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2014 WSOP: Here Are The Latest Winners...

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Posted on 09 June 2014 by "T".

Gregory Kolo Wins Event #12: $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em ($169,225)

On Friday, Gregory Kolo came into the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em final table as the chip leader, partly thanks to him knocking out former November Niner Phil Collins close to the end of play on Day 2.

Kolo didn't get a very good start to his first ever final table at the WSOP, but somehow the 37-year old from Ohio managed to keep a cool head and turn things around for the better. Believe it or not but only after 2 hours of play, he and Kazy Oshima played heads-up for the title. About 20 minutes later, Gregory Kolo had defeated his opponent to lay hands on the $169,225 first-place prize and his first gold bracelet! Not only was it his first gold bracelet but also his first cash in a WSOP event!

Final table results:

1st: Gregory Kolo - $169,225
2nd: Kazu Oshima - $104,513
3rd: Dean Bui - $74,314
4th: David Martirosyan - $53,328
5th: Tom McCormick - $38,898
6th: Dan Goldman - $28,769
7th: Ahmed Amin - $21,565
8th: Ryan Schoonbaert - $16,384
9th: Phil Collins - $12,610

Nicholas Kost Wins Event #14: Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better

All eyes were on defending champion Calen McNeil and the 2004 World Champion Greg Raymer when the third and final day of play kicked off last Friday. Raymer was eventually knocked out in 7th place and McNeil's dream of back-to-back titles was then crushed by Nick Kost, who eliminated him in 4th place ($79,608) and later on ended up winning the tournament.

Kost had a healthy 1.4 million stack after eliminating McNiel and eventually he ended up playing heads-up against Kal Raichura, who held a 2-1 chip advantage. Although Raichura had a big chip lead and played very well, Kost was the better player and won the tournament fair a square. 

"It was a lot of fun having Calen (the defending champion) on the final table," Kost said afterward to WSOP. "There was a lot of banter at the table and that made it pretty loose as far as a WSOP event goes. I was really glad to come out on top."

Nicholas Kost on winning his first WSOP gold bracet...

"I've played in about four or five events in the past," Kost said of his WSOP experience. "To come here and then win this is amazing. I really can't believe this happened to me."

Final table results: 

1st: Nicholas Kost - $283,275
2nd: Kal Raichura - $175,300
3rd: Jim Bucci - $109,678
4th: Calen McNeil - $79,608
5th: Alexandre Luneau - $58,769
6th: Steve Chanthabouasy - $44,055
7th: Greg Raymer - $33,510
8th: Adam Coats - $25,832
9th: Konstantin Puchkov - $20,181

Davidi Kitai Wins Event #15: $3,000 Six-Handed NLHE

Davidi Kitai earned his third WSOP gold bracelet on Sunday afternoon! Kitai bested a field of 810 players, who generated a $2,211,300 prize pool, over four days of play. He's now one of three non-American players in World Series of Poker history to win 3 or more bracelets! The other two players are Jeffrey Lisandro, with duel with duel citizenship in both Australia and Italy, and Canadian Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu.

"It's very good for me to win not just for Belgium, but for France, too," Kitai said. "I have hundreds of followers and everyone was texting me and posting nice things. It is nice when you know the people back home are watching."

Besides Kitai, poker stars such as Jesse Sylvia (63rd), Matt Jarvis (37th), Brandon Cantu (32nd), Olivier Busquet (20th), Jackie Glazier (19th) cashed in this event.

Final table results:

1st: David Kitai - $508,640
2nd: Gordon Vayo - $314,535
3rd: Anthony Ruberto - $200,476
4th: Mark Darner - $132,169
5th: John Andress - $89,734
6th: Zachary Korik - $62,690

Todd Bui Wins Event #16: $1,500 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw

A total of 348 players entered the $1,500 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw tournament to build a $469,800 prize pool. When the final table kicked off on Day 3, Todd Bui had the second shortest stack (only 5 big blinds). After approximately 6 hours of play, he had overcome that deficit and emerged victorious! In addition to winning his first gold bracelet, he collected the sum of $124,510 in prize money.

"In this format, I wasn't too worried. You have to produce a hand. I wasn't trying to move up spots. I came in trying to win and had one goal. I achieved it," Bui said about the deficit he had to overcome to become the champion.

Final table results:

1 Todd Bui $124,510
2 Tom Franklin $76,943
3 David Bell $49,944
4 Vladimir Shchemelev $33,388
5 Aaron Steury $22,935
6 David Gee $16,170


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8 comments on "2014 WSOP: Here Are The Latest Winners..."

 ddblt197009/06/2014 09:30:32 GMT
That guy Kitai seems to be a pretty good player.

It is not the first event, that he has won!
 Theapple09/06/2014 11:32:59 GMT
all these articles with people winning $120k in a single tourney make me sad and i made a promise to myself not to ever open one of 'nn won superubergood tourney and won $429.920 in 8 hours'


im just happy winning $2 on micro tables, i dont need this sht in my life Tongue

i also like turtles, and turtles dont care about money so they will still like me even if i dont play big $ tourneys. right turtles? turtles? turtles come back

 Heskor09/06/2014 15:13:01 GMT
haha i like how you talk about turtles yeah sometimes you get down when you see them winning a lot of money and you still stuck at the bottom playing the micro tournaments for peanuts. I think to be successful is to play till NL50 have a health bankroll and play in a lot of tournaments that are guaranteed and main events more money then and more chance to win!
 Macubaas09/06/2014 18:56:36 GMT
Great to hear about Kitai once again, i mean you hear from time to time of unknown players that take a big event and then silence...

It seems that in David case we hear once again about him, also really nice score, a WSOP bracelet and over 500k dollars is a really nice prize!
 doubletop77710/06/2014 10:57:39 GMT
Nice to see Greg Raymer cashing in one of the events. He hasnt been talked about much lately and its nice to see him doing well again. Congratulations to all those people who cashed
 ddblt197010/06/2014 13:22:05 GMT
Even turtles like only rich men?

That´s sad... Sad
 highyeah10/06/2014 14:32:41 GMT
Davidi kitai is a great player, I was watching him playin some EPT and he seems pretty aggressive
500K$ is a huge prize congrats for Kitai and all the players that have cashed in those events
I don't know the other ones
 ddblt197011/06/2014 18:58:44 GMT
Wow, amazing comeback for Todd Bui.

Reminds me of how I came back in a tournament from 10 chips. Big Smile

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