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PCA 2014: Congratulations to Dominika Panka - The First Polish EPT Champion!

Tags: 2014 pca main event, Dominik Panka, Isaac Baron, Mike McDonald, pokerstars.
Posted on 14 January 2014 by "T".

After 16 hours of play, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event final table concluded this morning with Dominik Panka as the champion! The Polish pro brought the 4th largest stack to the final table of eight, and he defeated Mike "Timex" McDonald, who had a fantastic chance of becoming the first player ever to win two EPT Main Event titles, heads-up to claim his first EPT title and $1.4 million in prize money!

Panka and McDonald made a three-way deal with Isaac baron. $100,000 was left to play for and (as you can see below) all players received $1m+ each and Baron took down the second biggest cash.

PCA 2014 Main Event
Date: January 7-13, 2014
Buy-in: $10,300
Players: 1,031
Prize pool: $10,070,000

1 - Dominik Panka, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, $1,423,096*
2 - Mike McDonald, Canada, PokerStars qualifier, $1,064,865*
3 - Isaac Baron, USA, $1,207,599*
4 - Madis Muur, Estonia, PokerStars qualifier, $581,040
5 - Daniel Gamez, Guatemala, $447,040
6 - Shyam Srinivasan, Canada, PokerStars qualifier, $328,020
7 - Pascal LeFrancois, Canada, PokerStars player, $242,020
8 - Fabian Ortiz, Argentina, $173,220

*denotes a three-way deal

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11 comments for "PCA 2014: Congratulations to Dominika Panka - The First Polish EPT Champion!"

 Plexo14/01/2014 19:33:44 GMT
16 hours of play!! That is insane.

I watched yesterday like 3 hours of play and just Ortiz was busted at the time. Sad that Ortiz could not reach further.

Congrats to Panka, for what I saw he is a pretty solid player.
 Theapple14/01/2014 19:47:11 GMT
i read that as Panenka at first Big Smile

either way gz to the winner, wonder how does it feel to win 1,4m lol
 noonlion14/01/2014 22:34:31 GMT
Well another nice payday for the top players.

I know economic times aren't great for people but it seems nuts that there's all these deals always being made at final tables, it means there isn't one true champion anymore, but a three-way winner type scenario or two-way winner. Makes it less interesting and kinda dilutes the play as well, cos no one gives that much of a shit anymore.
 ddblt197015/01/2014 07:23:52 GMT
Dominika is a girls name, his name is Dominik.
 bowie198415/01/2014 08:19:03 GMT
Posted by ddblt1970:
Dominika is a girls name, his name is Dominik.

Its right in the article, only the headline got messed up.
Anyway, congrats to him.

Sometimes it would be interesting, if the article would contain a couple of key hands just for the sake of p.oker...
 pochui15/01/2014 10:03:17 GMT
1 - Dominik Panka, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, $1,423,096*
2 - Mike McDonald, Canada, PokerStars qualifier, $1,064,865*
3 - Isaac Baron, USA, $1,207,599*

deal or no deal to me it looks funny when it's more profitable to finish in 3rd place than in 2nd. guess we're close to the epic times when dude who finishes 8th wins more than the overall winner Tongue
 doubletop77715/01/2014 11:46:58 GMT
Great to see new names coming through and winning these things. I agree with Pochui that it is very strange that the third placed player wins more than the second placed player. Congratulations to all again
 Mysik8615/01/2014 12:31:19 GMT
Awesome Smile Polish player won EPT tournament Smile It's great day for poker in Poland, even if we know, that this is illegal...

PS. I wanted to write this news yesterday, but... where is the place to write news article? Or I'm blind...
 Heskor15/01/2014 14:24:42 GMT
Congratulations to him, finally a polish guy wins it, every year there is a new recrod being set somewhere in the poker world. Cheers keep the nwes coming!

Hope we get more news about new records!
 Johan6815/01/2014 16:44:17 GMT
For that amount of money i also want to play 16 hour.
Congrats to the winner.
 aleksey77www16/01/2014 00:30:32 GMT
16 hours of the game is incredible. My congratulations to the winners of Dominica Punk he deserved this prize.

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