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Daniel Negreanu & Jack McClelland Join The Poker Hall of Fame

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Posted on 27 October 2014 by "T".

About a month ago, the final 10 nominees were presented on World Series of Poker's website. Last week, the 21 living Hall of Fame members and a 20-media panel cast their votes and Daniel Negreanu and Jack McClelland were selected to become the 47th and 48th members of the Poker Hall of Fame!

For many there was never any doubt that Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu would be inducted once he turned 40 this year, which is an requirement for being in the Hall of Fame. Negreanu has more than $30 million in tournament earnings, six WSOP gold bracelets to his name, and he's the only player with two WSOP Player of the Year titles!

"It's an honor to be inducted alongside so many great players that have come before me," Negreanu said. "An even bigger honor to be recognized at age 40, the same age as the legend Chip Reese. Thank you to the living members of the Poker Hall of Fame and those on the Blue Ribbon Media Panel that voted for me."

Jack McClelland, 63, has spent four decades in the operations side of poker. He started as a poker dealer and worked his way up to becoming the WSOP tournament director in the 1980s and then managed Bellagio's poker room from 2002 until he retired in 2013.

"Being inducted into the Class of 2014 Poker Hall of Fame is a very exciting prospect and I am sure it will be a very humbling experience," said McClelland.  "I thank everyone involved in this process and to the WSOP, WPT and all of the great people I have met and the wonderful people I have worked with throughout the years. Thank you for bestowing this honor upon me. I am very grateful."

Here are all the 48 Hall of Fame members in alphabetical order with year of induction in parenthesis:

Tom Abdo (1982)
Crandell Addington (2005)
Bobby Baldwin (2003)
Billy Baxter (2006)
Lyle Berman (2002)
Joe Bernstein (1983)
Benny Binion (1990)
Jack Binion (2005)
Bill Boyd (1981)
Doyle Brunson (1988)
Johnny Chan (2002)
T.J. Cloutier (2006)
Nick Dandolos (1979)
Eric Drache (2012)
Barbara Enright (2007)
Fred "Sarge" Ferris (1989)
T "Blondie" Forbes (1980)
Henry Green (1986)
Barry Greenstein (2011)
Dan Harrington (2010)
Murph Harrold (1984)
Phil Hellmuth (2007)
James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok (1979)
Red Hodges (1985)
Edmond Hoyle (1979)
Linda Johnson (2011)
Berry Johnston (2004)
Jack Keller (1993)
Jack McClelland (2014)
Felton McCorquodale (1979)
Tom McEvoy (2013)
Roger Moore (1997)
Johnny Moss (1979)
Daniel Negreanu (2014)
Scotty Nguyen (2013)
Henry Orenstein (2008)
Walter Clyde "Puggy" Pearson (1987)
Julius Oral Popwell (1996)
Thomas Austin "Amarillo Slim" Preston (1992)
David "Chip" Reese (1991)
Brian "Sailor" Roberts (2012)
Erik Seidel (2010)
Mike Sexton (2009)
Jack "Treetop" Straus (1988)
Duane "Dewey" Tomko (2008)
Stu "The Kid" Ungar (2001)
Red Winn (1979)
Sid Wyman (1979)



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8 comments on "Daniel Negreanu & Jack McClelland Join The Poker Hall of Fame"

 doubletop77727/10/2014 09:09:19 GMT
Many congratulations to Daniel Negreanu on being inducted into the poker hall of fame and it is richly deserved. I love watching him play and his name fits in with all the other legends perfectly
 LIKEIT2727/10/2014 09:26:49 GMT
Well deserved from daniel negreanu,..
Love the way he thinks,
And the banter he gives on a table,
Its never boring when hes at the table's
Congratulations to both the hall of fame players
 opascu27/10/2014 09:35:40 GMT
I'm so proud 2 be a from the same original country as the "KID" and yes he's my model in poker ,i've been read all his life and his way to the top and he's on top of everyone !!!
 klash2327/10/2014 14:28:38 GMT
Daniel Negreanu was always going to getting into the Hall of Fame and he is definitely one of the more deserving of the accolade.He is always entertaining to watch when he is playing and when he speaks in interviews it is usually done with good grace no matter what has happened to him in the game.
Jack McClelland has spent four decades being involved with poker and to go from poker dealer to wsop director and then managing the Bellagio poker room is a massive achievement.
 Heskor27/10/2014 17:26:43 GMT
When this piece of news come out we all knew he was gonna make it in the hall of fame, and i would have bet my house if i had one on him to make the hall of fame, anyway big achievement and congratulations to him , hope he keeps up the good work and continues to daze us with those skills he have and hopefully we will hear more from him.

Cheers congratulations to Daniel again and anyway guys have fun at the tables and good luck making money. Peace out gonna rest and go fro work tomorrow!
 Skpmorita27/10/2014 19:09:28 GMT
becoming the most successful ( cash wise ) tournament player in history sure can help you
well deserved
Daniel Negreanu is one of my favorite players , he always plays it cool no matter what
Jack McClelland also great history with poker
I am very happy to be a part of such a great community, wish you the best of luck at the tables, off the tables, behind the tables, under the tables and in your life in general.
Yours truly SKPMorita, somewhere near the Mediterranean Sea.

 RoninHarper28/10/2014 02:33:19 GMT
G'day mates

Well I for one think it is GREAT that Daniel Negreanu has made it into the "Poker Hall of Fame" Thumbs Up
Daniel is without question one of my favorite players.
He conducts himself with class and is a great ambassador for poker.
Hope things continue to go well for him.
be cool

Ronin Cool
 bowie198402/08/2015 10:02:23 GMT
How exactly did I miss this news last year? This was linked from the other Negreanu thread so I decided on checking out. Though I find it a bit funny that Scotty Nguyen has became HoF player sooner than Daniel. I guess this is just like the oscars, if you are there long enough you'll probably end up with one too.

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