mixed hold'em: Gavin Smith finally got his long-awaited bracelet

Tags: $2.500 mixed holdem, 2010 wsop, bracelet, event 44, Gavin Smith
Posted on 28 June 2010 by "T".

507 players signed up for the $2,500 mixed hold'em (event 44) at the 2010 WSOP. After 3 long, but interesting, days of poker there were only 9 players left and time for the final table to be played. Danny Hannawa started the final table as the chip leader with Gavin Smith not far behind. Gavin quickly overtook the chip lead and then knocked out Danny in heads-up. For the win he got his very first WSOP bracelet and the first place prize of $268,238.

Gavin Smith, 41, has won over $5 million dollars during his 16 year poker career, including 4 WPT final tables and a win at 2005 Mirage Poker Showdown. In the past few years, Gavin has been very anonymous when it comes to WSOP results - until now. After reading an interview with him after his long-awaited win, one quickly understands how hard he has been working on his game before the 2010 WSOP. I don't think Event 44 could have gotten a better (and happier) winner than Gavin Smith.



2010 WSOP is only 2 days away

Tags: 2010 wsop, bracelet, Fred Berger, TJ Clouthier
Posted on 26 May 2010 by "T".

Ladies and gentlemen, we only have to wait another 2 days before the 2010 World Series of Poker kicks off at Rio in Las Vegas. We have 57 action filled events ahead of us, and hopefully there will be lots of interesting side events and cash games going on as well. We should't forget though, World Series of Poker isn't just the biggest and most popular poker tournament that is played for 2 months every year, but also that it's a poker tour as well.

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Patrik Antonius attack on the World Series of Poker

Tags: bracelet, full tilt poker, patrik antonius, wsop
Posted on 06 May 2010 by "T".

Patrik Antonius, the Finnish Full Tilt Pro, doesn't think think much of World Series of Poker. He thinks that the WSOP bracelets are bullshit because there are 100 WSOP events every year and because everyone has one. The bracelets are shit quality, false and probably not worth more than $50, according to Patrik.

"The WSOP crew wants to rob the players. They don't really care about them and it's ridiculous. They have moved the tournament to the summer time in Las Vegas when no one wants to be there. They are just doing it so hotels and restaurants will be filled up. I personally think I will stop playing the WSOP in the future."

He continues...

"No one wants to be in Vegas during the summer, anywhere else than there. Its a period when people want to have vacation and be with their families, but instead one has to be in Vegas for a shitty bracelet", says Patrik Antonius in a video interview.



Borgata Winter Open: Jeff Madsen is the winner!

Tags: Borgata Winter Open, bracelet, jeff madsen, wsop
Posted on 08 February 2010 by "T".

After almost 1 week of play, Borgata Winter Open (not longer part of World Poker Tour), one of Americas biggest live tournaments, had finally found its winner, Jeff Madsen. Jeff Madsen defeated a starting field of 766 players, which included some really big names (Gavin Smith & Jason Mercier just to mention 2). For the win, Madsen received $625,006. Now he has won almost $3 million dollars from different live tournaments and also got the best possible start on the new year.

Jeff Madsen info:
Jeff Madsen was born June 7, 1985 in Santa Monica, California. He made a name for himself back in 2006 when he won 2 WSOP bracelets and also ended up in 3rd place in 2 other WSOP events. Thanks to the great results in 2006 WSOP, he's the third-youngest winner of a WSOP event.


2005 WSOP bracelet returned to sender

Tags: bracelet, ebay, t.j. Cloutier, wsop 2005
Posted on 01 February 2010 by "T".

Not long ago, T.J. Cloutier's 2005 WSOP bracelet was for sale on Ebay. Why does someone like T.J. Cloutier who has over $10,000,000 in tournament winnings sell one of his WSOP bracelets? There were many speculations at this point. Many said that he sold it because he's running out of money due to gambling problems, when others said that he already have 6 bracelets and that it wasn't a big deal for him to get rid of one of them. 

When CakePoker later on bought the bracelet, it started to get really interesting. What would they use it for? Once again, many, many speculations were circulating on the web. However, many agreed on one thing - CakePoker had a great plan that would give them some good PR.

It's now official that CakePoker bought the bracelet just to give it back to its rightful owner, T.J. Cloutier. Let's hope that this marks a change to his fortunes. Because a WSOP Bracelet is something priceless that one shouldn't sell.


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Jennifer Tilly harassed on Internet

Tags: actor, bracelet, Jennifer Tilly, phil laak, poker, wsop
Posted on 27 October 2009 by "T".

Jennifer Tilly, 51, is known mostly for her talent as an American-Canadian actress, but also for being a great poker player and the girl friend of Phil "The Unabomber" Laak. She has won over half a million dollars from different live tournaments, and also won a WSOP Bracelet a few years back. Jennifer has always been happy to share things in her life with others on the internet. But lately she stopped after she found out that some people were writing really bad things about her.

"It used to be really fun and interesting to speak to other poker players on the internet. Lately, however, I have read a lot of bad things about myself that made me feel really sad";Jennifer says.

Jennifer Tilly is only one of many celebs with similar problems. For example: Gus Hansen had problems not long ago with people claiming to be him by creating fake facebook-accounts and websites in his name.


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