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PokerStars And Vanessa Rousso Part Ways

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Posted on 12 February 2015 by "T".

In case you missed it, PokerStars and Vanessa Rousso recently parted ways. The world's largest poker site nor the long-time American pro have mentioned anything about the split, but many believe the break up occurred at the end of January this year and that it was yet another move by new owner Amaya Gaming to cut expenses.

Rousso, who has been very anonymous on the live tournament circuit in the past two years, was one of the first Team PokerStars Pros. She joined the site in 2006 and has $4.4 million in live tournament earnings, with her best cash being the win of the 2009 EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo for $700,160.

PokerStars now has 30 Team Pro members, of which five are women. The site also has 21 Team Online pros (three are women).


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24 comments on "PokerStars And Vanessa Rousso Part Ways"

 pochui12/02/2015 19:28:04 GMT
guess she was against regular blowjobs for amaya ceo
 luisexy6912/02/2015 21:27:29 GMT
Maybe she is like another member of Pokerstars that leaved in past months, the new structure and new business that been put on the room, maybe is a thing that this profissional players can be a part, and he or she see that is better improving alone, and dont see her face with a space that dont have a "friendship", maybe like casino games, or some of the tourneys, i dont know, just opinion and articles that been said.
 Tony_MON7ANA12/02/2015 21:35:05 GMT
That's sad.
I really like her.., well, Liv Boeree is still there!
 av196612/02/2015 23:23:25 GMT
Well this is a normal way to go because she was not putting out Aww crap! Aww crap! RESULTS Pochui RESULTS Worship Worship
So it´s only natural they finish the sponsership bad for her because I like her was not on top of her game but still a great player
Best of luck to her Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life
 demodawggy12/02/2015 23:25:52 GMT
I'd put a little sauce on her cannellonis ANYtime...! Big Smile Heart
 pinotte13/02/2015 00:35:50 GMT
With a total of fifty one representative thirty in tournaments and twenty one online its a lot of peoples.

I dont know what kind of remuneration these peoples have but i am sur it cost them a lot of money so they have to evaluate if the money invested give them a return.

I am sorry for her but i am sure she will find something else very soon. Worship Worship Worship
 StheP13/02/2015 11:31:22 GMT
I leke her very much, but didnt see her playing in last year anywhere... I dont know why vanessa part away from ps, but I think she had a very good rason... Or they have a very good reason... Hope she isnt giving up poker carier and hope that I will see her soon on some major tournaments Thumbs Up
 kurskass13/02/2015 14:52:28 GMT
she was one of the most beautifull player Blink
 StheP13/02/2015 15:07:15 GMT
Posted by kurskass:
she was one of the most beautifull player Blink

yup, but she have big nose... Thats only thing I dont like at her, and the thing she is married :S
 Theapple13/02/2015 16:33:43 GMT

 Tony_MON7ANA13/02/2015 22:39:18 GMT
I don't think she is married to anyone a the moment.

Chad Brown passes away at age 52.
 StheP14/02/2015 00:16:07 GMT
She was separated from him since 2012, and he died 2014.... and I didn't know anything about that O.o MY WHOLE LIFE WAS A LIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Sad(((
 Tony_MON7ANA14/02/2015 00:24:02 GMT
She needs someone to hold her.
 Theapple14/02/2015 08:47:34 GMT
 doubletop77714/02/2015 08:54:57 GMT
A lot of these poker sites are getting rid of their stars and who can blame them. For me, they are a waste of money and i think that people will still play poker no matter what
 Skpmorita14/02/2015 10:46:39 GMT
sad day
without a doubt i always thought she was the most beautiful poker pros
why pokerstars ?
it doesn't matter if she is doing bad at poker
give the people what they want and keep her on the team
anyway i am sure she will find something
 klash2314/02/2015 16:51:54 GMT
I think pokerstars employ women more on their attractiveness rather than poker skill,the women who I see on TV representing stars are not that good compared to others but it is probably more to attract young men to the game rather than women.
 Theapple16/02/2015 10:29:22 GMT
whats next... pokerstars and theapple part ways? wheres this world going :/
 bowie198417/02/2015 22:12:54 GMT

Hmmm, 'parted ways' and 'about the split' and 'the break-up occurred' and 'another move' and 'to cut expenses' are expressions which a divorce lawyer would use during negotiation or in the court, not words you would expect to hear about a contract termination. Woman or no woman this article was worded in a funny way.
 bowie198421/02/2015 22:30:03 GMT
By the way this above states that she has over 4 million in live tourey earnings - does she play this good online too? I found it interesting that Amaya cutting expenses yet they keep up with million dollar promos like those spin&gos...
 StheP21/02/2015 22:33:41 GMT
Posted by bowie1984:
By the way this above states that she has over 4 million in live tourey earnings - does she play this good online too? I found it interesting that Amaya cutting expenses yet they keep up with million dollar promos like those spin&gos...

I doubt it that this breakout was for money reasons... amaya have billions of dollars, so Vanessa's paycheck sure wasnt problem... I think, and that is my opinion that vanessa didnt play quite time on pokerstars and thats why she is kicked out...
 bowie198422/02/2015 22:34:13 GMT
Her contract must has some throwaround sentences about being inactive, but that wouldn't necessary terminate it IMO, there is probably some other issue too in the background, we will never find out exactly what was the real reason I guess.
She is too successfull of a player to be neglected this way, isn't it?
 and070924/02/2015 12:08:42 GMT
Perhaps we'll see it in other poker rooms. Good Luck! Worship
 bowie198424/02/2015 22:40:10 GMT
Does she even registered anywhere else?
I don't think she went awol on PS, her sponsor contract just got terminated - it does not mean necessary that her account got terminated too. I am pretty sure if she will be playin' cards in the future and probably she will do it on one of Amaya's sites...

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