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Why Tom "durrrr" Dwan Didn't Show Up for The Macau High Stakes Challenge ($260k buy-in)

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Posted on 04 September 2012 by "T".

73 players particiapated in the Macau High Stakes Challenge last Friday. The field included many of the world's best poker players, including Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Erik Seidel and John Juanda. Another famous poker pro who paid the $260,000 entry fee was the American high stakes phenomenon Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

However, Dwan was nowhere to be seen when the tournament started and it didn't take long before his stack was eaten up by the fast-moving blind structure. The reason why Dwan never showed up was revealed by Tom Hall, a big poker profile in Asia, who also took part in the tournament.

Hall wrote on a poker forum that Dwan lost his passport and therefore got stuck in Hong Kong on his way to Macau - and missed out on the chance of taking home the first place prize of $6.4 million. The amazing first place prize was instead won by Stanley Choi and it was the 10th biggest first place price in poker history.

Now, you might think that this was the first time Dwan lost his passport, but it wasn't. In November last year, Poker Portal Asia reported that he had to leave the high-stakes games in Macau and return to the U.S. for a few days because he lost his passport. However, it was never reported that he lost any money because of it - apart from the cost of the airline tickets.


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12 comments on "Why Tom "durrrr" Dwan Didn''t Show Up for The Macau High Stakes Challenge ($260k buy-in)"

 remco250404/09/2012 09:09:27 GMT
So he could not have called or something and maybe saved his 260 K ?
 Sorin88804/09/2012 10:51:39 GMT
Well maybe theese events,High Stakes Challenge,are not like online to unregister 5 minutes before starting the game.Strange indeed(mob get involved,so often loosing passport)Big boys with big toys.
 Fakiry04/09/2012 14:43:20 GMT
Sometimes the news makes us see the reality of things. After all, Tom Dwan is just a normal person like everybody else and, for loosing his passport, he needs to pass through a burocratic process to get everything done. Although we see him as a star, he’s just a citizen who needs documents to travel, like anyone else. Incredible how a little book can change someone’s life. He could have tried to say “Can you imagine i am loosing a minimum of $260k (not counting the Money he would try to win) just because you’re keeping me here?”.
 noonlion04/09/2012 15:52:07 GMT
Oh wow, lol. That's worse than a disconnect when you're about to win a crucial pot to get to the FT.

For $250k - he'll never lose his passport again surely.

That's one for the storybooks and I'll bet he was kicking himself over that, massively.
 AtQmicBQmb05/09/2012 00:35:48 GMT
it seems this is the most expensive passport in the world
 retribution05/09/2012 04:29:10 GMT
See, LIVE POKER is rigged too. It's just "convenient" that he "lost" his passport. Kidding of course.
 nipitiri305/09/2012 13:00:14 GMT
hahaha dwan da man oops he did it again lost his passport at least that is what news say i wonder if he loses his password next time when 1 mil buy in tourney that wud be even more cute
 djpremier05/09/2012 15:02:36 GMT
can't stop thinking about sorin888's comment : SS maybe Ivey didn't want Tom Dwan to play and suddenly he looses his passport ? okey im kidding but u never know...
 WozzaMignun12/09/2012 10:16:59 GMT
If I was durrr I would have my passport surgically attached to my chest from now on lo.
 Bassets17/09/2012 18:09:52 GMT
LOL dwan, this'll be a "ONE TIME MISTAKE" for sure Big Smile He'll probably take Wozza's advice and attach it on himself so he wont lose it again.
 chumba7718/09/2012 12:26:24 GMT
Peanuts to him, he won't care about the money lost, just the ripping he'll get from other players.
 xdomagojx01/10/2012 00:33:45 GMT
Who cares why he didn't show up on that event. It isn't big money for him anyways so no damage done. But rly interesting how he loses his passport every now and then.

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