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Brothers Involved In Poker Home Game Robbery Dealt Lengthy Sentences

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Posted on 28 July 2016 by "T".

According to a report from the Detroit Free Press, a couple of brothers from Detroit, Michigan, were sentenced to prison for robbing a poker home game in 2015. Tyler Terrill Ayers, age 26, and his brother Terence Montreal Ayers, age 22, both expressed their apologies for their actions.

There were actually five men who worked together in this crime, and the Ayers brothers were involved. The armed robbery took place at a house in the 3500 block of Crystal Valley Drive in Genoa Township, west of Detroit, on June 5, 2015.

During the robbery, the suspects broke into the house, and held the unsuspecting poker players at gunpoint, demanding to know where the money was. One of the suspects even struck a victim with a baton. The robbers fled with a cash box along with wallets, cellphones, and car keys, but eventually they were caught by police and received their punishment in court. All five suspects agreed to plea bargains and were sentenced substantial amounts of time in jail.

The younger brother Terence Ayers was sentenced to six years to 50 years behind bars for 13 counts of armed robbery. Also, six years to 20 years for one count of first-degree home invasion.

The older brother Tyler Ayers was sentenced to 14 years and three months to 40 years for 13 counts of armed robbery and one count of home invasion. Additionally, five years to eight years for felonious assault.
The other three co-defendants will also do their time behind bars.



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5 comments on "Brothers Involved In Poker Home Game Robbery Dealt Lengthy Sentences"

 JorAxe28/07/2016 17:10:49 GMT
Well, that happens way to go live, they'll be a while ben saved without offending.
 bowie198429/07/2016 00:21:36 GMT
Well, Detroit having a hard time right now to be quite honest - so we shouldn't be surprised that desperate times needs desperate measures. The more economically viable option would have been to crash the private poker night of the General Motors board of directors though (I'm pretty sure they have one too..)
 damosk29/07/2016 08:25:29 GMT
That's a pretty long list of crimes that these guys committed before they were caught. I guess the question lies with how did they get away for so long? On the other side of the story, had they invaded my poker home gam, they would have got away with a few bottles of beer and a couple of bicycles!
 doubletop77729/07/2016 09:34:12 GMT
I am glad these people have been caught and they have been sentenced to a long term in prison. These people must have been terrified in their own home and nobody should have to put up with that
 bowie198430/07/2016 22:07:35 GMT
Having hard time to understand why is the same crime count twice as hard when it comes to the older brother, something is not quite right with these sentences - the other three co-defendants probably had plea-bargains 4 pointing fingers and saying stuff...

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