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WPT in South Africa is Underway

Tags: Emperors Poker Classic Main Event, Faraz Jaka, Gaella Baumann, wpt south africa.
Posted on 08 November 2013 by "T".

On Thursday, Day 1A of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Emperors Poker Classic Main Event ($3,600) kicked off. The event, which is being played at The Palace of Dreams in the heart of Johannesburg in South Africa 7-11 Nov, attracted 85 entrants (11 more than last year) and 54 players made it through the day. Nahum Lum bagged up the largest stck (123,725), and he will joined to the second day by notables such as Faraz Jaka, Gaella Baumann and Barny Boatman.

The second Day 1 flight begins in a few hours and, as usual, a greater field of players is expected to participate! We will be back with another update on Monday morning. Until then, have a great weekend!


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8 comments on "WPT in South Africa is Underway"

 doubletop77708/11/2013 13:15:57 GMT
great to see the wpt in south africa, hope gaelle baumann does well
 Heskor08/11/2013 13:28:40 GMT
After the world cup we now have the WPT in South Africa, I am close from it, living from Mauritius but do not have the bankroll to go and participate in it. Should be fun to watch and the players that are going to play there are no amateurs.

Good luck Faraz, like him as a player too, good luck, keep us updated!!
 noonlion08/11/2013 17:41:17 GMT
That is great that SA has their own major poker event.

Imagine all the jabs you would need as well.

Such small fields but a great chance for anyone in it to win a major prize.
 K0_ot09/11/2013 14:06:03 GMT
I am very glad that the WPT is expanding its geography. But I wonder how many Africans will be able to participate in this tournament)
It is interesting how many people will registered in main event...
 demodawggy09/11/2013 18:55:56 GMT
My first thought was.... "Better watch out for them Prawns...." Big Smile

Would be a very nice place to visit and partake in the tourney...! Thumbs Up

Hey Heskor,.... Calmplay is from Mauritius too,..... Do you guys actually know each other...?
 kulturniss10/11/2013 01:10:11 GMT
Intressting to play a little then take of to the safari, lol
South africa is a nice play to play poker.
IS there any likt to follow the event?
Any famouse name is there?
 Macubaas10/11/2013 21:21:08 GMT
Unfortunately with the security problems that they have over there i doubt that this event will grow or will bring some top players that participate on other wpt events...

I mean south africa is nice as country but i guess it's not fun to be kidnapped from the hotel room.
 mirexxx11/11/2013 23:24:06 GMT
WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic : Day 1A Results

1 Nahum Lum 123,725
2 Robert Fenner 112,050
3 Mauro de Rose 105,575
4 Leon Govinsamy 100,500
5 Marc Joseph 94,050
6 Gaelle Baumann 85,300
7 Aston Shiong 77,175
8 Menesh Keshav 70,850
9 Melanie Weisner 68,550
10 Evro Psiloyenis 67,575
11 James Parker 66,275
12 JP Okes 65,200
13 Alexi Hadjidakis 64,000
14 Ayaz Manji 63,950
15 Kevin Andriamaheta 63,775
16 Fernando Brito 60,025
17 David Canning 59,400
18 Kinesh Pather 57,175
19 Christopher Convery 56,700
20 Ana Marquez 54,450
21 Steven Brown 49,450
22 Jaipal Alhuwalia 47,550
23 Bruno Carvhalio 46,000
24 Charles Strassbull 45,150
25 Barny Boatman 42,125
26 Ronit Chamani 41,800
27 Kobus Cronje 40,650
28 Claude Sacks 39,400
29 Bryn Kenny 39,000
30 Justin Cohen 37,800
31 Jaime Vilela 37,350
32 Justin Steenkamp 35,625
33 Laurence Jones 34,900
34 Thomas Koral 34,550
35 Eugene Kleynhans 32,950
36 Meshern Govender 31,825
37 Theuns Watkins 31,100
38 Dominik Nitsche 30,225
39 Amanda Mesumeci 29,900
40 Robbie Sham 29,650
41 Martin Scevcik 28,550
42 Gilad Levy 28,000
43 Peter Khan 27,950
44 Werner Smit 27,400
45 Faraz Jaka 23,350
46 Zaheer Ebrahim 23,275
47 Jennifer Leigh 21,400
48 Jordan Cristos 20,050
49 Jason Strauss 17,450
50 Clint De Klerk 17,400
51 Kevin Noblat 15,725
52 Norman Keyser 14,725
53 Ryan D'Angelo 9,475
54 Wolfram Wagener 6,625

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