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2016 WSOP Main Event: 5 Players Remain After First Day

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Posted on 31 October 2016 by "T".

The 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event final table (also known as November 9) is finally underway! The first day was dominated by Las Vegas resident Qui Nguyen (originally from Vietnam) who managed to accumulate 128 million in chips with a super aggressive style and thanks to taking down the biggest pot of the day...

"The night ended with the biggest pot of the evening. Hallaert opened the pot with a raise from under the gun. Action folded to Nguyen in the cutoff and he three-bet. Action folded back to Hallaert and he four-bet all-in. Nguyen instantly called and both players showed down their hands. Nguyen had and Hallaert had . The flop came helping Hallaert a little bit, but the turn and river were blanks and Hallaert became the 6th place finisher. His 6th place finish earned him $1,464,258," reported.

When play resumes tonight, Nguyen will sit down with about double the stack of his closest opponent. He and the other remaining 4 players are now guaranteed $1.9 million each and they will battle it out tonight until only 2 players remain.

The last 2 men standing will then get a few hours of rest before it's time to play heads-up for the world champion title and the $8,005,310 first-place prize.

Remaining players:

Qui Ngyen, 128 625 000 (128 bb)
Cliff Josephy, 63 850 000 (63 bb)
Vojtech Ruzicka, 62 250 000 (62 bb)
Gordon Vayo, 58 200 000 (58 bb)
Michael Ruane, 23 700 000 (23 bb)

Eliminated players and prizes:

6) Kenny Hallaert, $1 464 258
7) Griffin Benger, $1 250 190
8) Jerry Wong, $1 100 076
9) Fernando Pons, $1 000 000


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10 comments on "2016 WSOP Main Event: 5 Players Remain After First Day"

 pochui31/10/2016 14:56:58 GMT
so we have four poor millionaires eliminated already, it's down to five, who will it be, whoo will take home the highly prestigious full table of cash and some crappy bracelet that you can buy for yourself on ebay or aliexpress. this will be a nail biting finale, for sure too extreme for even watching...
 DaCapo7131/10/2016 16:37:32 GMT
The November 9 was the Highlight of the poker year and it was a dream for every poker Player to participate at the final table one time in life Smile It was verry interesting to watch the different gaming styles. The leader with 128 Million Chips can dominate the other Players with his aggresive style, but we will see what happened next...
 StheP31/10/2016 16:48:56 GMT
I wake up in 4:30 AM to watch this... didnt sleep so much, but it was worth it... nice game... I was glad that Banger was out on 7th... wish it was 9th but 7th its not too bad... I hate that guy... also I dont like that Cliff Josephy... unfortinatly one of my favorits was out in 6th but I still have likable players in... I like Ruzicka and I think that Vayo and Ruane are preaty good players.... who ever it wins... I am fine, exept if Cliff wins...
 Mober31/10/2016 19:16:50 GMT
That are the tournaments to play if you have what it takes.
Every one is guaranteed almost 2 millions now. SO this must be taking some stress out.
Although the difference from the first place is significant. Along with the bracelet Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA31/10/2016 22:50:27 GMT
My warmest congratulations go out to Qui Ngyen, Cliff Josephy, Vojtech Ruzicka, Gordon Vayo, and Michael Ruane, who managed to sustain their chip stack, securing a top 5 spot in the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event.
 bowie198401/11/2016 00:10:07 GMT
Posted by StheP:
I wake up in 4:30 AM to watch this... didnt sleep so much, but it was worth it... nice game... I was glad that Banger was out on 7th... wish it was 9th but 7th its not too bad... I hate that guy...

Well I was awake at 4:30 AM too, but for a completely different reason. I have the flu and it just makes my life miserable...
 cwdignus01/11/2016 04:05:10 GMT
the unknown Qui Ngyen realy placing the field in the pocket more than double the 2rd put this right next to the 3rd Vojtech Ruzicka I'm hoping win this WSOP
 TheMachineQC01/11/2016 05:01:33 GMT
I haven't had the chance to watch this year's main event final table yet. I think I will catch up tomorrow, hopefully I won't see who won by then Blink

I know will kassouf is out so it's probably going to be a bit boring to watch but whatever. Final tables are always interesting.

See you mobsters
 doubletop77701/11/2016 09:22:04 GMT
These five players left in must be feeling very good about life, a chance to win $8,000,00 but guaranteed to win nearly $2,000,000. It will be very interesting to see who does eventually win
 pajalnick01/11/2016 14:18:17 GMT
almost guaranteed to win $ 2,000,000 is certainly very cool ... you can play relaxed and get the game fun ... $ 8,000,000 rather than $ 2,000,000 of course ... but also, and this is a lot of money for most people on the planet ... so they We should be happy

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