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Guy Laliberté To Sell His Company For $1.5 Billion

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Posted on 20 April 2015 by "T".

Guy Laliberté, the man behind the One Drop Foundation, has had tough times at the poker tables, both live and online (according to a Swedish poker site, he has lost around $20 million playing online poker alone.)

Apart from his poker losses, he is one heck of a businessman. In 1984, Laliberté started Cirque du Soleil with a fellow street performer. The show was an instant success and expanded from one show to 19 shows in over 271 cities through the 1900s and 2000s. As of today, Cirque du Soleil is the largest theatrical producer in the world

At the end of last week it was reported that Laliberté had agreed to sell his lifework. According to Reuters, he is now in the final stages of negations with the buyers, TPG Capital and Fosun International Ltd. Laliberté will get close to $1.5 billion and maintain a 10-percent stake in the company when the process is completed. We guess that many high-stakes pros are eager to see the sale go through, given that Laliberté is known to lose big.



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11 comments on "Guy Laliberté To Sell His Company For $1.5 Billion"

 doubletop77720/04/2015 09:24:10 GMT
This is a mind boggling amount of money and his losses at the poker tables pales into insignificance compared to what he gets for this sale. I bet the high stakes sharks are circling already!!
 Skpmorita20/04/2015 10:15:53 GMT
guy was the reason many online players turned pro and rich
that must not feel good but still he is successful buisnessman .. he was able to make billions
and also thanks to him we were able to see the biggest tournaments in the history of poker
he is a good dude , he does lot of charities but he is not great poker player
even he kept losing he still plays ..
which means he loves poker
 luisexy6920/04/2015 12:39:44 GMT
This guy, for many is a crazy one, for other is a good man, for me is just a men that from nothing get rich, building one company and, from that he try to help charities and things that he love grow up and be seen diferently, like poker.
If he sell her crow jewellery, its because he have other thing in mind to make more money, or just are tired and want to stop and just dedicate to is passion, poker or life Big Smile
 Heskor20/04/2015 17:03:38 GMT
Hmm nice 1.5 b for some lifework cool, but i hate those sharks waiting for it to happens and the trying to play him to make him lose, well this is the rule of the jungle always attack the weak anyway hope he get this money and keep it safe and use the money wisely like invest to get passive income and all! I would have gone for the passive income route and i hope he is not stupid enough to lose all money he had gotten when he sold his company!
 klash2322/04/2015 14:09:46 GMT
For as long as I have seen him play poker he has always been a losing player but I don't think losing a couple of million is any big deal to him and if he has invested his money well then I don't think he will ever be destitute because of his poker playing.
 pinotte22/04/2015 20:27:09 GMT
The sale of his company have nothing to do with pokeer lost. He was sole owner of the circle and not one of his children were interested in continuying in the business. After 30 years in the businesss he said that it was the time to have other peoples to look at it and bring the circle to another level. Smile Smile
 bowie198431/05/2015 17:34:00 GMT
For this much of a money he should be able to hire some proper coaches to help him loose less when he is at the tables. Nice to be a degenerate gambling addict when your bank account could back up your losses even into seven digits... Poor fellow.
 Heskor01/06/2015 16:35:10 GMT
Well this is a shit load of money he has and he is going to use them wisely and get a lot of money selling his company, should be a good decision as he loses too much money to be able to play, anyway hope he has a plan for that amount of money, should invest in passive income and just enjoy interests for the rest of his life lol, anyway keep posting these news always good to watch and so on, anyway peace out going out now and resting too tired after work lol!
 bowie198402/06/2015 18:14:17 GMT
Posted by Heskor:
Well this is a shit load of money he has and he is going to use them wisely and get a lot of money selling his company, should be a good decision as he loses too much money to be able to play...

Not really sure what you read in the article above, but I think he will find a way to spend this money on gambling too, judging his previous benders with poker...
 yout8512/06/2015 09:53:46 GMT
I can understand that losing $20 million is nothing to this Guy (pun intended Smile ) - He claims he enjoys the game, and the money isn't important.

I totally agree with that. Once you have amassed a certain amount of money, it isn't important any more. Win or lose 20, or even 100 million, and his life doesn't change one bit.

What I don't get AT ALL... Is why you would continue to play something over many years, that you are really bad at. How can you enjoy something that you're awful at? I wouldn't play a computer game where I kept dying on the first level over and over again...

To me, the satisfaction in poker is improving. And knowing you're improving. The money comes with improvement, so is not an issue. Play to get better, play to learn....

I'd be happy to coach him for say.... $1,000 per hour Agree
 bowie198412/06/2015 11:02:13 GMT
He might not be that bad at poker actually, but I can see him try to bluff his way out of situations where he should've just fold and boom - once somebody have a good read on you then your game will suffer. The millionaires suffering is in millions I guess.

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