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Soon Possible To Regularly Change Your Poker Alias On Microgaming Poker Sites

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Posted on 11 September 2015 by "T".

From September 22nd onwards, all players of the Microgaming Network (MPN) will be able to change their tables names every 30 days or after 1000 real money hands (whichever comes first). According to PokerFuse, the new software feature will be available sooner than that on some sites, but it will be available on all poker sites by the end of this month.

Just like Full Tilt made some big changes recently (the removal of heads-up tables, making it impossible to sit down at a specific table etc.), the main idea behind MPN's new software feature is to protect recreational players from being targeted by "poker pros".

"The intention behind this is simple - we want to stop parasitic players from ruthlessly pursuing weaker players," MPN 's Head of Poker Alex Scott explained to PokerFuse. "We also want regs to play each other once in a while, and we don't want players to create a new account with a new poker room just because their alias is unlucky."

He added, "In order to target (or avoid) a player, you need to know enough about them. Just playing 50 or 100 hands with a player is not enough to understand their playing style and make good decisions based on it. That's why initially we have set the limit at 1,000 hands. However, the limit is configurable, and we can easily reduce (or increase) the number if our analysis of the effects shows that this would be appropriate."

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source: pokerfuse

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9 comments on "Soon Possible To Regularly Change Your Poker Alias On Microgaming Poker Sites"

 klash2311/09/2015 19:48:59 GMT
That sounds a bit strange as surely the good poker players just adapt their play anyway and if you are playing and losing then I don;t see that changing your name will change your luck for very long.
 pochui12/09/2015 08:28:53 GMT
well actually that does help quite a bit the poor players- good players have to spot the weaknesses and do so after some time, but once they do it's quite possible that their "client" is gone and he has to adapt to a new player... meanwhile throughout this adaptation process sh1tty poker players (like me) stand a lot better chance even against real poker pros
 crash5812/09/2015 12:54:09 GMT
Partypoker already allows players to do this, not sure how , but my son did it, you can't change your login name, only the name the other players can see.
i guess this might be usefull if your a fish. Big Smile
 Heskor12/09/2015 15:02:47 GMT
Hmm it could be useful to make money too as sometimes they would not know who you are and there software can record different usernames when you play so the data on your my actually be different and all, but on micro gaming i dont think you can use the software so it might be a moot point, anyway peace out mate have fun at the tables and good luck hope you do well mate, cheers peace out again mate have fun !
 bowie198413/09/2015 00:05:09 GMT
You could change username until you become tired of it but if you keep playing poorly after the fifth change then it's probably not 'the' username is your main problem IMO. But I always wanted to be Batman anywhere I play, so there's that.
 klash2313/09/2015 13:59:59 GMT
So I assume that any notes you have compiled on a player who changes his name will be disappear?I suppose the players who go after fish will use notes and sharkscope ETC so I think the name change will only work for a very short amount of time.
 Cardmonkey13/09/2015 21:26:17 GMT
Sounds like mass confusion to me, change your name and never get your original back after if you have a change of heart.
 Calmplay14/09/2015 14:54:46 GMT
I like the idea but not the fact you can't reuse the one you used before...
 Tony_MON7ANA14/09/2015 16:23:31 GMT
Implementation of the feature will make it virtually impossible to detect/identify nasty bots by the players.
You know greedy people will do anything for money?

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