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BLOG: Davis Cup Update & More

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Blog post published on 11 April 2014, written by hemuli.
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A 23-year-old guy from Finland traveling the world playing tennis. Besides tennis, I love to grind MTTs and SnG's on FTP and PokerStars.

Here's some updates from Davis Cup. Well, we won the doubles and Jarkko won his match in the singles, so it was the last match that was deciding who was going to get to qualify for the first league!

It started good Juho paukku won the 2 first set, so only 1 set was needed to win the tie! 3rd set was no go and the fourth set he had 4 match points and the opponent played kamikaze style all the 4 points and won and the fifth set was a no good either... so we lost :/ really sad, the bosnia fans were acting really aggressive and wanted to fight all the time with others.

Even one bosnia guy was escorted out after hitting with his head in a young guys face.. No offense to any bosnia people but after that day didn't really liked the bosnian guys living in finland, screaming really bad words in finnish and disturbing the players and then attacking a young guy when clearly he was so much bigger... I know that not everyone is like that but still... How can the culture be like that? Fighting is the answer for bosnian guys apparently

And then poker! First time since I dont know how long I went to play some poker not really had a grinding feeling and the games were not so good at the moment so decided to play some hypers and were losing and just wanted to play for some big cashes ended up by entering to a 200d 6max hyper and won that, but in the end I won only 100d from hypers and 80d with adrenaline rush... Maybe today after the semi-final in doubles I will try to put few games if I have time ! Hopefully there is some good tournaments when clearly the sit and goes are starting to be dead in fulltilt... Untilll laterrrr !

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12 comments on "Davis Cup Update & More"

 doubletop77711/04/2014 14:01:27 GMT
Sounds like that it was a pretty scary experience watching the tennis. These people cannot be true fans as they only go along to make trouble. We used to have that with the football but thankfully it is not so bad nowadays
 bowie198411/04/2014 17:12:45 GMT
Eeerm. Lets not pretend its some kind of unique thing that you encountered, at the Aussie Open theres no day without some n.ews about serbian and croatian fan encounters and we all know its not really about tennis.
Bosnia had a hard time both in economic and historical terms so long that every sort of little triumph (in sports) is under a magnifying glass, which of course just add for the fanatism of their countrymen.
And now they even managed to made it to the World Cup in soccer, Im pretty sure they worked up.
But lets ask theapple.

(btw thers no nation in the world who didnt have some explaining to do after its sports fans - even the tailgate heaven USA have some funky behaving folks before, after and during sports games - lets dont talk about the week long riots whenever the Lakers win the NBA title)
 Theapple11/04/2014 17:14:00 GMT
lol sad to hear u ran into those people Smile i believe those were bhf (bh fanaticos) and while most of them are ok guys, some are just plain and simple sports hooligans. Doesnt really matter if its football, basketball, or apparently even tennis now they always act like jerks and the bad thing is theres lots of them and they are all over the world. I remember how our football nt almost got suspended once because of those people :o

but i had no idea they have started 'following' tennis matches now too.. i mean, ffs how ridiculous does that sound... its a bunch of... tennis hooligans (?!?!) lol

and no fighting is not the answer for bosnian guys. im bosnian and i think love is the answer. i love everything. i love summer, sometimes i even love winter. i love turtles. im also able to love multiple girls at the same time, because thats how much love i got in me.

Heart Heart Heart Heart
 ddblt197011/04/2014 18:20:15 GMT
I also see that the SNG´s at FullTilt are dying slowly.

Only on weekends the situations is little bit better.
 noonlion12/04/2014 12:01:50 GMT
They are quite rowdy to say the least in Bosnia - perhaps history has a lot to explain for it all. Must have a major impact on a cultures psyche.

Still, not great for away sportsmen, tough crowd and environment for you.
 ddblt197012/04/2014 19:10:53 GMT
All the Balcan people are very rowdy. Big Smile

 Theapple12/04/2014 20:15:16 GMT
hey now now.. thats thats... well, thats true i suppose Big Smile
 ddblt197013/04/2014 19:41:09 GMT
I had the pleasure to meet some balkan people already,

they are very nice, but sometimes they can be quite impulsive. Big Smile
 Theapple14/04/2014 09:50:24 GMT
I believe thats because we got, by far, prettiest girls in europe and when we go to other places, we get a bit sad. I think out of 10 girls 7 are 'above average' here, and most other places have like 1 (2 tops) in 10 and its hard to adjust to such a radical change in ... environment.

now it all makes sense, right?
 Macubaas14/04/2014 13:15:58 GMT
Thanks for the davis cup update mate, is always good to have an inside vision of such an event Big Smile

On the other hand i'm sure that you poker game will improve pretty soon and you'll score pretty good in the next games.

Good luck and keep us posted!
 Fakiry14/04/2014 14:10:18 GMT
Those positive values at poker don't satisfy you enough, but you have to consider they were better than the tennis results, right? And who ads a bit here and a bit there to the bankroll can get a nice sum in a couple of days. But i guess you will most probably be playing other type of game instead of hypers next time you get to the tables so, just enjoy, that's the most important part, don't play annoyed with something...
 ddblt197016/04/2014 15:02:50 GMT
Haha, be glad, that you have won at least something on hypers and adrenaline rush.

Those things are extremely swingy.

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