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35 Players Confirmed For €1M Buy-in Big One For One Drop

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Posted on 30 September 2016 by "T".

Guy Laliberté During the 2016 WSOP event back in July, One Drop founder Guy Laliberté had announced that the Big One for One Drop shall have a comeback, and this time with a whopping €1 million buy-in, making it one of the biggest poker tournaments of all time!

Unlike its previous tournaments, there are two things which are different: for the first time in its history, professional poker players would be barred from entering the tournament. The tournament will be played at the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco.

In conjunction with Caesars Interactive Entertainment (owner of WSOP) and Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, The Big One for One Drop is part of a 5-day high-stakes cash game and tournament festival that starts from October 13 to 17 at the Casino de Monte Carlo.

€111,111 of each entry for the first European version of the tournament shall be donated to the One Drop Foundation.

According to the site, "35 players to date are confirmed to play in the headlining event, The Big One for One Drop Invitational, which will begin at noon on Friday, October, 14 and will feature the largest buy-in poker tournament ever held - 1,000,000 euros. With €111,111 from each entry going to One Drop, and no other fees deducted for event operations, €888,889 from each buy-in goes directly into the prize pool.

That is a staggering €31,111,115 up for grabs, with the expectation that these figures will grow when the final field is solidified and re-entries are tallied. In addition, the winner will receive one of the world's most valuable sporting trophies, a ceremonial bracelet hand-crafted in platinum by famed jeweler Richard Mille."

Even if the professional poker players are not allowed to play, they can still participate by acting as coaches during the 3-day event for the billionaires. For their expertise, the pros shall receive 2.5% of their player's winning over and above the entry fees paid. Players can meet their coach in a designated private area during breaks, at specific moments, and "between hands".

Aside from the tournament, there will also be cash games for recreational players (by invitation of No-Limit Hold'em, No-Limit Hold'em six-handed, etc.) which are offered daily from 12 noon until 6 a.m. with buy-ins ranging from €2,500 to €1 million.

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13 comments on "35 Players Confirmed For €1M Buy-in Big One For One Drop"

 bowie198401/10/2016 00:06:22 GMT
Eff this promotion. Why would any millionaire/billionaire burn their money on this?
Since the foundation gambling related I doubt they could make they buy-ins tax-deductable as a charitable donation so I really don't see the point clearly why would anybody join this. They would rather bet on the stock-market IMO.
 Robbo199001/10/2016 03:30:55 GMT
a millionaire wouldn't, unless hes sponsored or staked. a billionaire could easily afford this and will look at it as his charity for the financial year win or lose. I hope by banning "pro's" he also means banning the likes of perkins etc.

even if no1 has joined, he could say 35 have, which will entice people to join because of the 30m+ prize pool
 pochui01/10/2016 07:37:04 GMT
ok let me get this straight, this laliberte dude want to win this tournament so much that he decided to modify rules in such sneaky a way so he is left only with drunk russians and a few random billionaires gambling pro wannabes for his competition. quite a scheme... though i am 99% sure he will be eliminated by some dude holding 26o vs laliberte's AA's...
 pajalnick01/10/2016 09:15:35 GMT
dude why are immediately drunk Russian ?? maybe it will be like a drunken Chinese ?? I am Russian but even when I was very drunk .... I have some reason no 1000000 dollars ... even thousands of dollars appears not very often ... we have in Russia a very strong distinction between rich and poor (((
 doubletop77701/10/2016 09:52:48 GMT
It must be nice to be able to pay over a million just to play in a poker tournament. It's going to be very interesting to see how many entries that they do get and who eventually wins
 dule-vu01/10/2016 11:03:03 GMT
he,he,maybe he thought beacuse lots of russian love to drink lot of vodka and we see lot of clips on youtube,how alcohol affect on them,so on first clue it must be russian Big Smile !dont get it in wrond way pajalnick Big Smile
 Mober01/10/2016 18:18:01 GMT
What can you say about the buy in.
At first i thought it was for poker players and i found this one a bit high, even for the
professionals, but as i kept reading i found the whole story.
Its just an expensive tournament for us, but small change for all the money wasters Smile
 StheP01/10/2016 20:13:30 GMT
I am awaiting for this event since it was announced... its a shame that pros cannot play... I would like to see couple of pros playing this one, and jump on all time money list in tournament winnings... well what can I say I am exited and cant wait to see the action on 13th... also I would like to see who pick some poker pros as coaches...
 pochui02/10/2016 13:01:14 GMT
response to the dude who called me dude:

hey dude, you know why immediately drunk russians? because:

1) only drunk russian has +ev odds in an all-in situation holding 26o vs pocket aces. regular russian would be crushed here.
2) roses are red violets are pink, only drunk russian can drink so much an do not stink.
3) if you want to grow your penis by 4 inches click here, oh wait it's illegal to post such links on brm forums. tough luck dude- guess you will just have to accept the fact that your were last in line then they were giving away larger penises.
 Tony_MON7ANA17/10/2016 16:55:10 GMT
With €111,111 from buy-in going to One Drop, approximately €4 million were donated to the One Drop Foundation this year. Guy Laliberté's work is inspiring because he does it for love. This magnificent work is going to light up the world. Congratulations.
 bowie198418/10/2016 00:47:52 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
With 111,111 from buy-in going to One Drop, approximately 4 million were donated to the One Drop Foundation this year. Guy Lalibert's work is inspiring because he does it for love. This magnificent work is going to light up the world. Congratulations.

Nah, they barely went over three mill for the donation. Thats like eleven percent. Tax on capital gains in the USA is twelve percent. Funny.
 TheMachineQC18/10/2016 05:35:48 GMT
I think they made it business man only to make it more fair and enjoyable for their level for skills. I'm not sure though. It would have probably gathered a lot more attention if there was pros playing it though, it always fun to see them against these billionnaires.

I have never heard of the guy who won but anyways it's all good, this tournament gives a lot of cash to charity!

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