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New Bike Prop Challenge Dan Bilzerian & Bill Perkins VS Brian Rast

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Posted on 27 April 2016 by "T".

On Monday (April 25), Brian Rast was challenged to repeat Bilzerian's cycling prop bet - he stands to win $600,000 from Bilzerian and Perkins, while only needing to shell out $100,000 of his own money should he fail.

The third installment of "cycling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles" that is roughly 300 miles long now involves Brian Rast, a two-time WSOP bracelet winner with more than $15.5 million in total live tournament winnings as of August 2015. He graciously accepted the joint-challenge slammed onto him by Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins at 6 to 1 odds.

It was Samantha Abernathy who first successfully completed the bike ride, but with a 72-hour deadline. Second bike ride challenge victor was Dan Bilzerian, who recently finished the bike prop bet in a matter of 32 hours (the allotted time given to him was 48 hours).

On Bilzerian versus Perkins' bike prop bet, Bilzerian had lots of time to train in order to prepare his body and mind for the challenge. He was also allowed to spend on things he would need: multiple high-end bicycles, asking for a police escort out of Las Vegas, and hiring staff such as a personal chef, masseuse, and bike technician. He also welcomed Lance Armstrong's help, and in exchange for his expertise in pro cycling, he promised to donate $25,000 to Armstrong's child cancer charity.

Even though the amount that Rast has put on the table is only $100,000 versus the huge $600,000 from the two high-stakes gamblers, he said that there are a few but major differences between his bet and Dan's previous bike bet. In his Twitter feed, Rast said, "no drafting, 320 miles (30 more), only road bike (no recumbent), I've had 3 days of training."

Another aspect to consider is that the cycling route consists of getting across the Nevada desert. Evidently, as summer approaches, the weather gets even hotter, and this surely makes crossing the desert a little more difficult.

It is presumed that Rast will be given the same 48 hours deadline to complete the ride, just like what Bilzerian had when Perkins slammed the challenge on him last month.
Perkins also announced earlier this April that they were thinking of other follow-up wagers such as walking coast-to-coast across America, rowing from England to New York City, and climbing Mount Everest.



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1 comment on "New Bike Prop Challenge Dan Bilzerian & Bill Perkins VS Brian Rast"

 pochui27/04/2016 08:59:11 GMT
well these guys are starting to remind me of one story about two cowboys:

two cowboys are riding their lets say camels through the desert (modern cowboys?) and one of them spots a pile of sh1t, he says to the other cowboy- hey dude i will give you 100 dollaros if you eat this sh1t... after some thinking dude agrees and eats the sh1t... they continue riding until they spot another pile of sh1t, now the guy who lost 100 dollaros itching to get his money back says: hey for 100 dollaros i can also eat this sh1t... the other cowboy agrees and the sh1t gets eaten again, this time 100 dollaros is returned to the original owner... now cowboys are riding again and after some time one cowboy suddenly asks: dude don't you think that we ate some sh1t for free?

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