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Dan Bilzerian wins $1.2 Million (and more) on Biking Prop Bet

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Posted on 04 April 2016 by "T".

Whether you like him or not, admit it, we ALL are curious to know as to how things will turn out on Dan Bilzerian's latest quirky bet with other fellow high-stakes poker players.

Last month, poker player Bill Perkins slammed a challenge on Dan's Twitter page, saying that for a total of $1.2 million, he could not bike a circuit from the Las Vegas sign in Nevada to his house in LA in under 48 hours, and he has until March 31st to start.

Dan accepted the bet, and while there are many who wish him to fail, he received support from many people worldwide. Even Lance Armstrong, a professional cyclist, offered to become his personal guru, which he gladly welcomed.

To make things even more interesting, another fellow poker player, Rick Salomon, gladly threw in an addition to the challenge, saying that if Dan dies or is injured to the point of getting brain damage, he will win the bet - if Dan wins the bet, Rick will give him $250,000 for it. If Rick wins the bet, then Dan said he will give him his G4, a private jet.

Dan started his bike journey at about 3:30pm PST on March 29 (Tuesday), accompanied by a police escort from the LAPD. He documented his journey via his site

The 300-mile ride must be completed by 11:59pm PST on March 31, Thursday. According to Card, Dan finished the ride well within the allotted timeframe, which was actually on the morning of March 31, Thursday.

Dan spent over $100,000 on equipment and a group of support staff meant to help him during the bike ordeal.
One of the many good things that came out from this bike bet is that Lance Armstrong's child cancer charity will benefit a total of $25,000 as promised by Dan himself, whether he wins or loses.

Many from the poker world congratulated Dan on his victory, with some even saying that they even "earned a little something" from the entertaining prop bet. Dan also revealed he had more than $1 million in side-bets on the line as well.

With his win on this particular bet, it looks like the King of Instagram becomes the King of Cycling this time.



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4 comments on "Dan Bilzerian wins $1.2 Million (and more) on Biking Prop Bet"

 pochui04/04/2016 18:58:24 GMT
wow what an amazing achievement this is- i bow to this superb athlete, the dude who would easily pedal from vegas to north korea and back using only one foot and do this in no less than same 48 hours, he is a real beast... tour de france for the upcoming 10 years of so have a gtd winner already, quite fitting to see lance dude giving dan a hand and a few pills...
 Buva1304/04/2016 19:34:21 GMT
That guy is a joke. No further comments ur honur plus i resind the case. Its a discrase. huh shit even rhymes.
 tropical04/04/2016 20:14:17 GMT
Just rich people living their rich people life. Most of them don't rub it in our faces for obvious reasons. Unfortunately there are some attention whores who would do anything to be in the limelight. Dan bilzerian is one such whore. Let's hope he uses his winning properly like entering the next big one for one drop. Blackjack and hookers will do too.
 bowie198405/04/2016 00:00:05 GMT
This probably wasn't that hard for him especially with all those prime drugs Lance Armstrong could have provided so I am thinking emailing him about being the main sponsor of our next BRM home game, now that he has another million to spend on meaningless things...

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