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BLOG: Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 13)

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Blog post published on 03 April 2014, written by Ronin`s Renegade Blog.
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Ronin`s Renegade Blog
Leonard E. Spencer "Ronin Harper" from Canada born in 1968

Welcome mobsters, if you are reading this blog for the very first time, I thank you for your initial interest. I think that if you give it a little time, you will find something that will peak your interest.

I am a semi-pro poker player and an author. I am currently working on several projects for publication, and will be discussing them on occasion in this blog. If you are a fan then I warn you, from time to time there will be spoiler book ideas discussed.



Section 1: Poker Tips & Concepts

Find a good friend whom you respect and sit down with them, have an honest conversation about your poker ability's. If you trust and respect their poker playing skill's that will be all the better for you.
Listen to what they tell you about how they and other honestly see you as a poker player. Most of the time what others truly think about your poker skills will surprise you. It always seems to surprise me at least.

It would appear that unlike most people I rate my skill level to low. Most players think way too highly of themselves when it comes to their poker playing skills. Most people think they know it all and are easily as good as the guys they see on television.

I see myself as just the opposite. I think I have a great deal more to learn and always feel like I am not playing well enough. I have been told that this is not how other see me at all.

Find out how people view you as a player. Really listen to what they are telling you. If they think you are a good or solid player then that is great. If however, they think you are not such a great player, and that you whine far too much about bad beats and suck outs, then really look at yourself and your poker playing skill level. It might be time to admit you do not know it all and pick up a damn book and give it an honest read with an open mind.
Until next time

Section 2: "Ronin's Bankroll Management Challenge"
Well this section is going to be familiar to the forum regulars as I have been running this section for awhile in the forums, It is about the single most important skill a poker player must have in their arsenal in order to be a successful winning player.

Bankroll Management has been estimated to be the single most neglected poker skill by almost 95% of all players. Countless books have been written on the subject, and yet most players most often just ignore the rules of proper bankroll management.

I too fall into this trap at times.
This section is intended to show how proper bankroll management can ensure that and good poker player who approaches his bankroll and poker play from a solid and disciplined position can succeed.

It also is intended to help me to remain focus and discipline in my own bankroll quest to succeed.
The next 60 bankroll challenge will begin Monday January 27th, 2014.

Day 1, Monday 27/01/2014
Well day 1 of the challenge was a true test of my resolve to play within the rules.
I had a very bad start to the challenge. There was a point when I was down $12.78
I took a full 1 hour break before going back at it.

Day 1 of the challenge left me down just - $2.36 US
Day 2 of the challenge left me down just - $0.67 US
Day 3 of the challenge and I finished up $1.18 US
Day 4 of the challenge and I finished up $3.85 US
Day 5 of the challenge left me down after $38.62 US
Day 6 of the challenge left me down just $23.46 US
Day 7 of the challenge left me down just $2.03 US
Day 8 of the challenge left me down just $6.45 US
Day 9 of the challenge and I finished up $24.08 US
Day 10 of the challenge and I finished up $50.26 US
Day 11 of the challenge and I finished up $67.18 US
Day 12 of the challenge and I finished up $78.67 US
Day 13 of the challenge and I finished up $96.43 US
Day 14 of the challenge left me down $14 overall.
Day 15 of the challenge and I finished up $10.36 US
Day 16 of the challenge and I finished up $20.64 US
Day 17 of the challenge and I finished up $10.18 US
Day 18 of the challenge and I finished down $13.41 US
Day 19 of the challenge and I am back in the black up $19.67 US
Day 20 of the challenge was a great day, finish up over $70 US
Day 21 of the challenge went very bad I dropped $35 US
Day 22 of the challenge was another bad day down another $45
Day 23 of the challenge and I finished down $25
Today which was 23rd day of actual poker play was the third bad day in a row for the bankroll build. The day started out with a slight drop.
The current bankroll is now $95.47
Not making excuses, but I am not going to play any more poker until after I get my head back together. I am certain that will be after Marian's funeral on Saturday the 15th. Until later.

Section 3: The daily rant.
OK, for those who are interested, tonight I decided it was time to take my head out of my arse. It was time to shake off all the real world distractions, and then get to work playing poker.

It is Sunday, March 16, 2014
I had a phone call today from a friend who I have total respect for, and he asked me what the hell I was doing. We talked for about an hour then he had to leave.
I should point out that he makes 100% of his money playing poker. Poker is his only source of money at this time. Yes, I know people who deem him to be a pro poker player.
What he told me is that the guys are all worried about me it seems. He told me that he still thought of me as his teacher, and that, he still believes I am a stronger player then he is at this moment.

He asked when I was going to stop using my illness as an excuse, and really start playing good poker again. He wanted to know what I was hiding from, and why I seemed to be a loser now and not the winner he always knew me to be before.

Well this really got me thinking.

I made a decision to once again step up to the plate and play my "A" game and rebuild my bankroll up to something worth having again.

Wish me luck mates, We all know it is better to be lucky then to be good.

Well until next time, be cool.

Section 4: The call of the Muse (Wednesday's)

This section will also be familiar to forum regulars. I am resurrecting Ronin's Short Story blog which I ran for a time. Yes mobsters I am going to write more poker based shorts here on BankrollMob.

I have decided to once again start writing in "The Bluff - A Poker Short Story".

I will re-post the entire story here in this new blog area along with a new section in the next few hours.
I apologize to Steve's fans for the long wait.
I hope you enjoy the new blog area.

The Bluff - A Poker Short Story
Chapter 2: part #4
Coming soon
So until later mates.

Section 5: The Escape

Welcome to what for me might very well be the most difficult section of the blog to write on a daily bases. In this section, I will attempt to keep a detailed food intake log, as well as an honest accounting of a daily exercise routine, which hopefully will move me steadily towards the goal of getting physically healthy.

In May 2013 I was admitted into hospital and they weight me at that time at the weight of 602 lbs. I spent 64 days in the hospital and during that time they had me on an 1800 calorie a day diabetic diet. On the day I was released from the hospital I was weighted at 542 lbs.
During the 1st month my weight climbed back upward to 158 lbs again.

I became very depressed about this and honestly just wanted to die. I could not see my life getting better and was constantly in extreme pain which required me to take a lot of pain medications just to stay somewhat functional.
I decided to lose weight even if it killed me. In October I began, and in November I was weighted at 536 lbs. I have not been weight since.
In December I completely went off the rails and I am convinced that I regained some weight back. I plan to get weight very soon in order to have a truer starting number to once again begin working from. I believe that I am right around 550 lbs again, I have a 74" waist and ware an 8X T-Shirt.

It is humiliating to admit these facts but I fell I must be honest with you all of why even bother with this section, my hope is that by making myself accountable to my fellow BankrollMob members that it will motivate me to succeed this time unlike past failures.

The exercise levels for the day will not be great, as I was in a lot of pain; my back is out and can barely move at all. Looking at the day ahead, I think I probably will take in more calories then I exercise away. Will do better tomorrow, I really need to work on my diet and exercise routine. I am at least being honest about what I have done, and realize I MUST do better. It all comes in baby steps and at least I am trying.

I am going to develop a better way of keeping the daily food intake log. I need to have a much better record of the calories which I am truly eating.

I have been working on this issue since the 1st of January, 2014 but I have not really been having as much success as I would like. I am thinking about counselling from a dietitian to get me food choices improved, going to do some investigation on YouTube about healthy eating.
The journey continues...

My food intake over the last few days has been much better. I have been eating more vegetables over all. I truly think I have eaten less calories then I have burned off through both my exercise rates and basal metabolic rate. I believe if I can keep things under control for a few months like this then I will lose weight and feel better for sure.

Tomorrow is a new day

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6 comments on "Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 13)"

 doubletop77703/04/2014 08:53:38 GMT
I think discussing your poker game with a friend is a good idea, otherwise you will keep doing the same things day in day out and you will never progress to another level like this.
 Fakiry03/04/2014 12:59:42 GMT
Usually when i talk about poker with friends who play more and higher values than me, we use to end up discussing certain hands (this specific friends remembers a lot, i even feel confused how he can remember all those details when talking at the cafe) that each one played, instead of talking about how we use to play. Of course that i always ask "why did you raised instead of just calling" and sometimes i even advise "you should have folded your KK's after seeing that A on the flop" but the truth is knows a lot more than me, and each hand always have a context. But i agree with you, i consider these dialogues very profitable, as for me as for him!
 RoninHarper03/04/2014 17:11:46 GMT
G'day mate

I am glad that my comments are being read and well receive by a few mobsters.
I am going to start writing again later today so there will be a new section added to the story on blog post #15.
have a great day mate
be cool

Ronin Cool
 ddblt197003/04/2014 19:32:49 GMT

It has to be exteremely hard to lose the pounds once you get over a certain weight.

But still I think (and hope) that you will be able to do that.

I wish you good luck!
 Macubaas04/04/2014 19:36:38 GMT
Ronin, i'm still waiting from you a recorded and commented poker session, i think it will help many mobsters Blink

As for the weight issue i totally agree with ddblt1970, he is right, i also had osme weight problems couple of years ago...
 ddblt197004/04/2014 19:50:07 GMT
The path can be frustrating,

but if you will see the results, you will have motivation and this way you should be able

to succeed!

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