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Poker Player Mugged after Casino Win, Suspects Caught via Victimís iPhone GPS

Tags: robbery, Scott Robbins.
Posted on 08 March 2016 by "T".

A male poker player gets twice the luck when a couple who mugged him either forgot or underestimated the power of modern technology these days. Miguel Pena Allende and his girlfriend Karla Tattiana De Los Santos followed poker player pro Scott Robbins and robbed him of his winnings along with other belongings at gunpoint in South Florida, but karma is quick to mete out punishment - through the help of the victim's stolen iPhone, detectives were able to trace the suspects and capture them.

Scott Robbins, age 49, a professional poker player who usually travels from Massachusetts to South Florida to play at a casino in Pompano Beach, had just gotten lucky and won a nice sum of $2,000. Of course, anyone with that amount of winnings is going to feel very happy about it.

However, that feeling was short lived and it was immediately turned to fear right after he went home. Robbins' mode of transportation is his trusty scooter, and before he headed home, he decided to make a quick stop at a Walmart store close by. When he arrived home, he was surprised that a couple followed him home, and toting a gun, they greeted him with it.

They demanded that he give his money and other belongings, and he had no choice but to do as they say. The bad couple was able to take away from him almost $10,000 in cash as well as his backpack, wallet and an Apple iPhone.

Robbins said during an interview, "You can't use the words I was feeling in the newspaper. I thought there was a good chance he was going to kill me."

He also said that he tried to ask the male robber to give him back at least his phone, but the robber just told him that he will throw the phone in his yard as they make their exit.

As things are starting to look gloomy for Robbins, it looks like lady luck took pity on him, and asked karma to punish the robbers for their dirty deed.

Robbins said, "He didn't leave the phone as he promised, but in retrospect it was a beautiful thing that he took the phone, because he would have taken everything I had and they never would have found him."
The alleged criminals, Miguel Pena Allende, age 34, and his girlfriend Karla Tattiana De Los Santos, age 31, who are both residents of South Florida, apparently forgot the GPS-tracking function of almost any smartphone nowadays.

At the police station, Robbins was successful in tracking the location of his iPhone as he logged into a deputy's mobile phone. With this, police were able to find the suspects and arrest them. The suspects were located approximately 9 miles away in a parking lot of Walgreen's.

Despite the ordeal, Robbins said, "I love it here. It's gorgeous. The weather is great, people are happy, they're not miserable, it's not 4 below zero and there is no snow."

source: https://www.highstakesdb.com/6626-poker-players-stolen-phone-leads-police-to-his-robbers.aspx

picture: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-pompano-poker-player-robbery-20160223-001-photo.html


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4 comments for "Poker Player Mugged after Casino Win, Suspects Caught via Victimís iPhone GPS"

 pochui08/03/2016 15:43:44 GMT
well it's great news to hear that those pesky robbers were arrested, always nice to hear a sh1tty story ending on a bright note and the bad guys getting their anuses stuffed like the poor turkey on a thanksgiving day. on a side note- they said a dude and his girl... however i only see 2 dudes in the photos...
 vic7508/03/2016 22:16:30 GMT
Not to smart crooks good to hear of the Poker Pro winning in the end the law is more strict in the U.S .A which is good considering all the guns and gang violence.
 3pokeronly09/03/2016 04:02:08 GMT
Dear pochui, she is a girl and she swallows, while they both suck.
 superthight09/03/2016 07:52:09 GMT
yup!! they really cant play poker with skill hey, they should not need to cheat if only they join a wonderful bankroll mob tips and guides about poker perhaps they were considerd pro.until now but not in jail heheheheh!!!anyway thats a good news to us so we can be aware of some dirty thinking choosing a play cheat thanks guys... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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