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Niklas Heinecker Wins GuangDong Ltd Asia Millions ($4,464,516)

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Posted on 07 June 2013 by "T".

The 2013 GuangDong Ltd Asia Millions (played in Macau, China) attracted 71 players (54 rebuys) who created a massive HKD$119,375,000 prize pool (approx. USD $15,379,600). The final table, which took place earlier today, was a fast paced one as the average stack was only 15 big blinds.

The heads-up match for the title was played between Nicklas Heinecker, from Germany, and Jeff Rossiter, from Australia. Heinecker (a well known online pro) had a 3-1 lead when it all began, but it was still impossible to say who would win the battle as the blinds were so high.

As predicted, it only took a few hands before all chips were pushed into the pot and Rossiter was at risk.

Heinecker: AHeart9Heart
Rossiter: QDiamondTSpade.

The board ran out KHeart5Diamond4Club3DiamondJSpade and Rossiter was sent packing in second place for HK$24,500,000 ($3,161,290). Heinecker was crowned the champion and received an incredible $34,600,000 ($4,464,516)

Final table results:
1. Niklas Heinecker HKD$34,600,000 (USD$4,464,516)
2. Jeff Rossiter HKD$24,500,000 (USD$3,161,290)
3. Sorel Mizzi HKD$16,100,000 (USD$2,077,419)
4. Zheng Tang HKD$12,525,000 (USD$1,616,129)
5. Isaac Haxton HKD$10,200,000 (USD$1,316,129)
6. Igor Kurganov HKD$8,300,000 (USD$1,070,967)
7. Anson Tsang HKD$7,150,000 (USD$922,580)
8. Pratyush Budigga HKD$6,000,000 (USD$774,193)


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4 comments on "Niklas Heinecker Wins GuangDong Ltd Asia Millions ($4,464,516)"

 Sorin88807/06/2013 17:38:58 GMT
Haxton has emerge as Day 2's dominate force, eliminating players at an alarming rate to take a commanding chip lead heading into the money stage of the tournament.
Billed as one of the richest tournaments outside of the WSOP, the GuangDong Ltd. Asian Millions managed to attract 71 players and 54 rebuys
 Doarulle08/06/2013 19:09:25 GMT
Just $4,464,516 ? is pretty but i think he could win more, i'm crazy don't read what i've write, $4.500.000 ???? i think not even 5% of population of earth don't know how it look but to have 4.5mil ???
 Nonaka09/06/2013 05:12:05 GMT
Ganhar um torneio desse tem que ser muito bem jogado! Não é atoa que ele ganhou! É um fera, merecido!

Uma mão final bem ingrata! não bateu nada! bem jogado, mas já entrou com uma boa chance de ganhar 3-1, então ficou mais fácil de pagar!
 leking109/06/2013 11:36:01 GMT
one of the sikes pricepoll ever , that how you do it, go niklas Smile

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