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Odd Heads-Up In Record-Breaking ANZPT Melbourne Main Event

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Posted on 03 September 2014 by "T".

Edison NguyenPokerStars' Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) Melbourne Main Event attracted a field of 516 players and the prize pool weighed in at $1,032,000 - the largest ANZPT ever! It took 16 hours of play in Day 3 until a field of 34 players had been narrowed down to a winner, Edison Nguyen!

Nguyen defeated Corey Kempson in a pretty odd heads-up match. Despite Kempson holding a 5.4 million to 4.9 million lead over Nguyen when the battle was about to start, he still agreed to give Nguyen the larger portion of the remaining prize pool with $7,500 left in the middle to play for.

Once the match resumed, Kempson made it known that he was extremely tired and therefore was ready to gamble for the title and go home. He eventually raised for 90% of his chips before folding for the rest when Ngueyen moved all in.

Corey KempsonPokerStars Blog reported the following about the strange lay down: "The clock was paused as ANZPT Commissioner Danny McDonagh and Crown Poker Tournament Director Joel Williams discussed the situation. McDonagh returned and questioned both players over the play which appeared to suggest a deal had been struck over the trophy. McDonagh implored both players to play it out with integrity, and with that, the game continued."

Although Kempson didn't have much left to gamble with after the strange play, he managed to get the chips back close to even before he and Nguyen decided to move all in without looking at their cards.

Kempson showed 6Diamond4Diamond and Nguyen turned over QHeart6Club. The board ran out 7Club9HeartQDiamond9Club4Heart and Edison Nguyen was crowned the champion.

ANZPT Melbourne Final Table Results
1st Edison Nguyen - $217,500*
2nd Corey Kempson - $195,500*
3rd Dennis Huntly - $87,800
4th Luke Spano - $69,700
5th Wayde Rickhuss - $54,200
6th Vincent Chua - $43,800
7th Dylan Honeyman - $33,500
8th Gabriel Messo - $25,800
9th Cameron Bryce - $18,550
* denotes private heads-up deal


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6 comments on "Odd Heads-Up In Record-Breaking ANZPT Melbourne Main Event "

 doubletop77703/09/2014 09:03:12 GMT
Very strange way to end a tournament and after playing for so long, i dont understand why they just didn't play out the conclusion in a normal way. Congratulations to the winner
 LIKEIT2703/09/2014 10:24:29 GMT
That play is not good for poker.....
Then just shove it completly...
Dont raise a huge amount off youre chips and then fold............
Thas just wrong and sick Sad
 klash2307/09/2014 19:38:19 GMT
If he was tired why not just get it all in after raising 90%,to fold with only 10% left just does not make any sense at all.
The directors must have been very disappointed with the conclusion.
 Pattalan07/09/2014 20:29:20 GMT
Terrible for the game and for the hosts.
 Fakiry08/09/2014 20:54:55 GMT
Nguyen is really becoming a common name among the world's best poker players. Someone else have already said that before and now we have another confirmation of this fact. Who knows if one day there will be more Portuguese names. ..
 JorAxe11/09/2014 13:01:27 GMT
Congratulations to the winner, I played well.

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