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Triton announces Record-Breaking $1.3 Million Buy-in Charity Tournament in London, Tom Dwan gets invited to play by Paul Phua

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Posted on 19 June 2019 by "T".

Get ready for the biggest buy-in in poker history - at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series 2019 in London!

For the first time ever, Triton Poker is heading to London to bring you a tournament schedule featuring famous poker pros and recreational players battling it out live with nosebleed buy-ins starting at £25,000.

Triton Poker Super High Roller Series 2019 London
Duration: July 31 to August 8, 2019

The highlight of this London stop is:
Triton Million - A Helping Hand for Charity
Schedule: August 1 to 3, 2019
Buy-in: £1 million + £50,000 entry fee (approx. US$ 1.3 million)
Venue: Grand Ballroom of Park Lane Hilton in London

From August 1 to 3, at the London Hilton on Park Lane Grand Ballroom, the top high rollers from all over the world shall play a tournament that costs £1,050,000 to enter.

This charity event is expected to break the previous record of the buy-in worth €1,000,000 for The Big One For One Drop held in Monte Carlo in October 2016. Back then, while it was also a charity event, it was open to recreational poker players only. After 3 days of play, Elton Tsang from Hong Kong won the epic prize of €11,111,111 or the third biggest prize in poker tournament history.

Watch the promotional video here:

The £50,000 entry fee will automatically to go charity, which will tremendously help in funding a variety of worthwhile causes. Some of the beneficiaries are: Caring for Children Foundation, Raising for Effective Giving (REG), and Healthy Hong Kong (HHK).

As for the £1 million buy-in, clearly dubbed as one of the most expensive entrance fees ever just to join a poker tournament, shall create one of the largest prize pools in the history of poker. The eventual champion shall most likely earn what could be considered as the most money that one can ever win at a single poker tournament anywhere in the world!

Prior to this event, the current record holder for the single biggest win after he outlasted a field of 48 players is Antonio Esfandiari, who won $18,346,673 in The Big One for One Drop in 2012.

A unique trend has been set for this special and expensive tournament - the field will feature an equal number of high-rolling recreational poker players and the game's top poker pros battling it out to the top. The only way to get a seat into the event is to either be a recipient of an official invite from Triton Poker, or to be an invitation holder's nominated guest.

The invitations have been sent out to some of the famous and successful businesspeople around the globe who share the love for the game. These invitation holders are then allowed to register a guest to play the tournament too, and it's obvious that these guests would surely be the top stars in the world of poker.

Last week businessman and Triton co-founder Paul Phua invited Tom Dwan to the tournament.

Below is the recent list of poker enthusiasts along with their invited guest player candidates:
1. Paul Phua invited Triton ambassador Tom Dwan
2. Stanley Choi invited poker pro David Peters
3. Wai Kin Yong invited Rui Cao
4. Former MGM Executive Bobby Baldwin invited Triton ambassador Jason Koon
5. Richard Yong
6. Ivan Leow

The field would be split for most of the first 3 days, which means recreational players can play against each other, while the pros duke it out with the other pros. As players get sent to the rail, the fields will then merge for the 2nd and 3rd days.

Another interesting rule which will be enforced in order to level the playing field between the pros and the recreational players - nobody is allowed to wear hats, hoodies and sunglasses. Players are prohibited to cover any part of their body from the neck up. Also, players that will make it to the final nine are required to wear a formal suit for the final day.

The entire Triton SHR Series in London shall run for 10 days and will feature at least seven events. Confirmed events and starting days so far are:

Note that the schedule is still subject to change and other events may be added soon.

Partypoker LIVE - Official Sponsor of Triton Poker
Rob Yong is the owner of Dusk Till Dawn and the founder of partypoker LIVE, the official tour partner of the Triton London 2019 festival.

Launched in January 2017 as a global poker tour, partypoker LIVE has since grown into the world's biggest ever poker tour in just one year and is guaranteeing more than $70 million in the 2018/2019 season.



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10 comments on "Triton announces Record-Breaking $1.3 Million Buy-in Charity Tournament in London, Tom Dwan gets invited to play by Paul Phua"

 dule-vu19/06/2019 10:52:25 GMT
another big event from triton poker,another huge money in game on every event and what to say for biggest event from this with buy in of 1,3 million dollars!dont know how many players will be on this kind of event,but prize pool will be big for sure!good luck to all who will play it!
 Mober19/06/2019 11:17:26 GMT
What can you say about this tournament. The buy in alone says it all.
It is a charity event, so the money will go in a good cause.
The more the better.
The buy in is a sum that some are dreaming of inning some day in their life,
not using it to participate in a game Smile
It is going to be an exciting game.
 CALICUL19/06/2019 11:25:22 GMT
We can not say much about this tournament if we do not participate in this Triton. It's different when you see things on the spot. This series is too great for us and we can only look at others how they play. A Helping Hand for Charity is too beautiful.

 bowie198420/06/2019 17:48:26 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
We can not say much about this tournament if we do not participate in this Triton. It's different when you see things on the spot.

Charity tournament or a simple tax-writeoff for the players? This is Triton so the right answer is probably the latter.
 CALICUL22/06/2019 13:11:47 GMT
I do not know the details when it comes to games where charity actions can also take place. I've seen more players involved in these actions and if they can help people with problems is very good. A good example should be Justin Bonomo and he need to donate a few k dollars, for a child with health problems for example.
 pajalnick22/06/2019 20:12:07 GMT
It's nice that these tournaments with a record entry fee are charity tournaments .... And therefore they will be of benefit in some area to those people who cannot afford this money .... I think this is a wonderful tournament ..... and it's nice that leading poker players take part in it
 damosk24/06/2019 09:32:15 GMT
This tournament lokmslike a WIN WIN situation for everyone concerned. A huge buy in that smashes previous records and the chance to raise a whole load of money for charity too. Im free on the day of the tourney so if Triton want to invite me along (and contribute to my buy in at about 100%) then I will happily turn up and play! LOL
 bowie198424/06/2019 19:38:26 GMT
Posted by damosk:
Im free on the day of the tourney so if Triton want to invite me along (and contribute to my buy in at about 100%) then I will happily turn up and play! LOL

What amount will you be able to offer as a charitable contribution for participating? I guess it's less than a million Smile
 pajalnick24/06/2019 21:58:34 GMT
Of course, this is a dream of so many people to play with great poker players .... and try to show that I am also Great .... ha-ha-ha .... but for this, of course, it is necessary for such as many of us to break through satellites to major tournaments .... and then yes there is a chance to play against the coolest poker players
 CALICUL25/06/2019 14:21:09 GMT
This game with a huge buy-in should be televised to see what is happening there. It's something grandiose and i'm very curious what players will be there. I've heard of the $ 300k buy-in game but this game from August is something to follow.

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