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2013 WCOOP: Toby Lewis Wins Event #6 and Liv Boeree Finishes 5th In Event #5

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Posted on 11 September 2013 by "T".

The 2013 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (September 8-29 - $40 Million Guaranteed Across 66 Events) is underway since Sunday and already a big name has won an event!

Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis, who won the FTOPS High Roller Event last month, bested a field of 2,090 players in the $215+R No-Limit Hold'em Turbo event to collect $189,379. Lewis, of UK, defeated fellow countryman Sergi "srxakgirona" Rexixach heads-up after they had agreed on a deal.

Don't be suprised if Lewis wins another big tournament soon! He's playing extremly well as of late, and also he seems to have the poker gods watching over him.

WCOOP Event #6 $215 No-Limit Hold'em (Turbo, Rebuy) results (*reflects heads-up deal)

Players: 2,090

Rebuys: 2,990 

Add-ons: 1,325
Prize pool: $1,281,000

Places paid: 270

1. 810ofclubs (United Kingdom) -- $189,379.23*
2. srxakgirona (United Kingdom) -- $169,300.77*
3. Hausgaard87 (Canada) -- $115,290.00
4. seifi35 (Switzerland) -- $82,176.15

5. Evadar (United Kingdom) -- $57,645.00

6. calamitas (Germany) -- $44,835.00
7. rdcsrn (Canada) -- $32,025.00
8. Pandochka515 (Russia) -- $22,417.50
9. gomir (Czech Republic) -- $12,810.00

Another three players from Great Britain reached the final table in Event #5: ($300+$20 6-Max Shootout). Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree was one of them and she was eliminated in 5th place by fellow countryman "Aduobe4"...

Boeree bet 160 from UTG, and "Aduobe4" three-bet to 370. Boeree called. The flop came down QSpade10Spade2Club and Boeree check-called a bet of 420. The 4Club was dealt on the turn and Boeree check-called a bet of 955. The ADiamond completed the board and she checked once again. Aduobe4 made a big enough raise to put Boeree all in. She decided to call with AHeartQClub which wasn't good enough as "Aduobe4" had rived a straight with KHeartJClub.

Liv Boeree received $15,552 for her fifth-place finish and Aduobe4 ended up winning the tournament for $62,208!

WCOOP Event #5 [6-Max NL Shootout]

Entrants: 1,296

Prize Pool: $388,800

Payouts: 216

1. Aduobe4 (U.K.) - $62,208.36
2. carlos_084 (Malta) - $45,656
3. Luckbox4Life (U.K.) - $34,992

4. MakeItReign (Canada) - $23,328

5. Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree (U.K.) - $15,552

6. moyerboide (Mexico) - $9,642.24


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7 comments on "2013 WCOOP: Toby Lewis Wins Event #6 and Liv Boeree Finishes 5th In Event #5"

 noonlion11/09/2013 11:14:39 GMT
Check calling with AQ on that board - really bad play even if the dude was tight. And to then go ai even worse for Boeree. Still a few things to learn, but 5th still hella nice.

 Flippedchips11/09/2013 11:44:23 GMT
Still a few things to learn Big Smile
 cucho31612/09/2013 05:13:55 GMT
i specially disagree with the second check call (@the turn) because she didn't protect her hand at all, with str8 and 2 flush projects on the way (2 str8 projects if you consider the 24) and she never shifted gears on that one. well, live and learn, we all have missplayed some hands over here, right? lol (for me, i've slow played some hands and get busted with the odds in my favour, whooops).

 demodawggy12/09/2013 19:26:47 GMT
I don't feel too bad about some moves I've made in the past when i read about this sort of thing...

Those folks are not immortal!

Toby Lewis....? Never heard of him...

Liv Boeree,....? Never sniffed her taco,....wouldn't mind though.... Big Smile Heart

Guess I'd have to make a final table or so,...get her attention, ....and offer her a little sour creme for that thing... Confused
 Macubaas14/09/2013 08:32:19 GMT
I guess online championships are the easiest tournaments to watch compared to live events where always video stream fails lol

Congrats to Toby, thats a sweet pay day for just 200 bucks invested Big Smile
 ShaunDeeb23/09/2013 22:14:32 GMT
poor LIV, huge cooler.GG!
 doubletop77716/11/2013 12:42:39 GMT
Liv Boeree is definitely my favourite poker player. She comes across as a very nice person whenever she is on television. Watched her a few times playing against the very best and she always holds her own, plus she is gorgeous!

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