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Bet and win with on World Cup Brazil!

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Posted on 10 June 2014 by "M".


Together with our sponsors, we are happy to announce that we will be running a World Cup betting competition during the 20th FIFA World Cup. The betting competition consists of five leaderboards; four weekly and one overall leaderboard.

From the Mob Games section in your Mob account, you will be able to place your bets for free on the outcome of each game but also on the correct score. Each bet has a stake of “100 points”. So if the odds of your bet is 2.75 you will win 275 points if your prediction turns out to be successful. These are the points that will count towards the leaderboards.

Each of the four weekly leaderboards pays the top 15 finishers. The overall leaderboard will pay the top 30! The prizes are a combination of Mob-prizes such as Mob-points, MobDraw tickets, MobSafe bonus shots and gifts from our sponsors. Please note that due to country restrictions, you may not be able to claim the sponsored prize.

Please find the sponsors listed below and make sure that you sign-up an account and claim our offers so you can claim the sponsored prizes! After each weekly leaderboard has finished, we will send a Mob Mail to the winners with information on how to claim.

Leaderbord Sponsor Leaderboard Prize Exclusive No Deposit Bonus
Week 1 Winner Poker €5 General Poker Token $200 Free
Week 2 Party Poker 30 Tourney Dollars $150 Free
Week 3 Titanbet / Titan Poker $5 Sport Freebet / Poker Token to $500 2nd Chance Freeroll

$150 Free

€25 Freebet

Week 4 DuckPoker 10 Tourney Dollars $25 Free
Overall 1-15
 Winner Poker Winner Poker merchandise $200 Free
Overall 16 - 30 888poker 888poker T-shirt $88 Free


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115 comments on "Bet and win with on World Cup Brazil! "

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» Bet and win with on World Cup Brazil!

 greatgame301/07/2014 02:20:15 GMT
my pick for today are:

Argentina v Switzerland: 3-2
I expect a high score in this game I think the Argentina defense is not the best but their offense is the best of this world cup.

Greetings greatgame

in the second game of the day is my selection Belgium: in a game that should be pretty interesting I am inclined to belgium, I think is a more complete team with excellent attack my prediction is 2-1

excuse my English and my writing errors

Greetings greatgame
 bt24701/07/2014 09:22:15 GMT
Hi team bankrollmob.Its points to leaderboard has be pay who enter TOP 250 or 1 to 4 gain money and other peoples mob safe shots and mob tickets? Dollar
 lukasb01/07/2014 09:57:22 GMT
My betting skills are terrible so I'm not doing good at all with this promo lol.
Firstly i tried a "smart" approach trying the results turned to a more tactical game, like 1 or 2-0 and then the team ahead would hold the result... no good since everyone was going on a goal spree. Later i thought that in order to catch up on the leaderboard i should go to a more stretched result and hope for the best... and now they started having lower scores... not a good "couch coach" lol
 vic7501/07/2014 13:11:43 GMT
Had Germany over Algeria 2-1 but that was after extra overtime so no win need a final push for top 30 currently sitting 84th place 1600 points from top 30 not easy but can be doneGL Big Smile Cool Blink
 starbay01/07/2014 13:28:50 GMT
Posted by vic75:
Had Germany over Algeria 2-1 but that was after extra overtime so no win need a final push for top 30 currently sitting 84th place 1600 points from top 30 not easy but can be doneGL Big Smile Cool Blink

just sitting behind you in 91st place just over 200 points behind you,hoping to get lucky and pick up a few more correct scores,allthough easier said than done... Aww crap!
 mirexxx01/07/2014 20:03:32 GMT

Belgium vs United States 7/1/14

Arena Fonte Nova has been selected as the stadium at which these two teams will be playing. The stadium is situated in Salvador and has drawn in plenty of support over the years. It was built back in 1951, and has been a staple feature of local football ever since. The stadium has the capacity to hose over 51,000 fans inside of it.
 damosk01/07/2014 20:04:23 GMT
Hey y'all, its the main event tonight as the US of A National Soccer squad take to the field in the World Soccer Cup in Brasil. Make sure you don't miss any of the assists or shoots on the goal and hope that the most watched soccer team in the history of USA Soccer do well.
 Theapple02/07/2014 12:49:19 GMT
this thing is impossible to get right -.-

just gotta hope to hit some 50.00 or higher odds now, or else no way to catch up with first places (:
 vic7502/07/2014 14:37:50 GMT
Not liking all these 0-0 games after 90 minutes Confused Confused Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
 compfixer7702/07/2014 19:12:16 GMT
is points awarded after full time, or after PK and overtime? and ive found 5 errors in me being awarded points for the outcome of the matches

Event Outcome Odds Result Stake Won Bet Placed
Belgium - USA 1 1.87 X 100 0 27-Jun-14 21:46 GMT
Argentina - Switzerland 1 1.53 X 100 0 27-Jun-14 21:46 GMT
Germany - Algeria 1 1.30 X 100 0 27-Jun-14 21:45 GMT
Costa Rica - Greece 1 2.50 X 100 0 27-Jun-14 21:45 GMT
Brazil - Chile 1 1.62 X 100 0 27-Jun-14 21:43 GMT

 mirexxx03/07/2014 08:12:34 GMT

France vs Germany

Germany to win to nil at first half at odds of 3.70

The best world cup that i remember, and i've seen a few.
every game is so trepidant and the feeling is that everyone can pass to the next step
I expect germany to score an early goal and keep the nil at the end of first half.
 lukasb03/07/2014 09:08:59 GMT
A lot of mixed feelings with this round now.. In a way I'm cheering for the outsiders to continue on since it would be quite refreshing to have a totally unexpected winner of the cup. In the other hand I've always found Argentina, Germany, Brazil and Holland to be charismatic teams so the cup would also be in good hands to go to one of them.

I'll just hope for good quality games and enjoy seeing some great goals. This world cup is really holding me in to my seat Smile
 Dazalef03/07/2014 11:05:51 GMT
It is the most exciting world cup I've seen as well mirexxx Thumbs Up
There's been so many injury time goals and teams who go behind have
go on to win Big Smile
Disappointed with England quick excite so have become a French fan
because of my french name Lefebure Tongue
S come on the French Big Smile
 damosk04/07/2014 08:47:41 GMT
Well, no one was more surprised to see me in the middle of the week three leader board, I had no idea I had hit so many results, however it's a slow start to week four but with the big games today and tomorrow, who knows what will happen. Good luck to everyone taking part.
 Theapple05/07/2014 09:54:14 GMT
go damosk, bring that trophy home Smile would be nice if some of reg forumers would win it. im still close though, all i need is to get some 4-3 or so result right and thats it

 Theapple11/07/2014 14:28:36 GMT
ok time to make my newest prediction

i predict it will be argentina and germany in the finals. not 100% sure but i got a strong feeling those 2 weill get really really far in this tourney.

ps: in case you are reading this post too late (lets say on 11th july), tough luck. now you wish you were checking brm forums more often, eh.

 mirexxx13/07/2014 12:23:23 GMT
Germany vs Argentina 7/13/14

Under 2.5

Argentina joined Germany in the final of 2014 FIFA World Cup which will be taking place on Sunday, 13th July 2014.Both teams reached the final after contrasting victories against their opponents in the semifinals. Germany outclassed, outplayed, outsmarted and out everything Brazil with their record breaking 7-1 win while Argentina had to dig deep and keep them themselves composed in the penalty shootout to book their place in the final of 2014 world cup.

 Macubaas14/07/2014 08:26:35 GMT
This final bet was made both with logic and also with gambling in mind. I decided that i want to bet on germany and i was right but for the right score i choosed something with the highest odds...

Unfortunately it was a boring 1-0. I do not think this score will bring many changes in the overall leaderboard.
 crankmuppet14/07/2014 12:00:32 GMT
Thanks BankrollMob, Admin-Master, Winner Poker, Duck Poker, 888 Poker, Titan Poker/Titan Bet, Party Poker for the FIFA World Cup competition. It was fun to be able to place some bets for free and take down some prizes while watching some great footie.


Congrats to the leaderboard winners.

Well done Germany. Thumbs Up
 avicia14/07/2014 16:24:50 GMT
I finished on the top of leaderboard Cool i was lucky this time Big Smile please mobsters can anyone tell me what is the sponsor prizes (winner poker ) for the 1st ?

thank you bankrollmob Heart
 xxtremt15/07/2014 12:59:41 GMT
Hi Smile
These points I have won do they come together to my other mobpoints now when the WorldCup is finish?
 Fakiry15/07/2014 13:15:42 GMT
Hi all,
I also had a great time here at BRM during the World Cup. It was amazing to have the chance to bet and run for some very nice prizes risk free! I've got a place on the final leaderboard and i feel happy for it, although it wasn't "itm". But that means i was better than many others who were also trying, that's good too! Hope BRM can think about similar games from now on, even if the prizes aren't as good as these were. We know it will all depend on who decides to sponsor it, but, by the way everyone is talking nice about this here, it's worth the effort! Good work!
 Theapple15/07/2014 14:06:40 GMT
ty brm for this awesome promo

also, gz avicia for your leaderboard win. not really sure about your prize, it says $200 but has a * next to it so not sure if its cash or bonus award. plus, from what i understand you should also get some additional rewards in winner merchandise, whatever that might be Tongue (it states places 1-15 will get ... stuff but doesnt really mention what stuff though :o)
 damosk16/07/2014 15:58:48 GMT
We'll, I am glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this promo, despite the fact that I did pretty awfully at predicting scores. It kinda gets me wondering just how people do it so regularly with success! Oh we'll, keep trying and remember that the new football season isn't too far away now.
 avicia17/07/2014 05:05:49 GMT
anyone has received the prizes i'm always waiting for the neteller cashout of my prize Dollar ( i requested cashout on 14 july )

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