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Phil Ivey Countersues Borgata Casino

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Posted on 24 July 2015 by "T".

According to ESPN, Phil Ivey's attorneys filed a countersuit on Wednesday against Borgata, claiming that the casino had destroyed the decks of cards used when Phil Ivey won nearly $10 million playing Baccarat in 2012 while using a controversial technique called edge sorting. Borgata filed a law suit in April after learning that Ivey lost the case (worth about $12 million) against Crockfords Casino in London.

The the countersuit says: "Plaintiff Borgata had a duty of care at all times relevant hereto due and owing to the defendants, to maintain, sequester and preserve the precise playing cards utilized by the plaintiff in each of the casino games patronized by the defendants from April through July of 2012. Plaintiff Borgata knew that those playing cards were critically material to Ivey and Sun's defense, and knew further that destruction of those playing cards would render the defendants irrevocably prejudice in defending against plaintiff's claims and in securing judgment against the plaintiff."

Click here for more information (ESPN).

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12 comments on "Phil Ivey Countersues Borgata Casino"

 klash2324/07/2015 15:11:08 GMT
I wish Phil Ivey well in his battle against the casino but I feel he has one hell of fight coming.Casinos know that edge sorting goes on so they should make sure the cards are perfect.
If he had lost $10 million and then told the casino he was edge sorting would they say that is not allowed and then given him his money back?Of course not-they allow players to use systems hoping they will still lose money-win win for casino.
 pochui26/07/2015 08:05:42 GMT
wow, now that none other than Ivey is up against Borgata, i am sure that all the highest executives of Borgata casino are so scared that they are crying non stop... NOT. seriously, i doubt that Ivey is gonna win anything else besides $20 bar credit as a moral compensation. good luck in the epic battle against casino mr. Ivey.
 mgabesz26/07/2015 09:00:43 GMT
He is very talented and world leader poker player but also a gambler who try to cover his variance caused losses with these smaller and bigger cheat against casinos where he will always down against the HOUSE odds without cheating because that is not poker where not only and not firstly luck is everything.
 parrix26/07/2015 15:49:03 GMT
certainly this is one of the best players in the world, if not the best, but as of today has many ballots to be the best player or be among the best for my taste is excellent, very aggressively, and much coordination, 10.
 StheP26/07/2015 15:57:44 GMT
if anyone has chance to win at court against casinos, thats Ivey... his networth is over 100M$ and he can aford best layers in world... realy hope that Ivey will win this one... they destroyed his reputation by claiming him as a cheater... thats realy bad for carrier of proffeional poker player...
 doubletop77703/08/2015 08:29:35 GMT
Imagine winning nearly ten million dollars and not getting paid out? This would be my absolute nightmare and, whenever i win anything, until the money is in my account i always think that something will go wrong and i wont get paid
 bowie198404/08/2015 10:22:34 GMT
What can I say people? I think we finally found the Tom Brady of Poker.
Succesfull edge sorting is also require a dealer who is having no idea what is happening when the player asks for rotating face-up cards and a constant re-shuffle with the automatic shuffler.
 Theapple04/08/2015 16:03:56 GMT
go ivey Big Smile Shock

if they dont want people to play blackjack, just dont allow people to play it ffs.

 bowie198405/08/2015 10:30:31 GMT
Sure. Big Smile Altough he broke the bank on Baccarat here, but still. With the amount of 'bad' publicity he's getting with this I can see him being persona non grata in many other casinos later. They don't like advantage players even if they are famous as Ivey.
 TheMachineQC05/08/2015 15:31:54 GMT
hey guys,

I am pretty sure he will lose again. But who knows... Atleast he has enough money and balls to stand up against them casi.nos in court...

I wish him the best, casinos need to lose more often.... Big Smile

Good luck on the tabls mobsters
 klash2305/08/2015 16:26:38 GMT
I am not sure that many casinos will decide to bar Ivey,at the time of his alleged cheating in London he had already been suspected of cheating in Europe and the female Chinese lady he was with was well known to be an edge sorter.
It is not hard to stop this really....just make sure your cards are perfect or when someone raises their bets get a new deck of cards. Smile
 bowie198406/08/2015 10:40:21 GMT
Honestly it's might be pushing, but these sort of things are exactly why would somebody become banned everywhere. Yeah, it's good publicity making a fancy marketing about Ivey coming to your place frequently, but if he bleeds the place dry everytime he showes up, there is no point letting him in next time tbh.
There are far less serious 'violations' which could get you to an early exit in a casino, being an advantage player is definitely one of them.

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