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A Little Break From Tennis

Tags: Feliciano Lopez Fernando Verdasco, French Open, Juan Monaco, pokerstars, Rafa Nadal, Roland Garros.
Posted on 28 May 2014 by "T".

Although the top tennis players in the world train several hours a day when they aren't playing matches and traveling, there are times when a break is required. A couple of days ago, Rafael Nadal, Juan Monaco, Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco took some time away from Roland Garros (French Open) to play some poker.

We don't know know what the buy-in was, but we are pretty certain that PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal ended up winning it all! Check out Rafa's tweet and video below and you'll probably agree with us...

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7 comments on "A Little Break From Tennis"

 ddblt197028/05/2014 08:35:12 GMT
Breaks are very important.

Practicing only one activity for several hours a day isn´t good for your mental health!
 doubletop77728/05/2014 08:59:00 GMT
Rafael Nadal seems to be enjoying his poker lately and is seen quite a lot at the tables. If he is only 5% as good at poker as he is at tennis he will make an awful lot of money.Good luck to him
 Heskor28/05/2014 14:44:03 GMT
Hah they looks like college students playing poker and they seems to have fun and this is what is most important hope Nadal and other favourites get kicked out soon from Roland Garos as i have an outsider bet on another player to win. But if Nadal win he will still deserves it anyway cheers good publicity and hope he stays in poker too!
 trauser28/05/2014 18:59:09 GMT
Hope Nadal eine in Poker and Moose French open because he is tied (long pokernight lol)
 av196628/05/2014 21:13:53 GMT
I could not agree more, I just hoped more people had this mentality and played something else from time to time.

Well, specially in Poker since going on Tilt is extremely easy and can lead to countless numbers of losing streaks. Sometimes, it may even send your account to bankruptcy.

When this comes it's always nice to have a break and go do something else, like fishing, Netflix and I believe the most popular is PORN Big Smile Big Smile
 ddblt197029/05/2014 09:03:55 GMT
Totally agree with av1966,

in poker you really have to make breaks if you are on tilt, because if you don´t make breaks and continue playing crazy, you will end up with even bigger loss.
 Mipetin27/07/2014 02:50:07 GMT
Breaks are important. If you cannot take a break from something you do you will burn yourself out. And then it can take time to get back doing whatever got you burned out.

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