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2016 WSOP: Qui Nguyen Wins The Main Event For $8 Million!

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Posted on 02 November 2016 by "T".

The final day of the WSOP Main Event final table started with three players: Qui Nguyen out in front with 197,600,000 in chips, Gordon Vayo in second with 89,000,000, and Cliff Josephy with 50,000,000. On the first hand of play, Josephy doubled through Nguyen to overtake the second place from Vayo, who then doubled up through Josephy with a set-over-set cooler four hands later to nab the overall chip lead.

Josephy was left with less 10 million in chips after losing that big pot, but he managed to double up 2 times in the next few hands to almost accumulate the same stack as he started the day with (50 million). But it didn't take long before he lost a big pot to Nguyen and was left with just under 20 million in chips, and the following hand he was eliminated by Vayo. Josephy earned $3,453,035 for his third place finish.

Cliff Josephy with ESPN host Kara Scott after his eliminationVayo had about 60% of the chips in play with 200,300,000 to Nguyen's 136,300,000 when the heads-up started. But Nguyen, who had been the chip leader for the majority of the final table, was back in the lead again within 30 minutes.

The two traded pots over the next 90 minutes with very little change in terms of stack sizes. Then Nguyen took control by moving all in on the river with about 80 million already in play. Vayo went into the tank for about seven minutes before throwing away his cards.

Nguyen now had about 80% of the chips in play, but Vayo doubled up just two hands later. Although the battle continued for another 6 hours after the double up, Vayo never managed to gain much momentum against Nguyen, who scooped the last pot with KClub10Club against JSpade10Spade on the board KDiamond9Club7Diamond2Spade3Heart

Gordon VayoIn total, it took 182 hands over 8 hours of heads-up play to determine a winner. It took the same amount of hands to play down from 9 players to 2 players over three nights!

Gordon Vayo received $4,661,228 for his runner-up finish. Nguyen, a self-proclaimed gambler born in Vietnamn residing in Las Vegas, received his first WSOP bracelet along with $8,005,310. According to PokerNews, Nguyen will donate a portion of his winnings to Wounded Warrior Project, a military and veterans charity service organization empowering injured veterans and their families.

Final table results:

1 - Qui Nguyen - $8,005,310

2 Gordon Vayo - $4,661,228

3 Cliff Josephy - $3,453,035

4 Michael Ruane - $2,576,003

5 Vojtech Ruzicka - $1,935,388

6 Kenny Hallaert - $1,464,258

7 Griffin Benger - $1,250,190

8 Jerry Wong - $1,100,076

9 Fernando Pons - $1,000,000


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15 comments on "2016 WSOP: Qui Nguyen Wins The Main Event For $8 Million!"

 cwdignus02/11/2016 17:35:19 GMT
Congrants Nguyen ...Showing great courage, Nguyen abused aggression to overcome a lethargic Gordon Vayo heads up. Patiently, he was undermining gradually the opponent's stack never showed resistance. And the opportunities where Vayo managed to double up, the champion did not flinch and continued to put pressure
 pajalnick02/11/2016 19:30:18 GMT
it was clear yesterday when he was two times more chips than his nearest pursuer ... and if it would be possible to bet on his victory, I would certainly have made it ... for some reason I was sure of his victory and It is that no it is not a competitor
 Mober02/11/2016 20:02:32 GMT
This is amazing. I would have never thought that heads up in a tournament like this can last that
long. Some patience they must be having to play their best game for all these hours.
Its like a days work with 8 million salary Smile, if you take in mind only the heads up part.
 StheP03/11/2016 00:18:29 GMT
Phuck you... I am watching last hour or wsop me and i come here and see title with spoiler... i avoid spoilers all day long just to see in last 1 hour of play spoiler.... Sad
 bowie198403/11/2016 00:25:05 GMT
Posted by StheP:
Phuck you... I am watching last hour or wsop me and i come here and see title with spoiler... i avoid spoilers all day long just to see in last 1 hour of play spoiler.... Sad

Come on now, why the hell would you come here in the first place if you wanted 2 avoid spoilers?
 Tony_MON7ANA03/11/2016 00:40:00 GMT
Congratulations to Qui Nguyen on becoming the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion! Very well played also to the runner-up Gordon Vayo and the third-place finisher Cliff Josephy. Good luck to all players participating in the event next year.
 pochui03/11/2016 09:57:03 GMT
how fcukin cool is to finish 2nd and take home $4.6 millions and how fcukin uncool is to finish 2nd and lose out on $3.4 millions extra. huge difference, oh and a bracelet you can hang somewhere in a prestigious higly visible place to show off to your amigos (like toilet for example). gratz nguyen dude, there's one thing that poker world is not short of and that is players with nguyen surnames...
 doubletop77703/11/2016 09:59:27 GMT
Many congratulations to Qui Nguyen on becoming World Champion and the first prize of $8,000,000. Of the three players left, i was definitely rooting for Nguyen and was so glad when he won it
 Calmplay04/11/2016 06:22:03 GMT
what a good score for a guy who never won more than the buy in of this event itself, congrats for winning a life changing prize Qui Nguyen Cool
 damosk04/11/2016 08:30:39 GMT
What a great day at the office for all of these guys. Runner up getting 4miloion! A huge WOW! Can you imagine winning that amount of money? 8 million for first and 4 million for second..... do you think you would be able to focus on your gam knowing you had won 4million but could win 8? I'm sure I could! LOL
 bowie198406/11/2016 02:10:46 GMT
Posted by pochui:
how fcukin cool is to finish 2nd and take home $4.6 millions and how fcukin uncool is to finish 2nd and lose out on $3.4 millions extra. huge difference...

Honestly if you think about it probably all three of them was fcukin happy just to be in the final. Let alone finish on top3. Just imagine it.
 Tony_MON7ANA06/11/2016 04:03:58 GMT
Qui Nguyen’s unconventional playing style is probably not profitable and can be exploitable in the long run, but it is the style that gives amateur, less-skilled players the best shot at beating professional players.
 DaCapo7107/11/2016 16:30:14 GMT
Wow what a amazing prize winning over 8 Million $$$! Nguyen was the massive chip leader at the final table, but it happen verry often, that the chip leader played to much Hand and verry agressive. Now he was a new star in the poker world, a dream for every poker Player Thumbs Up
 waoz10/11/2016 01:40:21 GMT
Congratulations to the champion with a very different style outside the theory, with it shows that the style itself makes the difference .. jejej congratulations.
 IndianAce113/02/2017 18:29:51 GMT
I think once you've been all in and survived a few flips with odds against you. You just go for it more in the small ball. Great game no one expected. Due the Internet hype of some. This just proves anyone can win it. I see a boom in poker.

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