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Phil Ivey's $1m Bail Bid Failed To Free Paul "MalACEsia" Phua

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Posted on 28 July 2014 by "T".

In case you missed our article on July 16, Paul "MalACEsia" Phua and another seven people were arrested by FBI agents at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas about 2 weeks ago for allegedly taking part in an illegal betting operation. Las Vegas Review-Journal, the site that broke the news, released more information on the case yesterday.

The new article reveals, for example, that Phil Ivey and Andrew Robl together forked out $2,500,000 (Ivey $1m and Robl $1,5m) in cash to pay the bail for wealthy businessman and poker player Paul Phua and his son Darren. However, it's stated in the article that both father and son were still behind bars as of yesterday.

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18 comments on "Phil Ivey''s $1m Bail Bid Failed To Free Paul "MalACEsia" Phua"

 doubletop77728/07/2014 08:05:30 GMT
Fair play to Phil Ivey and Andrew Robl for putting up so much money to try and get their friends out. Not many people would do this so my respect for him as gone up even more
 pochui28/07/2014 08:13:10 GMT
don't mess with fbi, kgb or wtf- they will torture you and stuff your balls right into your a55hole. it doesn't matter what you do- organize "illegal" betting activities such as accepting bets from you friends or acquaintances, growing cannabis on your porch or organizing sex trip to turkey for your grannie... just remember- you must have permits, licenses, landscaping permits, approval from the green peace and a certificate from you local balls shaving spa to satisfy the demands of ftb, kgb and wtf
 Theapple28/07/2014 10:30:53 GMT
wow, they refused $2,5m ... and decided to keep locked people who played poker, with their own money.

but if you do something else, lets say kill someone, its ok to pay $1m bail fee ... gotta love the way our world works -.-
 IceQueenAce28/07/2014 11:24:47 GMT
This is a very misleading opening blog tbh and if you read the article it links to, things are not as they seem by reading the above.

The bail WAS posted and they were freed (or about to be), when they were taken in a separate department of immigration for possible deportation. I don't know where the bail stands though or if they will get it back.
Also, the guy arrested says he is worth 300-400 million, so the bail was 2.5m AND his 50m private plane.

I quote...
In a criminal complaint, the FBI alleged that the elder Phua was “known by law enforcement to be a high-ranking member of the 14K Triad,” one of the largest criminal syndicates in the world.

Hong Kong-based 14K Triad specializes in drug trafficking and traditional forms of criminal activity, including illegal gambling, prostitution and loan sharking.

Phua and more than 20 other people were arrested June 18 in Macau for running a large gambling operation that took in hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal bets on the World Cup tournament, the Las Vegas FBI complaint alleged.


So this isn't just a simple case of illegal betting.

In addition, after the above arrest, when released (from Macau), he flew straight to Las Vegas and carried on the illegal betting.

Seems to me that Ivey and co should be more careful who they associate with.
 klash2328/07/2014 12:35:32 GMT
As Icequeen says there is more here than meets the eye.The crimes these people are alleged to be involved in have been linked to an organisation which is said to be worth over a billion dollars in illegal gambling/crime.
If I remember correctly just one illegal bet in the world cup was in the region of $40 million so it is unlikely that the US government will be willing to free the alleged ringleaders for a couple of million dollars.
I know nobody has yet to be convicted of any of these crimes but it does not do the poker world any favours that two of pokers' most high profile players have links to organised crime.Even if turns out these people are innocent it will only give the anti gambling politicians in the US more ammunition for more regulation.
 Heskor28/07/2014 15:17:19 GMT
Wow nice he mush have a big wallet for the justice , police to get such a huge fine imposed on the businessman, they just want to make money off the whale, as 1m is nothing for them! Anyway it looks like wealthy people can afford this bail and hope maybe one day i can too, not that i am wishing to be in prison or anything mate, anyway cheers good luck hope they do not got any more trouble with justice. We have super Ivey now so no problem!
 bowie198428/07/2014 15:30:43 GMT
Haha, now it became clear why Phil Ivey spent those long hours playing cards in Macau. He is befriended a goddamn triad boss. Nice.
Everything else in this article don't interest me, but this fact alone was worth it for me to comment.
Nice to see the FBI doing the work they supposed to do, the charges doesnt matter, they only wanted him to make a couple of steps on american soil so they could arrest him.
But coming up with a bail for somebody, who probably have a dozen accounts full of millions in the Bahamas or could hire the best lawyer Nevada could offer is ridiculous.
Phil Ivey you're a sparrow.
 Mipetin28/07/2014 18:31:05 GMT
If you are worth 300-400 million dollars why would you risk everything by doing illegal things ?

Great that you have friends that bail you out, too bad it didn't work.
 IceQueenAce28/07/2014 18:55:27 GMT
I would suggest he is worth 300-400 million dollars from doing those illegal things Tongue
 RoninHarper29/07/2014 15:54:44 GMT
He is worth those amounts for supposedly doing those kinds of things.
Once you are in them types of clubs and have risen up to those nose bleed ranks you do not leave.
Only way out is in a pine box.
Wishing them all the best
 Macubaas30/07/2014 07:10:45 GMT
Pretty weird how you can pay the bail and still not being able to get out of jail, i mean why they set a bail in the first place??

Pretty weird story if you ask me, it's weird because we know way too few details about it right now, maybe it will make more sense later.
 Fakiry01/08/2014 09:49:50 GMT
You are congratulating Phil Ivey for his honourable attitude in paying for taking his friends out of the jail, but don't you think it's a bit strange doing this because of a robbing case in an area (casino poker) he knows so well? Don't you think that, besides being great friends, it's a bit suspicious on Ivey's side? I'm not saying he've done something bad or coopoerated in something, it just seems strange. You are someone who does something for real for living and you will release someone from jail who have done that same activity on the illegal way, robbing big amounts of money, just because he's your friend?
 Theapple01/08/2014 09:52:29 GMT
fakiry, thats what friends are for Big Smile
 djpremier01/08/2014 10:38:27 GMT
Hehehe everytime MalACEsia is online on stars, there is a huge waiting list to the table he's playing on.. I guess that's the reason they want him free Big Smile
 klash2301/08/2014 12:46:28 GMT
If what djpremier says is true then maybe the poker world are not friends with him but he is some kind of cash cow to the big cash players like Ivey.
I saw an interview with a big Vegas gambler saying Vegas is not going to be able to compete for much longer without the whales because most of the crazy billionaire types are going to Macau.
As Ronin says when you get mixed up with this type of lifestyle and you want to go back to a quiet life do you just pick up your chips and walk away?
 Theapple01/08/2014 13:36:43 GMT
its true, most of us have already moved to macau.

 HenryMinute01/08/2014 19:39:24 GMT
@ldash23 As has been said by others, the only way out is, indeed, to cash in your chips.
 LIKEIT2717/08/2014 20:55:31 GMT
djpremier i lolled

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