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EPT Deauville Main Event: Romanian Leads Final Six

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Posted on 07 February 2015 by "T".

The EPT Deauville Main Event final table of six is set after four intensive days of play. Just like all previous days, Day 4 ended with a brand new chip leader. This time it was 30-year-old Dany Parlafes from Bucharest, Romania, who bagged 7,585,000 and the chip lead after an exciting day of poker. According to PokerStars Blog, Parlafes' trick to success has been.... eating hotdogs!

"It's my lucky hot-dog," he said, stuffing six inches of pale sausage into his mouth shortly before taking his seat among the last ten at EPT Deauville today. "I've had one on the second break every day so far."

The biggest name to reach the final table is Benjamin Pollak. The home-grown talent has just about $2 million in live tournament earnings, with the best cash being a 5th place finish for $289,947 at EPT Barcelona last year.

We will be back with a final table recap on Monday morning. Have a nice weekend until then and don't forget to check the live streamed final table below.

Here's the final table line up:

Seat 1 - Benjamin Pollak, France, 1,665,000 (28 BBs)
Seat 2 - empty
Seat 3 - Andrius Bielskis, Lithuania, 1,680,000 (28 BBs)
Seat 4 - empty
Seat 5 - Dany Parlafes, Romania, 7,585,000 (126 BBs)
Seat 6 - Ognyan Dimov, Bulgaria, 3,405,000 (57 BBs)
Seat 7 - Benjamin Buhr, France, 2,555,000 (43 BBs)
Seat 8 - Joseph Carlino, France, 875,000 (15 BBs)

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8 comments on "EPT Deauville Main Event: Romanian Leads Final Six"

 doubletop77707/02/2015 09:10:16 GMT
I dont know any of these final table players which goes to prove yest again how difficult it is to win one of these tournaments. A lot of top names have fallen by the wayside and good luck to the final 6
 Skpmorita07/02/2015 13:27:07 GMT
poker is becoming random eveyday
Top 6 , i know none of them

anyhow Dany Parlafes got a massive chip lead
i mean he can double the 2nd in chips and still got a big chance to win
Three French players left , they are not in a good shape at the moment
 klash2307/02/2015 14:34:22 GMT
The chip leader seems to have a commanding lead in this tournament,I would love to be in his position at this stage,not a well known name but he has won a couple of live games so it would be a surprise if he failed to win.
I just checked the leader board and Parlafes has 10million and the other 3 each have 2 million so still going strong.
 StS508/02/2015 12:49:02 GMT
I was playing the European poker tour live freeroll on Ppokerstars yesterday and finally I won something. I finished in place 600 or so and got nearly 50 cents. It was the last time for now and so far I had no luck in these tournaments.
 klash2308/02/2015 16:35:41 GMT
This sounded like an epic heads up between the final two players,unfortunately Parlafes couldn't jump the final hurdle and after an exciting 117 hands the winner was the Bulgarian Ognyan Dimov who took the €543,000 first prize.
A shame for Parlafes who was dominating for a long time on the final table but he still won an amazing 338k. Smile
 pajalnick08/02/2015 18:53:41 GMT
Often play freerolls and Romanian players .... almost all play crazy (and it is also a lucky! Aww crap! ). In general I do not like the Romanian players. Disagree
 Theapple09/02/2015 07:51:13 GMT
no russians :O
 bowie198414/02/2015 21:51:29 GMT
Are we sure this Benji guy isn't a long lost second rate cousin of Kevin Pollak, the talented american character actor who is a pretty decent poker player himself - bagging 50k on the WSOP a couple years ago? I wouldn't be surprised honestly if we could learn these two are related in some way.

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