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Unibet: Play Against Viktor Blom (Stream Available)

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Posted on 27 May 2015 by "T".

Blom's avatar at Unibet PokerFrom 14:00 to 00:00 CET today (Wednesday May 27, 2015) you can play against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom at Unibet's cash game tables! The Swedish high-stakes legend will be making a unique appearance that gives Unibet players, with large enough bankrolls, the chance to put their poker skills to the test.

Blom will sit down at four cash game tables (NL50-NL400 and PL50-PL400) and will move tables every hour or so. All action will be streamed on and he will also be answering questions during play. 

€10 Free Money, No Deposit Required 

€500 deposit bonus

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5 comments on "Unibet: Play Against Viktor Blom (Stream Available)"

 bowie198427/05/2015 14:12:20 GMT
What an utterly bad quality their low-bitrate twitch stream has had. The guy with the glasses kept talking over Viktor and they pointlessly put ads in front of your face, when you would want 2 see how he is playing this or that, but you can't 'cuz the quality was subpar. This sure as hell didn't made me love Uni again.
 crash5827/05/2015 15:01:39 GMT
if you type in Unibet and your user name they are giving all players 4 free tickets, right now.
 bowie198428/05/2015 15:36:25 GMT
Posted by crash58:
if you type in Unibet and your user name they are giving all players 4 free tickets, right now.

But why would I want free ticks to this downgraded place of misery? Uni's poker room got effed up badly early last year.
 luisexy6928/05/2015 20:29:50 GMT

I didn't saw his stream, but for what i read about it, is like bowie1984 said, has not a good thing to see, and maybe because is not had good tecnical guy around him to put the stream working, or maybe he didn't with manye excitement to play.
But in end he just started in this kind of things, and is another player to make is apearing on the twitch, that just keep growin up every day, with famous and big names, in every game, or other stuffs.
And my opinion about the guy, i don't like him, i don't know why, but i don't.
 bowie198409/06/2015 10:08:06 GMT
No, he had a guy who never stopped yapping about things totally unrelated to what we saw on the twitch stream, yet none of the tables which he played on had watchable resolution since the whole stream was on a lower bitrate and this is why it wasn't easy to follow at all.

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