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Isildur1 Spotted Playing Underground €2/5 PLO Game

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Posted on 06 May 2021 by "T".

As Tom Dwan went to Twitter looking for the legendary Isildur1 but got intercepted by Jungleman Dan Cates instead, it turns out the Swedish poker sensation was deep in an underground app €2/5 PLO game!

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom was in an uncapped game, trying to run it up against some super-stacked opponents on the Pokio app.

From the looks of it, the game is quite serious. Blom joined the Pokio community right before the pandemic hit last year. Recommended by friends, Blom tried it out and started his own official club, with multiple tables going simultaneously, and not just at the higher stakes.

CEO Manuel Lopes said last year, "He plays regularly at stakes that are affordable for the common Pokio user. However, he doesn't discard a higher game here and there when someone is open to the challenge."

Speaking of challenge, Blom's goal is to take as much of that €18k stack next to him as possible, the man looking for him, Tom Dwan, has stumbled upon an old foe from a decade-long challenge.

Those in the poker community are very well aware of the infamous Durrrr Challenge, a heads-up battle from over 10 years ago. Jungleman was up $1.2 million before Black Friday axed it.

Jungleman has been chasing Dwan ever since to finish the challenge, with a $1.5 million side bet resting on the outcome, as well as a slew of other bets within the poker community.

Dwan's clear unwillingness to resume the challenge pushed Doug Polk to call it "the biggest scam in poker history", claiming both players were supposed to escrow the side bet money to Phil Ivey, but only Jungleman did. Polk described it as something that is "****** up and should not be tolerated by the poker community."

In the end Cates tweeted again this week, "I believe we've reached an agreement. Will see..."



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35 comments on "Isildur1 Spotted Playing Underground €2/5 PLO Game"

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» Isildur1 Spotted Playing Underground €2/5 PLO Game

 TigerAxL09/05/2021 20:38:18 GMT
i remember like probably any other online poker player, years ago, that he was the most ''famous'' on online PS and players start choosing his nickname as new acconts . I couldn t give a sh1t back then , i don t know why i would now .My gues is that he was pushed up by platform was in a big controvercy and needed publicity
 Cesar1410/05/2021 02:06:05 GMT
He is a great player, I believe that the essence of a crack is not lost, he can play in any room and at the level that seems most comfortable to him, but it does not mean that he is ruined, there are stories of players who have been ruined, but I think this player is still normal.
 geseco1210/05/2021 16:35:05 GMT
We will continue to see it on other platforms of course, the players are changing, there are some who are retiring, others who are, the most important thing is that new poker references are emerging and those of the past will remain in our memories, now to enjoy.
 CALICUL10/05/2021 18:27:12 GMT
I noticed one thing at Isildur1. He started playing more live and less online poker. He has money don't worry about that, because is not the player from the past, who played to win millions or lose everything. In the meantime, he learned what it means to calculate personal money or bankrolls from poker rooms.
 TigerAxL10/05/2021 23:56:35 GMT
he may have learned some new things in all those years of playing live , there is definetely other experience then online but is in his power to apply whats good for him . I gues at this point he should try to have constancy ,have a healty live and not abuse The game . Most pros do so and it shows good results.
 Cesar1411/05/2021 14:06:07 GMT
Pokio is the new project, In the Assopoker version, its characteristics attracted the attention of Blom, who adopted it as one of his reference rooms, now he is a paid ambassador for the room. Good luck in your new project and may it be successful.
 CALICUL11/05/2021 18:04:51 GMT
it's interesting with this Pokio, but i have no idea if they will be successful. I realized that investing in new poker rooms will not bring big profits, because they will not find customers. The market has enough rooms, and poker is poorer with few million players than 7-8 years ago.
 geseco1211/05/2021 21:36:55 GMT
Those clandestine rooms are difficult to trust, because you don't know when they close and bye your money from so long you've played, it doesn't have anything to support, but there are many people who still play in those rooms.
 CALICUL13/05/2021 19:44:17 GMT
I haven't checked how many customers Pokio has at the moment, but I don't think it's cladestin as long as there are many people who have the courage to deposit there and to play for real money. Isildur1 is an extra guarantee, but I see solid poker rooms that have few players in tournaments. This means that online poker in these rooms has run out of players, because they migrated to other rooms. In this way it is difficult to make money with few players everywhere.
 Cesar1414/05/2021 01:11:37 GMT
He is a great player and I think he is making a lot of money playing with some novice players, but the incredible thing that he is playing with a low stack and his opponents, one of them with a stack of 18000, makes me think many things about isildur but hey, continue to be a great player.
 geseco1214/05/2021 03:51:14 GMT
I can't understand that part of this player that, from playing with almost a million dollars at the tables to being at 780 euros, I can't understand that part, I don't know his situation, but I can't understand it, it's actually been run out of money ????. What do you think????.
 Cesar1415/05/2021 01:56:42 GMT
I think that isildur1 has had a downturn in his bank, because I cannot explain why he is playing those levels, the conclusions about it are obvious, but I hope that I am wrong, because he is a great player and has marked poker for years, it will always be remembered by many.
 geseco1215/05/2021 04:22:09 GMT
I have seen a video where he loses a pot of almost 1.3 million dollars with patrick antonius, that was spectacular, it gives us to think about many things but from here I wish him to do well in everything that he proposes in poker, I know that it is a player, and soon we will see him back at the level he should be.
 CALICUL15/05/2021 21:52:20 GMT
Isildur1 made a show before at online poker tables, but now i have no idea if there are those spectacular games, with too much money as they want in the past. Players had packages of money on tables. Now i have not seen this thing.
 Cesar1416/05/2021 15:48:52 GMT
Years ago there was the famous poker boom where millions of dollars were mounted on the tables, now you don't see much, but it is beginning to be felt in ggpoker rooms with trueteller, linus, limitles, and many more, I think we are returning at that time, not in its entirety but at least we enjoy it.
 CALICUL16/05/2021 21:37:19 GMT
I liked it as it was before, but because of the scams many rooms, some problems or Black Friday... they made these things to disappear in some extent. I played with Isildur1 in a tournament with $ 11 or $ 12 buy-in. Had a balanced game, where he preferred to play aggressively but with a little bingo.
 geseco1217/05/2021 05:39:34 GMT
Friend, you really played with isildur1, the more of your experience at the table with him, that is wonderful, to be able to play against the best players, you feel like you are learning from their strategies when playing.
 CALICUL17/05/2021 22:51:54 GMT
I won a hand with him, but he is the one who eliminated me, because i had a better cards and Isildur1 called with A 7. He caught 7 on the flop and another on turn or river, if my memory is good. I had 2-3 pictures as a memory, but my video card is broken and need to repair it.
 Rogerio1020/05/2021 05:13:33 GMT
So what's the truth now? is he broke or he play low just becouse of restrictions of deposit? So strange to se guy who play like 1k/2k 6 tables like boss few years ago on this low limits. Must be mentaly very strong to even accept grinding those. But he can survive anytime in poker world so he will be just fun, maybe not that big numbers as he used too.
 CALICUL22/05/2021 13:50:03 GMT
is nice to watch a professional player like Isildur1 how he plays at several tables, but this thing it's just for show. He will never reveal his style of play in front of poker rooms when playing online. Rivals will see and take advantage of his weaknesses.
 CALICUL05/09/2021 21:38:15 GMT
I don't think Isildur1 is bankrupt but there are many professionals who build a bankroll with smaller players. I saw a VIP pokerstars a few years ago doing this and he was a great success. He makes money with weaker players and after that he enters with the professionals to try to earn large sums.
 CALICUL01/10/2021 22:11:30 GMT
Isildur1 will play where he can, to make money as fast or as much as possible. Sometimes it's good to move somewhere else, because you can't play endlessly with the same players without repercussions or customary intervention. People hunt your style and then it starts to win.
 CALICUL26/10/2021 17:13:32 GMT
I would love to watch this player at the poker tables again, but he doesn't have that huge success of the past. Or maybe he thought of playing less and enjoying life. He had some good results and did not lose much talent, but i think he will make huge surprises with poker in future.
 CALICUL15/11/2021 20:49:40 GMT
I wonder about this player what is doing now, when he no longer has as much publicity as he had in the past. He had excellent online results in the past and we can see that. He had another period, but since he resigned as Pokerstars ambassador, his career has taken him down. I hope he recovers in future.
 CALICUL04/12/2021 08:12:53 GMT
Isildur1 was a player we admired when he had those millions of dollars in online profit results, even if he lost everything afterwards. I don't know why he didn't take them very seriously to play live more successfully. In this version he has not confirmed yet and I would like him to win Wsop tournaments as well. We'll see if he succeeds /

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