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2020 WSOP: Daniel Negreanu's Violent Meltdown gets him Banned from Twitch

Tags: 2020 WSOP, Daniel Negreanu, poker fight, twitch.
Posted on 29 July 2020 by "T".

Canadian poker pro Daniel Negreanu has gotten his account banned from streaming on Twitch after he spurted out some profane expletives over the weekend.

The 6-time WSOP bracelet winner got his account suspended on Sunday (July 26), after an incident that happened on Friday - while streaming a WSOP event on WSOP.com, he fiercely responded via stream chat to someone who said a rude comment about his wife.

The incident happened on Friday, during the 45-year-old Negreanu's quest to win his 7th bracelet in the 2020 WSOP Online Event #24: $400 NLHE 8-Handed. The Canadian poker star, using the name DNegs, was simply streaming from his Las Vegas home when he saw via chat that a viewer named Tom Estrada wrote a rude comment about his wife Amanda Leatherman. It made the poker pro so mad that he harshly responded with expletives and threats.

"Hey, Tom Estrada, go f**k yourself, you piece of s**t," he began." "Block that c**k motherf*****g piece of s**t. F**k you, f**k you, f**k you in your ass. How about that? Okay, Tom Estrada, f**k you in your ass. Eat some of that, you piece of s**t."
"Come f*****g step to me and say that and I will knock you the f**k out. How about that?"
Negreanu added, "I will break your f*****g teeth if you come step to me and I will feed ‘em to you anally."

Negreanu said that the rude comments said about his wife were so offensive that he got very angry and acted in rage. He said, "when someone comes at me with dumb s**t about my wife, it triggers me more than it should."

According to the Community Guidelines of Twitch, the streaming site reserves the right to suspend any account at any time for any conduct that they determine to be inappropriate or harmful.

What Negreanu did was a violation that falls under the category "acts and threats of violence".

Negreanu said that regarding the Twitch ban, he never read the terms of service agreement. However he did admit, "they have every right to give me a warning or a suspension." But he disagreed with Twitch banning his account and said that in the future he vows to "simply ignore the comment and hit the block button" when a viewer verbally attacks him or his wife.

For now it is not clear whether the Twitch suspension of Negreanu's account is temporary or permanent. As it is a first offense from the poker pro, many assume that Negreanu's account will be re-activated again soon as Twitch suspensions can normally go from a day up to 30 days.

The streaming suspension comes just days prior to Negreanu preparing to travel to Mexico where he is set to compete in the remaining online WSOP bracelet events.

Streaming daily since the WSOP online events started on July 1st, Negreanu may have had his Twitch account banned but fans will still be able to see him stream via Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.

Negreanu puts the whole incident to rest via a tweet:



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25 comments for "2020 WSOP: Daniel Negreanu''s Violent Meltdown gets him Banned from Twitch"

 dule-vu29/07/2020 14:56:41 GMT
so every person on stream can write whatever he want,to say bad words,but when person who own channel reaspond on it and say direct bad words,he get ban for it?wow,world is so different then it was few years ago and cant understand how they want to be perfect on one side,but on other people can do anything!
 CALICUL29/07/2020 17:44:02 GMT
Most people are pathetic and there is no need to give examples, but almost in every day we hear or see on the internet or in real life about such a thing. Daniel Negreanu's wife did not need to be offended, but people have no respect. This thing it's a big shame.
 maragatero29/07/2020 23:47:35 GMT
He is a human being and can be acting wrong if you only could see his professional responsibilities, but if you are losing his tournament and a stupid person tell some bad thing about your wife, I think that you can be reacting seems like him. Is not good for him lost his concentration at that moment, but is easy to understand, I think
 antonis32129/07/2020 23:56:40 GMT
This is an unacceptable behavior and reaction by Negreanu . These things cannot be said on an online public platform , whrere kids or teens might be some of the viewers , especially on Twitch platform which so popular .mShame on him for these words . He should have been more carefull.
 dule-vu30/07/2020 15:31:07 GMT
antonis why he should be more careful?what he done wrong?he was normal till somebody said bad things about his wife and ofcourse nobody would stay calm!his wife have nothing with his stream,she dont play poker,she has nothing with that tournament and somebody come just to insult his wife just because how she look like!
I am totally on his side!maybe with less bad words from his side,but with same thinking!
 CALICUL30/07/2020 18:29:22 GMT
Daniel Negreanu proceeded pretty good because insensitive or frustrations people continue to offend more and if they are left alone that's not good. An insult must not be accepted. You have the right to an answer or defense,
 maragatero30/07/2020 23:53:31 GMT
I agree with you dule-vu. Daniel Negreanu is a human being and may react like any of us. Especially when you are frustrated by a downswing in the middle of a tournament. Is not his best way to react, and he recognizes it, but that´s is it. He doesn´t wrote some words or spells heavier than some popular sketches on the tv. Nothing to be horrified, and look for a glass of holy water to throw to the screen, don´t you think?
 Rogerio1031/07/2020 12:59:01 GMT
Guy of his renome just cant afford something like that by my opinion. He is like world ambasador of poker. First the stuff with pokerstars "more rake is better" now this. I think he will loose allot of fans.
 peronibar31/07/2020 16:29:17 GMT
I support Negreanu ,he on some way defence his wife ,he dont touch nobody first and now everyone can pie on him and he only can to shutup .Maybe he react too much but nobody knew how was he feeling in that moment.
On poker table i dont like this assholles who provocate.
 antonis32131/07/2020 19:08:38 GMT
He was provokated for sure , no doubt . This poster was an imposter , a disgusting idiot cursing sb's woman . He was a coward for sure . if sb did sth like this to a man , in a club or on the street or anywhere else , I think many would not behave in a civilised way , like calling the police , suing him . etc , maybe he would get his ass beaten . But this is online stream , idiot keyboard warriors with fake accounts are everywhere , waiting to trigger you for fun or to create problems to you . He might have been an enemy of his or a tottally unknown idiot . Children watch these streams , so no reason to behave like this . Also no one saw these comments i think , so as to feel embarassed .
 CALICUL31/07/2020 19:27:35 GMT
Mankind must relearn to become human. Wildness is generated by the fact that many people have financial problems and you can't be frustrated with someone else who has money, then get angry and offend his wife. Daniel Negreanu he proceeded good.
 dule-vu31/07/2020 19:35:46 GMT
rogerio what fans he will lose?he dont have 10 years old fans that can be offended by this move,so its at least 18 years old people,but most of them older and they will understand this move!so you cant tell me that somebody will stop to watch his streams just because he is human and he did protect his wife!
 maragatero31/07/2020 23:55:46 GMT
Yes, and I think that if the actual children read to him they loved! Is very hypocrite of my part ask to him (Negreanu) a kind of pure that al the media don´t have. Any time you start the tv in any channel and could see and hear the worst things than he writes. Anyway, who said what is the expectable conduct of an ambassador of poker? I say daily or weekly some of those words, and if I would be losing in a tournament and some idiot spells bad words of my daughter....come on!
 antonis32101/08/2020 22:18:04 GMT
I don't think that anyone actually saw these comments from this poster , so who knows 100% if it's absolutely true this story . So , if this poster actually said these things , he's a troll , idiot keyboard warrior for sure . But Daniel's reaction , is also idiotic . He's not a child to act like this , threatening an unknown during a stream that he will smash his teeth or break him anally , doesn't seem very mannish to me , even for the sake of his wife . Online extreme threats to an unknown , silly or childish courage ....
 maragatero01/08/2020 23:59:08 GMT
I feel annoyed by the hypocrisy of the people. All people say tremendous words, inclusive in the face of their children, anytime. You can stay in a car when some discussion starts between two or three car drivers, and you can see a blood matter. But when some notorious person does it...the hell is waiting for him! I think that, if we are worried about the bad words, the menace and the violence, we have to start to be careful with our attitudes, and then wait that the notorious live up to the society we build
 CALICUL02/08/2020 04:32:08 GMT
Society does not build what it needs because politicians do not do their job. The law is no longer what it used to be and I would reinvent the death penalty, castration, etc ... for all people who commit crimes, rapes or are aggressive and hurt people. The penalties are too small and that's why a lot of crime happens.
 dule-vu02/08/2020 09:57:50 GMT
daniel just show that he is normal person,that he is just human from blood and meat,so ofcourse that he reacted on this situation about his wife!he just show that no matter that he have so much money on bank account and so many winnings in life,he still care about other things,small things!I am on his side 100 %!
 maragatero03/08/2020 00:38:33 GMT
You have to read son history CALICUL. The human being has taken all the horrifying kind of punishment to fight against the crime: to cut the heads, to amputate hands and noses, to impale, to skin alive, to burn them alive; and all the devil measures that the persons can think. Those were useful to show the power but not to solve the crime. Sometime a more just society should be proved to construct, with more food and less richness concentrated
 CALICUL03/08/2020 07:02:03 GMT
I read about past punishments. Bad people have to pay through ugly methods for them. Today's law is far too lenient with criminals, rapists, etc ... and that's why criminality it is at alarming levels. Receiving 10 years in prison after killing a man is horrible because that man no longer lives and the culprit comes out after 5-6 years.
 antonis32106/08/2020 22:10:09 GMT
This poster , might actually have been an idiot underage person , a kid , so cursing like this , is too much and beyond limits or acceptable angry response . On the streets or your neighbourhood , in front of you and your wife , it's a whole different story ,

Twitch has millions of watchers , just imagine everyone of them start insulting or threatening one another , with or without provocation , doesn't matter , it would be a complete chaos , anarchy .. He has to be punished as an example to avoid , not do the same . It;s a social platform , you are given the opportunity to have all these spectators , this platform is not private , is not yours , people are not in the mood to hear your curses , your threats , you have to restrain yourself , even if you were provokated . Anyway , theese are also the rules of twitch , he borke them, now he is punished .

 CALICUL07/08/2020 09:01:15 GMT
Normally those who offend or swear should be removed from social media accounts. Others who have done nothing just need to be warned not to respond in an ugly way. It is not normal to receive punishment when someone else is guilty.
 antonis32111/08/2020 04:44:24 GMT
He should have thought , in addition , of his status as a poker player in the poker world , how estimated and respected he is for many , talking lke this will take him nowhere , he seems like a thug . He did some pushups , took some testosterone , now what , he''ll beat the cr** out of us ?? Feed our teeth an***y ?? The little cute Daniel , now he's a tough guy ??? What a transformation , I think I will also start exercising , receiving substances , lol , let's all become muscle men and talk dirty , lol , what an example . Be carefull Daniel , some dwarfs have giant friends Blink
 CALICUL11/08/2020 05:39:50 GMT
What do you mean now? from your point of view, is it good that Daniel Negreanu has to be trampled on, by a garbage man who insulted his wife? In this situation where they were in front of each other he also had to accept some fists or feet?
 dule-vu11/08/2020 09:38:21 GMT
this trolls who start something like this,dont get any consequences or maybe ban of few days,but people who have channel like daniel,cant do anything when they attack him or especially his wife,person that have nothing with stream,channel or anything with poker!people think that can write anything,just because they are online,when nobody see them!
 CALICUL13/08/2020 06:40:18 GMT
In situation where Daniel Negreanu would not have acted in any way, it would have meant that he would not respect his wife. When someone verbally attacks your life partner, you don't take any action? What are you doing? Do you apologize for aggressor phase, run or avoid? Hmmm...

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