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Paul "MalACEsia" Phua Freed From Illegal World Cup Betting Charges

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Posted on 03 June 2015 by "T".

Poker player and businessman Paul "MalACEsia" Phua is a free man after the the U.S. Districs District Judge Andrew Gordon on Monday threw out the case and barred the government from using evidence FBI agents seized during the raid on July 9 2014.

"Paul Phua stood his ground for himself, his friends and family and all of us," Chesnoff said after the court hearing. "Ultimately, he has been vindicated by our constitutional system and the honesty and strength of our federal judiciary. He is free."

After having spent the past 10 months in Las Vegas under court-ordered electronic monitoring, Phua, 51, is now planning to leave the country as soon as possible. His $48 million jet and passport will be returned, as well as the $2 million bail money (paid by Phil Ivey and Andrew Robl). 

Eight men from Malaysia and China were arrested for allegedly being a part of an illegal World Cup betting operation at Caesars Palace last year. Six pleaded guilty and were fined and sentenced to five years of probation - with the condition to stay out of the U.S. during that time. The case against a seventh defended was dismissed.

source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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2 comments on "Paul "MalACEsia" Phua Freed From Illegal World Cup Betting Charges"

 bowie198424/06/2015 23:51:10 GMT
Kek, he isn't released because of innocence, he's got released because they could not go to trial with these evidences which were gathered in a funny (not so legal) way. Also, how the hell those six guys got fined and received probation times when they could not go to court even with Phua? $hitty lawyers for sure.
 bowie198407/08/2015 10:50:10 GMT
So, I've read further on this issue and surprise, surprise it looks nothing like a simple court case. Out of the eight, he was the one who almost got the nastiest sentence yet they set him free on some bull$hit looking reason. I think they've turned him into a snitch. They need him and his ties to the triad.

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