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NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship: First 32 Revealed!

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Posted on 16 January 2013 by "T".

On Tuesday, the first 32 players that will take part in NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship were presented. Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Doyle Brunson, 2012 Main Event winner Greg Merson, Erik Seidel, and Barry Greenstein (left to right) are just 6 of the big names that will take part.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel "jungleman" Cates have announced that they are taking part in the tournament, but none of them were among the first 32 players. The tournament will take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas between January 24-26 and the draw will be on the 23rd of January. We will be back with another update as soon as the remaining 32 players have been revealed.

1. Doyle Brunson
2. Erik Seidel
3. Andy Bloch
4. Daniel Negreanu
5. Brian Hastings
6. Bertrand (Elky)Grospellier
7. Andrew Frankenberger
8. Phil Galfond
9. Antonio Esfandiari
10. Will Failla
11. Matt Glantz
12. Barry Greenstein
13. Maria Ho
14. Vanessa Rousso
15. Phil Ivey
16. Mike Matusow
17. John Hennigan
18. Faraz Jaka
19. Ben Lamb
20. David Williams
21. Jonathan Duhamel
22. Tom Dwan
23. Greg Merson
24. John Monnette
25. Mike Sexton
26. Mohsin Charania
27. Olivier Busquet
28. Jennifer Tilly
29. Yevgeniy Timoshenko
30. Scott Seiver
31. Eugene Katchalov
32. Greg Raymer


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12 comments on "NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship: First 32 Revealed! "

 lukasb16/01/2013 12:00:16 GMT
And I wont be able to see it on tv Sad
 Fakiry16/01/2013 16:18:24 GMT
The “crème de la crème” is all there, they invited all the big names from the poker world. Ok, there are some (a lot) missing here, but after reading this list I believe they almost all must be part of the second list, like Vanessa Selbst, Chris Ferguson, Nguyen, Gus Hansen and more.
 Macubaas16/01/2013 20:47:51 GMT
They list of players is awesome so far, i think we should aspect on some serious action Big Smile

This will definately be a show that i will want to see, i hope they'll stream it and it will also be available worldwide!
 Fakiry17/01/2013 19:49:51 GMT
There are some sites in which you can try to get the stream. I'm not going to write anyone down but its so easy to google it that it doesn't matter. Anyone point a favourite? I think Blom wants to give some lessons...
 leking118/01/2013 06:59:57 GMT
cant wait to see the episodes, is a great line up. but i hope chris moonymaker gets a site. it is not the same whitout him
 Terroreffekt18/01/2013 12:06:07 GMT
Wow a few exceptional players! Can you watch somewhere in the television when the play? I would like to look at me but I know only WPT on DMAX or any irrational games on DSF = Sport 1 in Germany
Or is there somewhere on the web page where you can access to live streams?
If someone so familiar with a page please post Smile
 bombsapphire19/01/2013 05:08:12 GMT
Go Merson go!!
But no chance to watch games in live for me.
I hope some Youtube users update the tourney assp.
 hoze01099019/01/2013 17:45:14 GMT
Those are dream seats,i can't play heads-up,they drive me crazy.
I'l stick to tournaments and sng.
Waiting for videos.

hve fun everyone
 leking120/01/2013 13:14:33 GMT
why dont they have gus hansen on the list, anybody know?
 Sorin88821/01/2013 07:14:42 GMT
This is the full list of players
Here is the complete list of participants in this year's NBC Heads-Up Championship:

Baumann, Gaelle

Bellande, Jean Robert

Bloch, Andy

Blom, Viktor

Boeree, Liv

Bonomo, Justin

Brunson, Doyle

Busquet, Olivier

Cates, Daniel

Charania, Mohsin

Cheong, Joseph

Deeb, Shaun

Duhamel, Jonathan

Dwan, Tom

Elezra, Eli

Esfandiari, Antonio

Failla, Will

Frankenberger, Andy

Galfond, Phil

Glantz, Matt

Greenstein, Barry

Grospellier, Bertrand

Harman, Jennifer

Hastings, Brian

Haxton, Isaac

Hellmuth, Phil

Hennigan, John

Ho, Maria

Ivey, Phil

Jaka, Faraz

Julius, Kyle

Katchalov, Eugene

Laak, Phil

Lamb, Ben

Lichtenberger, Andrew

Matros, Matt

Matusow, Mike

Mercier, Jason

Merson, Greg

Mizrachi, Michael

Moneymaker, Chris

Monnette, John

Moorman, Chris

Mortensen, Carlos

Negreanu, Daniel

Oppenheim, David

Raymer, Greg

Rousso, Vanessa

Salaburu, Rob

Salsberg, Matt

Schulman, Nick

Seed, Huck

Seidel, Erik

Seiver, Scott

Serock, Joe

Sexton, Mike

Simon, Sam

Smith, Dan

Smith, Justin

Somerville, Jason

Tilly, Jennifer

Timoshenko, Yevgeniy

Williams, David Qualifier
 pinku13521/01/2013 15:08:11 GMT
Good day everyone Smile
The list of players is really good !! every single player have had a good fortune and most of them in the list are known faces with some really big faces !! it will truly be an one entertaining event to watch out for ... with phil on the list entertainment for sure Smile

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 SirPoncho21/01/2013 16:33:51 GMT
Posted by Fakiry:
The �cr�me de la cr�me� is all there, they invited all the big names from the poker world. Ok, there are some (a lot) missing here, but after reading this list I believe they almost all must be part of the second list, like Vanessa Selbst, Chris Ferguson, Nguyen, Gus Hansen and more.

I dont think that ferguson or lederer gonna get invited to this Blink

But still this is really the upper class of poker players around.

which match up would be your favorite ones to watch if you could choose?

a remake of the match up of durrrr and hellmuth from some years ago would be interesting,becasue I think that hellmuth got a lot better in handling younger poker players and their game then he was years ago

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