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Six-time WSOP Bracelet Winner Wanted By U.S. Authorities

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Posted on 05 September 2016 by "T".

An arrest warrant for Ted Forrest was issued last Friday by authorities. Forrest, 51, a six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner with more than $6.3 million in live tournament earnings, has been charged with theft and bad check charges.

According to the Las Vegas Review journal, Forrest attempted to pass two checks amounting to $215,000 between October 28, 2012, and May 17, 2013, at Wynn Las Vegas. Forrest signed a document in 2013 that stated that he owed Wynn $270,000 and that he agreed to make 10 monthly payments of $10,000 and one payment of $170,000. As of July 2015, court records indicate that he has not complied with the agreements. The case was eventually closed.

In September 2015, The Mirage filed a lawsuit that Forrest still owed $40,500 from a loan of $100,000 in 2013. A judge ruled in favour of the casino, but it's not know whether Forrest paid his debt.



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8 comments on "Six-time WSOP Bracelet Winner Wanted By U.S. Authorities"

 pochui05/09/2016 15:52:44 GMT
ted has to feel sorry for himself for only being forrest but not turner therefore resulting in a situation where he has to write fraudulent checks left and right and in between. hopefully one day forrest will grow top such heights that fraudulent checks will come only from the left, resulting in complete elimination of fraudulent checks from the right and in between.
 pinotte05/09/2016 16:27:56 GMT
When you see that the guy had won six bracelets and 6.3 million in WSOP tournaments you probably think that the guy is a very rich man.

However you don't know anything about him and he is maybe loosing all is money playing cash games or any other casino games and become a poor guy who have to write check for which he knows that he does not have the funds to cover them.

It is very strange how we cam judge a person with only a bit of information on him. Confused Confused
 ivanjkp05/09/2016 18:24:13 GMT
Nothing special I admire this guy because his desire to make a combination when he have nothing or 0$ cash Smile
Anyway in my country this thing cant happened because check here in Serbia are limited to max 5000RSD or 40E per check so we dont have that kind of problems Smile
 doubletop77706/09/2016 07:58:02 GMT
I was surprised and saddened to read about this. Ted Forrest was always on the screen playing poker for vast amounts of money not so long ago and to see this was shocking
 damosk06/09/2016 12:50:35 GMT
As they say, easy come easy go! Winning $6 million means nothing if you can't hang on to it. It would appear there is a situation here for which we only have part of the story, but nonetheless it appears very sad that such a profit maker is embroiled in a theft / bad check issue. Remember...look after your money and only bet what you can afford to lose.
 pajalnick06/09/2016 13:53:44 GMT
very strange such a respected man and was in such a bad story ... of course occur in life and more strange things ... in general are to blame for their prolemy so you have to sit in jail
 Mober06/09/2016 16:24:19 GMT
It reminded me the "run forrest run" from the movie.
This is a bright example to what happens with some "lucky" poker players after some time.
Not all of them are successful at the end.
For some the wheel turns and as they are addicted to it, it can result to this.
 Tony_MON7ANA08/09/2016 16:11:10 GMT
Ted Forrest won the 2006 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, winning the $500,000 first prize. That was a great tournament. It is hard to believe that ten years have passed since then.
More than $6.3 million in live tournament earnings. That sounds like a lot of money. He has earned around $200,000 (before tax) a year on average for the past 30 years or so.

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