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BLOG: +25 weeks of travelling each year...

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Blog post published on 29 January 2014, written by hemuli.
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A 23-year-old guy from Finland traveling the world playing tennis. Besides tennis, I love to grind MTTs and SnG's on FTP and PokerStars.

This is my first post to the blog and I will start with a brief introduction of myself. Here we go! I am a young guy from Finland with 2 dreams in life: to become a tennis professional and/or become a poker professional (of course!).Cool

But maybe more like a student who makes his money from playing poker, so he wont need to pay his rent and food by being somekind of guy who makes pizza for money.. But at this point, I am putting of course my tennis in front of poker. So I am not gonna skip anything because of poker and not gonna play tournaments in the night if training in the morning etc.. But this does not mean I wont play poker when I have the free time! I am actually trying to get a good bankroll to get to play higher games and make a decent money! And as a young guy, I still live with my parents so I wont need to cash out (sometimes only when I really need)! And of course I am travelling more than 25 weeks/a to play tennis tournaments so getting my own place is not the best time right now especially when almost the only money I am making is from poker (which could barely pay my food)

And my "poker career"
So I am not a professional poker player, I certainly think I am Blink Anyway I am making little bit money here and there and sometimes losing money here and there! But in overall making some profits, my best years were back in 2009-2010 when everybody was playing poker and all the fishes were swimming in the tables! So basically my most profitable time were back then.. Now I am trying to build my bankroll again with what was left from 2010. I had few hard years mentally back then when I was facing some injury's and couldn't play tennis so I was doing lot of others things instead, and that included spending my bankroll Smile I was almost 45k up from all the sites I was playing most of that was from 6max 9man and 45man.. And my first downswing hit me and I lost around 20k included few 1k hyper games when I was tilting and spent almost the rest in parties and stuff like that... But then 1.5 years later I played for the first time few games and in my first sng my AA got cracked. I was just thinking that how did I play this game for so long, and took a half year more or less break from poker.. But then slowly I started to enjoy a bit few games a week etc. In the start I had in the bankroll left almost 100d and at one point I had 30d left and went with all that to play one 30d sng and came 2nd Blink I think with all the things I have done to almost go broke, poker god is watching me and he want's me to continue this game... I once promised myself that I will never make a deposit after I got the free money (Thank you BRM) but can't say that for sure, I think I am hooked up with this game.. Now I am sitting with little bit over 2,3k in my bankroll so hopefully that decision is not coming soon=never! I have never won anything really big in tournaments, that is one of my dreams also to win a five figure! And as a person I am more like a gambler guy then always trying to get the +EV but of course +EV is and always will be the goal... Or that's what I want it to be Smile

So this was my first post I will try to keep this blog updated with some pictures, I will for sure post poker stuff and all the gambling I am doing! ( I have to gamble about almost everything)

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5 comments on "+25 weeks of travelling each year... "

 bowie198429/01/2014 17:29:35 GMT
You obviously talented and a born gambler but dude, you tilted sooo hard its wasnt just a downswing, your whole BR management should be under closer controll IMO.
Going from 45k to 30 bucks would've mess up my mind so badly, Im not sure I could even look to a poker software again.
But heres the thing - being SNG grinder is the most soulkilling job to do in poker, and I dont give out advices but if I were you I surely would try some other form of play too...

BTW whats your ATP rank? Big Smile
 Plexo29/01/2014 18:46:42 GMT
Wow nice to see that official BRM blogger have already started to post!.

I whish you the best hemuli in your poker and tennis career.
Hopefully u can be the next Boris Becker or Kafelnikov, both nice tennis player (although not quite sure whether good poker players as well).

I think I saw you on Sunday playing the PokerCast Invitational tournament.
I could not get in the money. Did u get somenthing ????

Gl man!
 doubletop77730/01/2014 10:23:38 GMT
Very good first blog and i look forward to reading more about your ups and downs on the poker tables. To go from winning a lot of money down to nothing and then to come back is most poker players story.Very good blog
 Heskor30/01/2014 12:34:30 GMT
Yeah very good first post, a good poker history, I hope you can make it in the poker world. About tennis, what type of tournaments you play. I love tennis and poker and bet on tennis mostly, I might come across your name for one of my bet. Big Smile
 hemuli31/01/2014 18:41:29 GMT
Well it went from 45k to 20k and the rest I use on other things then poker Smile I think that SNG is my game, hard to make big cashes on MTT and on cash game onky lost money.. I should start to study little bit if I start to play cash games! And iI just love to grind... Thanks anyway Smile

Thanks a lot Smile And no I didn't play the sunday Pokercast Invitational... Thanks Smile

Well for sure I will tell the ups and downs Smile and hopefully with some graphs aswell! And thank you also!

I am at this time playing futures and try to gain points to move upwards Smile maybe you will bet on my games Blink

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