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Priest Stole $240,000 For Gambling

Tags: gambling addiction, priest, theft.
Posted on 13 February 2015 by "T".

On Wednesday, a Roman Catholic priest was placed on five years' probation and ordered to repay around $240,000 that he had stolen from his former workplace to fuel a gambling addiction. Rev. Stephen M. Gemme, 45, the former pastor of St. Bernadette Parish in Northboro, stole the money from the church and its school over a five-year span.

Rev. Gemme, who requently visited casinos in Connecticut and New Jersey, made cash withdrawals from credit cards in his name and then used the stolen money to pay off his credit card bills. Bishop Robert J. McManus removed Rev. Gemme as pastor in 2013, after hearing about his financial crimes due to a gambling addiction.

According to, Rev. Gemme has been attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings and seeing a therapist since 2013. He said in court that he remains on medical leave for now and that he's deeply ashmed and sorry for the harm he has caused.


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15 comments on "Priest Stole $240,000 For Gambling"

 klash2313/02/2015 16:39:37 GMT
It just shows that gambling problems can happen to anyone.....even those who have Jesus looking out for them,I'm surprised it lasted for 5 years and he managed to steal 240k before he was caught.
I'm sure he was forgiven.
 mascona13/02/2015 17:23:56 GMT
And God didn't punished him ? ......... Or was that just a test ? Blink
 luisexy6913/02/2015 21:38:06 GMT
Worst of that is that he stole that amount of money, to play in casinos, but for her the gambling has been so bad that he cannot be a wiinner to put some on the church and help him self and the catedral to get a good view for the patients of the church.
But like the klash23 said, happens to every one, rich, poor, good, bad, higher, lower, every one.
 av196613/02/2015 22:32:23 GMT
Man this priest was a little bit crazy and had a big gambling problem Aww crap! Aww crap!
But some intelligence he had to hide the theft for so long without anyone noticing is bad behavior
No one is safe from addiction even those from the church
Evil Evil
Well that tells us one thing everyone can be and is sinner Evil Evil Evil

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life
 Theapple14/02/2015 08:29:29 GMT
so he got away with $240k and .... lost his job plus they sent him to therapist for his gambling addiction... and thats it?

if me or pochui were to steal $48 we'd get like 8 years in prison. Love the way this world functions, dam i really wish i was a priest now, they can get away with anything really.

wait its never too late is it? there it is, thx BRM you have helped me find my ... way?

ps: do priests get paid or how does that work?
 doubletop77714/02/2015 08:59:46 GMT
I think that he has got off very lightly after stealing such a huge amount of money. Just goes to prove that even men of the cloth can be led astray by gambling and people have to be careful that it doesnt take over their lives
 leno114/02/2015 12:34:48 GMT
That is a very funny story, but I would like to defend the priests doings here, because I am convinced, that he only stole the money to double or triple up by gambling and then wanted to give it to a charity organization.
 Theapple14/02/2015 13:35:33 GMT
Posted by leno1:
That is a very funny story, but I would like to defend the priests doings here, because I am convinced, that he only stole the money to double or triple up by gambling and then wanted to give it to a charity organization.

Big Smile Big Smile Worship
 Skpmorita15/02/2015 10:40:39 GMT
So he won't even live one day in prison
that is just Bullsh1t
justice should be equal for everyone
if you are priest or politician or rich
you must pay for your faults as everybody else
 damosk15/02/2015 22:08:20 GMT
So.... In the greater scheme of things, he knocked a load of money to fuel a gambling addiction, or at the very least to gamble. There are one or two other things that are far worse and for which there has been lesser punishment meted out to similar people.
 StheP15/02/2015 23:59:03 GMT
one our priest, this picture is from our site simular like 9gag, on picture says: "Higher, in God help" LOL
 Heskor17/02/2015 06:39:35 GMT
Common priest why are you stealing donations from people will who is intended for the church, bad move from you and you get to be punished for that , hopefully you will be forgiven as God will forgive you but that is not an excuse and you will have to make amends for the rest of your life.

Anyway looking at that story i can see that gambling addiction is a problem everywhere if a priest is having an addiction, what about the other stuffs and we people who has a common life. Big Smile

Cheers peace out guys have fun!
 Fakiry17/02/2015 18:38:12 GMT
He was already being followed by a therapist, i believe he would keep going to the church almost everyday, and still he kept doing it. Not joking now, people who go to church often and practice their religion tend to speak a lot with themselves, so i believe this man already had realized the bad he was doing and knew he was wrong, but somehow he just had to keep doing it, like if it was stronger than him. It can happen to anyone, it's called addiction. Don't fall on this mobsters!
 bowie198417/02/2015 22:13:27 GMT
“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It has been 16425 days since my last confession. These are my sins...”
Where else than New Jersey? I can see some gambling debt is truly the 'end of the world' scenario for many reverends in that state, but why can they buy up this many credit cards with a priest's pay is a question I would ask first from the banks and credit unions which bankrolled his addiction first.
 bowie198419/02/2015 22:21:56 GMT
I just red yesterday that the diocese in Cologne has so much momney they cannot do anything with it - of course they have to pay salary and the expenses for all the institutions they've got, but maybe if this priest asks kindly they will help him out... Maybe. What would Jesus do?

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