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Opt-in to win prizes in Party Poker Points Race

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Posted on 07 April 2014 by "K".

Just a quick notice to our Party Poker players: For the Points Race in April, opt-in is required, in order to receive the prize you might win.

Example: If you earn 1,100 points in April and qualify for a T$100* prize, you will only receive the prize if you opted in (registered) before end of April. If your Party Poker username is not on the list when we send it to Party Poker after the race ends, the prize will not be issued.

So, remember to submit your Party Poker username ON THE POINTS RACE PAGE - CLICK HERE!

*) T$ = Tournament Dollars.

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10 comments on "Opt-in to win prizes in Party Poker Points Race"

 Heskor07/04/2014 14:37:01 GMT
Cheers looks like a good deal to play on party poker so have fun there guys, i will consider going back there once I sort my account with them but i am not keeping my fingers crossed because they tends to be harsh. So sad I cannot participate. Cheers have fun there guys and good luck!
 noonlion07/04/2014 18:49:48 GMT
How is partypoker playing these days??
Not been on the site in an age and never really stuck to it. Good luck to anyone in the running.
 Theapple07/04/2014 21:29:42 GMT
yea was wondering hows traffic there myself, they have some really nice promos going on all the time :o

stopped playing mg network (is this microgaming network anyways?) after that ridiculous blazing cannon awful % of actually getting something got better of me, so hoping partypoker promos are nothing like that. God i hate that thing lol
 ddblt197008/04/2014 09:23:32 GMT
The traffic is pretty good actually, most of the promotions are great as well.

Definitely worth playing there!
 doubletop77708/04/2014 09:34:33 GMT
I really enjoy playing on Party Poker and i have never had any real problems with this site. I read a lot of negative comments on the forum but speaking from my own experience i can only recommend this site
 Fakiry08/04/2014 13:58:27 GMT
noonlion, remember about an old email you probably got from PP advising every players who didn't played there for a long time that they would probably had to pay a comission the next time they intend to play there. I can't remember the exact info, but i've got that mail saved and that was the main reason why i didn't played there yet in these new days...
 ddblt197009/04/2014 13:39:44 GMT
The promotions at party are very good at the time.

It is good to play there just to complete the missions and collect the money!
 Macubaas10/04/2014 19:36:56 GMT
I guess this thread/piece of news should be made sticky because i'm sure so many mobsters will be interested in it's content...

I laos have to agree that lately made some sweet promotions, if they improve their software a bit they are definately on the right track!
 ddblt197011/04/2014 18:14:34 GMT
The promotions are really sweet, currently there is 60$ almost for free up for grabs.
 Fer897306/05/2014 19:03:03 GMT
This was a very good promotion. You should do it every month.

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