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NFL Talent Played Poker Instead of Going to Workouts

Tags: Buffalo Bills, NFL, Rex Ryan, Sammy Watkins.
Posted on 21 April 2016 by "T".

picture from wikipediaBuffalo Bills' Sammy Watkins got media's attention earlier this week after skipping workouts to play poker at Harrah's Cherokee Casino in North Carolina. The talented 22-year-old wide receiver shared a picture of him cashing out $6,500 in poker chips on Facebook and later revealed that he and a friend stayed at the casino playing from the evening until 8 a.m. the next morning.

The training sessions Watkins missed were voluntary and Buffalo Bills' coach Rex Ryan had little to say about Sammy Watkins's decision to play poker instead of going to practice with his teammates. 

"I know we had a great turnout for [the] voluntary deal; we weren't 100-percent for attendance, but a couple of guys gave me phone calls, all that stuff. I won't get into specifics on who was here and who wasn't here because it is voluntary, but I'm encouraged by the turnout we have and everybody's, I think, excited to get this season going," said Rex Ryan. 


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3 comments for "NFL Talent Played Poker Instead of Going to Workouts "

 bowie198421/04/2016 14:02:25 GMT
Voluntary training sessions means that whoever participate in it won't get paid for it - cuz the workout bonuses are in their contracts btw - therefore this is only practical for rookies or really out of shape linemen so I could honestly understand why he did think that his time is better paid off by not showing up. Even though these things ain't mandatory sometimes coaches get pissed off by players who won't show up...
 pinotte21/04/2016 14:46:46 GMT
Voluntary IMO means that if you think that you don't need to be there it is your decision and nobody have to say anything about it.

And from the title of the news NFL Talent so if the guy is so talented and miss one training session what is the big thing about that probably the poker game in a casino. Again since he decided not to practice he can do what he wants with is time. Smile Smile
 bowie198424/04/2016 10:30:55 GMT
Posted by pinotte:
Voluntary IMO means that if you think that you don't need to be there it is your decision and nobody have to say anything about it.

Yeah, but in the NFL voluntary means that it's basicaly half-mandatory. Coaches don't want players get injury on their individual workout sessions, so they organize more voluntary team workouts to get them in alroight shape and have a doc look at them etc.

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