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2013 WSOP: Ryan Riess Is The World Champion! ($8,361,570)

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Posted on 06 November 2013 by "T".

A big congratulations to Ryan Riess, the champion of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event!! Riess had about 20 million chips less than Jay Farber when the final day and heads-up began, but he played very well and grinded Farber down to a short stack early in the match.

Although Farber managed to double up and narrow down Riess's lead to a 2-1 margin at one point, he still didn't stand a chance against the 23-year-old (the youngest player at this year's final table) who totally dominated the match. In the final hand, Farber shoved his final 12 million with QSpade5Spade, and Riess called with AHeartKHeart. The board ran out jack-high and Riess was crowned the world champion!

Final table results:

1st: Ryan Riess - USA - $8,361,570
2nd: Jay Farber - USA - $5,174,357
3rd: Amir Lehavot - Israel - $3,727,823
4th: Sylvain Loosli - France - $2,792,533
5th: JC Tran - USA - $2,792,533
6th: Marc-Etienne McLaughlin - $2,106,893
7th: Michiel Brummelhuis - Netherlands - $1,225,356
8th: David Benefield - USA - $944,650
9th: Mark Newhouse - USA - $733,224


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12 comments on "2013 WSOP: Ryan Riess Is The World Champion! ($8,361,570)"

 AliveWhateve06/11/2013 11:43:51 GMT
23 yrs old. A lot of time to be creative with that win!!
 Heskor06/11/2013 12:46:44 GMT
I told you the tall one will win, also special mention on the chip lead he manages to grind back and give himself an advantage, sad for Jay who could not keep his chip lead.

Ryan Riess looks like Fellani, tall and afro hair, he just lack a bit of musculature and sick clothes like the rap people.

Congrats again was a nice final hand!!
 Phisix06/11/2013 15:08:05 GMT
Posted by AliveWhateve:
23 yrs old. A lot of time to be creative with that win!!

Tell me about it, and years and years of poker events for him as well as he doesnt lose it all.
 noonlion06/11/2013 18:02:32 GMT
It just struck me that I couldn't give a shit about this. This should have been played in the summer, now it just seems like some joke SNG with the insanest prize pool.

The delay takes away any kudos of the winner and makes a dick of the WSOP main event.

I'm not saying the guys don't deserve the money or whatever but as a spectator it's like whats the point? Let's have the world cup in brazil and then play the final two years later. Lets sit a university exam a year after leaving.
 ouThhiTus06/11/2013 18:28:28 GMT
wish the title was champion of wsop 2013 is.....and then let us watch in full without any clues
major spoiler. Sad
 Macubaas07/11/2013 21:02:27 GMT
Sweet prize for him especially when you think that he is only 23 years old Smile

If he is smart and makes some good investments he could be basically set up for the rest of his life Big Smile
He definately waited for a strong hand at the last hand.
 Sorin88808/11/2013 07:33:29 GMT
And the winner is IRS
Place Name Prize / Prize After Tax
1st Ryan Riess $8,361,570 / $4,880,713
2nd Jay Farber $5,174,357 / $3,147,830
3rd Sylvain Loosli $2,792,533 / $2,792,533
4th Amir Lehavot $3,727,823 / $2,178,623
5th JC Tran $2,106,893 / $1,104,916
6th Michiel Brummelhuis $1,225,356 / $870,003
7th Marc McLaughlin $1,601,024 / $808,089
8th David Benefield $944,650 / $507,449
9th Mark Newhouse $733,224 / $410,345
Sylvain Loosli moved to UK ,means he won't owe any tax on his winning to IRS
 K0_ot08/11/2013 08:38:00 GMT
"I'm extremely excited," Riess said. "I'm excited for what the future holds."
I'm not shure he is really best player. He is only 236th by Global Poker Index. I do not herd before this final table about Ryan Riess, so I do not think that one win is a measure of skill in poker)))
 sergejcho08/11/2013 09:42:25 GMT
And the winner is IRS
Place Name Prize / Prize After Tax
1st Ryan Riess $8,361,570 / $4,880,713
2nd Jay Farber $5,174,357 / $3,147,830
3rd Sylvain Loosli $2,792,533 / $2,792,533

Congratulations to Riess , the numbers telling us all. Young and good poker player.
 doubletop77708/11/2013 13:21:25 GMT
could not believe the way Riess bullied Farber on nearly every hand. Farber should have 3 bet or even 4 bet more and if he was beat he was beat. better to go down fighting than to lay down. $5 mill should ease the pain though!

just how unlucky was marc etienne mclaughlin on this table? i thought he played almost perfect poker then his kings ran into farbers aces. he seemed to be controlling the table and looking very relaxed. if he had got that hand through he would have been in a commanding position and i think we would have been talking about a different world champion today. unlucky marc! better luck next year
 kulturniss10/11/2013 00:03:06 GMT
Would like to see what he could accomplish a neares years from now.
 victoryv11110/11/2013 04:33:37 GMT
what your saying was said done and dusted 3 yrs back, it actually turned out a better deal for poker community and is the norm now,,, it also gives final tablists a extra income itcn sponsorship deals, advertising rights, tv interviews, etc etc plus rervenue from wsop syndicating the filmied event,

it's much better deal and brings more players/fish donkers into game, which is what is needed ias players bad losing ones drop to keep it levelledl, .the players get a 100k upfront + time off after wsop long week or more, so come back fresh n ready somore better viewing n preparation tomake it entertaining, ie fans n family brought in country clash atmoslphere all makes up some good televised live finale.

There not gonna stop that all that now, Diamond all da best Diamond

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