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Extra Side Bet added to Landon Tice vs Bill Perkins Heads-Up Challenge

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Posted on 03 May 2021 by "T".

Poker phenom Landon Tice posted an update on his Twitter feed about the conditions for his upcoming heads-up battle against hedge fund manager Bill Perkins.

Huge Head Start for Bill Perkins
A poker showdown of $200/$400 stakes is definitely worth watching. Pots that break the $50,000 mark typically gets to swing over a million bucks.

A budding 22-year-old upstart who is shaking up the high-stakes scene has set upon his sights to take on none other than Bill Perkins, a super-rich hedge fund manager who can easily lay down $1 million on the table without batting an eye.

What makes this really interesting is the 9bb/100 - a match with over 20,000 hands that equates to a $720,000 head start. Bill Perkins admitted that Tice is the more superior player in this challenge, but can he manage to beat him in the end?

Side Bet makes it More Exciting
With the side bet, things get even more exciting. A cool $1 million is on the line now, even if most of it won't be Tice's own money. As much as 90% of Tice's action has been sold to interested backers, but what's more important here is the upcoming battle for a high-stakes poker match.

This incredible poker match is rumored to be kicking off next month, but no exact dates have been revealed yet.

Landon Tice
Landon Tice is a young poker prodigy who went pro only two years ago. In November 2020, he won the $1,100 MSPT Main Event at Venetian Las Vegas for $201,529, outlasting 1,123 players in what's called the biggest live poker event in Las Vegas at the time since March.

So far, he has more than $227,000 in live tournament earnings along with some online victories. That amount makes him truly accomplished already considering he's still in his early twenties. However, he is about to take on the biggest risk of his young poker career. Only time can tell who's the better poker player.



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17 comments on "Extra Side Bet added to Landon Tice vs Bill Perkins Heads-Up Challenge"

 dule-vu03/05/2021 16:46:48 GMT
we didnt have this kind of news for months and its interesting to read about this after long time!we remember what kind of heads-up games we had,with big money in pot and we could see how somebody lose thousands of dollars for days and then make big comeback and even earn some money!whats more interesting in this challenge,its to see poker legend to play against such a young player!
 CALICUL04/05/2021 15:18:56 GMT
I have never heard of this player in my life, but it is impressive that at the age of 22 he plays with real chances of winning in front of another professional. It reminds me of Isildur1 and his crazy games. Landon Tice can become in future a strong gambler in terms of earnings.
 geseco1204/05/2021 17:00:33 GMT
This battle between these players will be epic, Bill Perkins if I know him, I have seen several games of him at great bets, but I did not know this boy, they say he turned professional two years ago, that's surprising, he wants to enter with everything wings big bets, it is seen that he is sure and confident of his game, we wait for this war, they have not given dates yet but it is speculated that it will be next month, we will be careful what happens.
 Cesar1404/05/2021 21:45:16 GMT
I am already looking forward to this confrontation, I really like to see poker playing at high stakes levels, there you see the best, and now these players have sent this challenge, one younger than the other, it seems that the young man does not His legs are shaking when launching that high stakes challenge, he looks very sure of himself and his level.
 CALICUL05/05/2021 15:55:34 GMT
it's impressive when you see young people making a big wager when they roll a few hundred thousand dollars with other professional players. This is not for everyone, because the game of poker is difficult between professionals and waiting time when you focus... takes time.
 dule-vu05/05/2021 19:09:01 GMT
its strange that we didnt have more of this head up poker games in last year or two,especially when everything was just online and people were at home!they could play this kind of games trough whole day and we could read a lot of news about it!who know how this will finish,because seems that this young player is great!
 Cesar1405/05/2021 22:25:11 GMT
For all lovers of big bets they will be happy, little do you see these confrontations that paralyze the poker community, recently we saw how Limitles vs Fedor faced, and now these greats, hopefully more join together to give a good show.
 geseco1206/05/2021 01:22:00 GMT
We will be aware of this confrontation between these two poker professionals, one younger than the other, we will see if the experience beats the youth, or the other way around, but it will surely be a spectacle to see them play.
 CALICUL06/05/2021 15:40:40 GMT
it's complicated to play at a high level because it's not for everyone, but those fees are small when it comes to stopping from every hand as is done at low stakes. Anyway, poker rooms make good money with professionals and the pleasure for them to play at high stakes is big. This young player also has qualities for tournaments, not only for heads up.
 DinGo!06/05/2021 15:56:08 GMT
To be honest i can,t say, that it,s very interesting to watch, how one millionaire will play against another millionaire. This money, that they will play is really not so big for them at all. I even don,t know who is Landon Tice, Bill Perkins is just a millionaire and i remember already couple of news, where he played heads-up against different players.
 Cesar1407/05/2021 16:49:20 GMT
For them I think it is a custom, they are rotten with money, they only think about winning and being in the top of the best, for us we have left to enjoy their game, thousands of dollars in each pot, poker is a very good game compared to others.
 CALICUL12/08/2021 17:55:19 GMT
Landon Nice did not do well when he gave that advantage to Perkins, but it is good that his loss was not very important, especially since his supporters sponsored him. I think the abandonment was also out of boredom, because he can't recover so quickly.
 CALICUL13/09/2021 09:44:20 GMT
I think these games with professional players should be more frequent and partially sponsored, to make people love poker even more. Online rooms need more people and we to have a good number of players in tournaments, because in heads up or cash it is harder to win bigger amounts.
 CALICUL18/10/2021 14:11:18 GMT
it's interesting if they played very seriously, like in WSOP tournaments or other big money games. This should happen to all professionals who play games like this. In this way, anyone can see the interest to follow for a better documentation. I hope in future, there will be more interesting duels like this.
 CALICUL09/11/2021 19:53:15 GMT
It's nice to see heads-up matches between professionals, but I'd love to see more strategies from them when they play, to reveal many secrets. I think they are mature enough to afford it because they have a lot of talent anyway and a lot will remain hidden for their own safety.
 CALICUL02/12/2021 00:59:28 GMT
how beautiful it is when quality professional players made duel with others and put on a show. People can enjoy learning the secrets of this game. This thing would mean that they combine the useful with the pleasant and they will be better prepared when playing with real money.
 CALICUL22/12/2021 13:15:38 GMT
these duels are good if they are carried to the end, because they would make the players in a formidable fight to win the bet they make. When it is finished after abandonment it is ugly or when there is too big a difference in shape

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