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2020 WSOP: Daniel Negreanu's Violent Meltdown gets him Banned from Twitch

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Posted on 29 July 2020 by "T".

Canadian poker pro Daniel Negreanu has gotten his account banned from streaming on Twitch after he spurted out some profane expletives over the weekend.

The 6-time WSOP bracelet winner got his account suspended on Sunday (July 26), after an incident that happened on Friday - while streaming a WSOP event on, he fiercely responded via stream chat to someone who said a rude comment about his wife.

The incident happened on Friday, during the 45-year-old Negreanu's quest to win his 7th bracelet in the 2020 WSOP Online Event #24: $400 NLHE 8-Handed. The Canadian poker star, using the name DNegs, was simply streaming from his Las Vegas home when he saw via chat that a viewer named Tom Estrada wrote a rude comment about his wife Amanda Leatherman. It made the poker pro so mad that he harshly responded with expletives and threats.

"Hey, Tom Estrada, go f**k yourself, you piece of s**t," he began." "Block that c**k motherf*****g piece of s**t. F**k you, f**k you, f**k you in your ass. How about that? Okay, Tom Estrada, f**k you in your ass. Eat some of that, you piece of s**t."
"Come f*****g step to me and say that and I will knock you the f**k out. How about that?"
Negreanu added, "I will break your f*****g teeth if you come step to me and I will feed ‘em to you anally."

Negreanu said that the rude comments said about his wife were so offensive that he got very angry and acted in rage. He said, "when someone comes at me with dumb s**t about my wife, it triggers me more than it should."

According to the Community Guidelines of Twitch, the streaming site reserves the right to suspend any account at any time for any conduct that they determine to be inappropriate or harmful.

What Negreanu did was a violation that falls under the category "acts and threats of violence".

Negreanu said that regarding the Twitch ban, he never read the terms of service agreement. However he did admit, "they have every right to give me a warning or a suspension." But he disagreed with Twitch banning his account and said that in the future he vows to "simply ignore the comment and hit the block button" when a viewer verbally attacks him or his wife.

For now it is not clear whether the Twitch suspension of Negreanu's account is temporary or permanent. As it is a first offense from the poker pro, many assume that Negreanu's account will be re-activated again soon as Twitch suspensions can normally go from a day up to 30 days.

The streaming suspension comes just days prior to Negreanu preparing to travel to Mexico where he is set to compete in the remaining online WSOP bracelet events.

Streaming daily since the WSOP online events started on July 1st, Negreanu may have had his Twitch account banned but fans will still be able to see him stream via Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.

Negreanu puts the whole incident to rest via a tweet:



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53 comments on "2020 WSOP: Daniel Negreanu''s Violent Meltdown gets him Banned from Twitch"

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» 2020 WSOP: Daniel Negreanu''s Violent Meltdown gets him Banned from Twitch

 antonis32115/08/2020 20:10:31 GMT
I do not know if it's only for 30 days , I thought I also it read somewhere thatt this ban was permanent . I mean , these words and threats , this language , being said online .... They have banned temporary other streamers just because they used once a word that MIGHT hvae been used with a racial predisposition , or because a little more from their body was exposed to the viewerd , or for a littlle harrassment or sexual comment on another viewer or streamer . These words , about an*** f*** is much worse imo . they have banned permantly great names with millions of fans/followers , 20.000 or 30.000 or more subscribers , will they give a break to Daniel with his only 11k followers and how many , 100 or 200 subscribers ????? It will seem very strange to me .

It wasn't that another streamer during his stream said these things and everyone heard them or sb during an IRL offended him in front of his wife and everyone else , then an outburst might have been excusable and more understandable . Just answering to a idiot poster .... There are other ways , ban this viewer permantly , report him to twitch , sue him ....... ...
 SHTD16/08/2020 03:36:55 GMT

It's all the fault of GG PokerOK, who direct Daniel's actions, prescribing a strategy for him and demanding a show from him. Literally in early July, when he was not playing, Daniel pretended to beat his laptop. Joe Ingram generally suggested that in this way Negreanu was changing his image from the soul of the company to an evil monster, which is much more promising in terms of increasing the number of viewers.
 CALICUL16/08/2020 07:24:00 GMT
So what you mean here is Daniel Negreanu does this thing for advertising? Everything is possible but you thought that he could choose another way and in the end he would be offended, not his wife? Does DNegs not respect its life partner?
 dirkemans17/08/2020 01:11:02 GMT
Lol! I support Daniel..those trolls in Twitch are some of the worst on the internet.
Twitch itself is lead by a bunch of idiots (my opinion) that, at the very least, are as hypocrite as it gets, and have double standards all over the place (many, many examples, but please don't ask me for sources, just do some research if you don't believe this) so i'm not one bit surprised. I hope we'll get a better alternative in the future, or that Youtube does it better.

Whatever the case, i probably would have reacted the same way. Since when is cussing back a crime? It's not cool, but it's just human nature...As long as people stick to cussing, and don't actually do as they say, it's pretty much all forgivable i.m.o.

But we are living in the age of snowflakes and SJW's so, im afraid it's going to get worse! Aww crap!
 antonis32117/08/2020 04:29:47 GMT
The previous years we had less poker played or streamed on the TV channels . Online platforms like twitch , youtube came on the foreground , became extremelly popular . Poker streams appeared on these platforms , many got known and famous on these platforms , or kept on winning money or win a lot more via twitch streams , with the donations and the deals with some sites to be advertised on their stream
So you need these platforms . These corona virus days , with almost no live poker games , online streams , platforms , audience and spectators have become extremelly important . They are in need these times , Daniel should have though all these things , before saying what he said , for the sake of his masculinity .... Profits over losses , simple as that ... And when ti comes to an unknown idiot , who didnt do this in front of your wife , then you don't even have to thin k about it....
If the ban was remporary , he has time to think of the actionsa and the consequences . if it's permanent , a good lesson it will be for sure dor the future ...
 CALICUL17/08/2020 08:35:07 GMT
Human stupidity is a place of honor on this planet and things continue to get worse. Many animals that move on two legs ... and i don't know how to behave civilized, when they have a discussion. I support Daniel Negreanu from beginning of this scandal.
 dule-vu17/08/2020 18:50:36 GMT
I am glad that we had other member who say that daniels reaction was normal!people come on stream and they talk bad things about wife,which has nothing with that stream!go out,find life,how can you comment something like that!comment his play,how he mad stupid move,but to put wife in that chat isnt normal!
 CALICUL18/08/2020 08:20:29 GMT
One man disagrees with my comment and that means he likes people to be offended on American live video streaming service or socialization network like Twitch. What incoherent thinking. I wonder about who gave me a minus vote, if she was his wife...
 antonis32118/08/2020 09:24:24 GMT
This person who insulted him might have been an idiotic kid , who wanted to have fun , laugh by insulting someone's mother or wife , some idiot kids do such things . Online kids are allowed to watch far too many thigs , participate in these streams , their age identification is proven not enough many times . SO just imagine , if he talked like this to a kid , does it worth it ?? If it was a kid , ofcourse he wouldn't do to him the things he said that he would do . So , pointless , an outburst of no meaning , maybe he was on tilt , maybe angry of another reason , don't know , it doesn't make much sense
 CALICUL19/08/2020 08:26:21 GMT
There must be some harsh laws in social networks for those who insult and swear. People who defend themselves should not be punished, but only warned. I don't like innocent people to pay and Daniel Negreanu is exactly that.
 antonis32119/08/2020 11:38:13 GMT
I have seen innumerble times , on every twitch stream , which has a moderator , some idiots saying something , sometimes offending for the streamer , then this gets deleted instantly , and the streamer not even bothers himself to comment on this idiotic viewer . Ofcourse many curse the streamers , many times with sexual offensive words , especially towards women , almost never sb pays attention to them . Only a streamer who wants drama or fights with trolls for increased viewership . , also a mucho man swellhead streamer ...........
 dule-vu19/08/2020 23:09:27 GMT
antonis but if didnt react on that words,this "person" would continue to do that and maybe some other would start to write something like that and they daniel would have even bigger problems!in this way he maybe did react roughly,but he show to other people that he dont allow something like this,especially when his family is in question!
 CALICUL20/08/2020 08:26:08 GMT
I want to know if that insensitive user will lose his account definitive, because if i were an administrator or moderator at Twitch, i would have punished him by closing. Punishments of those who verbally assault celebrities or ordinary people must pay.
 antonis32122/08/2020 15:02:04 GMT
You can closehis account , he'll open a new one in no time . Creating another account on some sites is very easy , takes only 3-4 minutes . And verification sucks . Now if they ban you nowadays , I think the system for twitch has changes , it's IP address sensitive , but if sb uses vpn , doesn't he overpass these obstacles ??? I thi nk he will be able to use twitch again . So banning the offender , will stop him temporary only , other measures are more in need to be taken , so as to teach him a good lesson .
 CALICUL23/08/2020 09:23:12 GMT
When they ask about identity documents for various important sites, then it will not be so easy to create multiple accounts. Sometimes it takes you by IP and at any time an intense dictatorship on the internet can be introduced.
 dule-vu23/08/2020 12:19:33 GMT
you are right antonis,there is no limit or that somebody have ban on IP address,so this person can just make another account and again to spam on chat or to do whatever he want!so its much easier for normal person then for players who will make streams!thats why people love to make messages like this,because they dont that nobody cant do anything to them!
 CALICUL24/08/2020 09:20:21 GMT
There are 6 more days and suspension of Daniel Negreanu's account expires. After that he can be on Twitch again. The important thing is to block everyone who insults his wife or him. Now no need recidivism because administrators of this site are not very pleasant.
 antonis32124/08/2020 22:14:39 GMT
Let's see calicul if it will be opened again, cause elsewhere I read that his ban was permanent , not just temporary . But even though , one month of ban is a strict decision , being made during the WSOP live streams of Daniel Negreanu , when in other cases , they just ban for 2-3 days , or one week .

If he got away with one month only , he sure is lucky Smile And he needs to reevaluate which things are more important , regarding the live streaming platforms . I think it's 3 bans from twitch that you can get for any reason , on the third you are permanently banned from the twitch platform . Ofcourse I have seen many streamers getting more than 3 , 10 or 20 bans , lol , but still they allow them to stream , guess they prioritise more the $$$$$$$ they win from them and the interests they might have from keeping them on their platform , continuing doning wat they do .....

Double Standards ..... Blink
 CALICUL27/08/2020 17:28:22 GMT
I don't think that Daniel Negreanu can be permanently banned because defended his wife in front with a vagabond. I read on internet that it is only a month but can't comment on other subsequent decisions. Now we will see. Period of 30 days is over.
 dule-vu27/08/2020 18:23:31 GMT
antonis we also have ban here on forum and you can ban for few days or month or for life!so its same on other platforms,why twitch will be different?they have nothing if they will ban player like its daniel,they can only lose!so on this way they want to show him rules,but on other hand they want him to stream in future!
 CALICUL28/08/2020 18:14:37 GMT
The people from Twitch should not have behaved in this way with Daniel Negreanu because he brought them many followers and this site had a lot to gain. They preferred to punish him because of a fool and this is not right.
 geseco1206/09/2020 17:41:49 GMT
Always in life there will be people without education, ignorant, spoiled, and without any responsibility, that the only thing they do in life is insult, well, daniel, just calm down, don't pay attention to those comments, just block them and nothing else, don't you you're spoiling your liver.
 CALICUL08/09/2020 12:53:07 GMT
I didn't login on Twitch to see if Daniel Negreanu can be active again in chat or on this site. These laws don't have to be so harsh, on those who try to protect themselves from some idiots, who like to offend people. Professional player had to be unpunished.
 geseco1222/11/2020 12:20:07 GMT
It is logical that the Canadian would be angry because they spoke ill of his wife, anyone would be reactionary in that way, and I do not think it is that bad, well if they blocked his account they should also block and forever the guy who insults, he does not deserve that, there people who have nothing to do with the world of poker and they go in only to insult.
 CALICUL23/11/2020 17:33:25 GMT
I don't know if Daniel Negreanu is still active in Twitch, but if iwere him iwould give up being a member there. That site did not respect for him and his wife. That user must be permanently removed and blocked by IP. This thing was to be done then by administrators from there.

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