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Doug Polk vs Phil Hellmuth Basketball $10,000 Prop Bet

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Posted on 10 October 2017 by "T".

On October 7, Doug ‘WCGRider' Polk uploaded a Youtube video showing his one-on-one basketball match against Phil Hellmuth in Pittsburgh, a 10-1 odds on a three-point shot on the first try without even warming up. It is Polk's $10,000 versus Helmuth's $1,000. Guess who had the most fun and won in the end?

Hellmuth, 53, may have not been able to defend his title in the second edition of Poker Night in America's King of the Hill II (more info here) event that occurred last weekend at the Rivers Casino; however, he apparently had a lot of fun in the end as he luckily won a total of $15,000 from his opponents in a post-match shootout at a makeshift basketball court in a Pittsburgh parking lot around the wee hours of 2am.

The unplanned prop bet was hatched after the members of the King of the Hill II crew and poker players had been enjoying a drink or two after the event. They loved the topic of basketball so much that it led to a bet, and it's Hellmuth versus Polk, entailing that Hellmuth couldn't hit a 3-pointer without any warm-up or practice shots, with Polk challenging him 10-1 or as Phil Hellmuth posted in his Twitter feed:

With show producer Todd Anderson and one of the four players in KOTH II Parker Talbot also wanting a piece of the basketball action, Hellmuth then stood to win $15,000 to his $1,500 to make the miraculous shot. However, first to do - where can they find a basketball court at 1:30am?

The merry party sought the help of fans via Twitter for the search of a basket ball from anyone in the Pittsburgh area until a local poker fan named Chris Macedonia delivered it to them.

After they found a random parking lot with a makeshift basketball court, the merry party gathered, which includes Hellmuth, Talbot, Anderson, KOTH II champ Olivier Busquet, Pete ‘The Manz' Manzinelli, Shaun Deeb, along with owner of the ball Chris Macedonia.

What transpired the moment after Hellmuth released the ball made everyone thunderstruck, and just like that, Hellmuth makes another legendary moment to his name.

Their amazement has then turned to a bit of dismay, as the poker pros who bet against Hellmuth realized they just lost a couple thousands on a bet!


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11 comments on "Doug Polk vs Phil Hellmuth Basketball $10,000 Prop Bet"

 doubletop77710/10/2017 07:53:11 GMT
Haha, these guys will literally have a bet on anything. I would have loved to have been there to watch this and i dont think they will be able to shut Phil Hellmuth up for a very long time about this
 DaCapo7110/10/2017 10:03:30 GMT
I like this funny bet news about the poker pros, but i think they loose all their poker winnings in this kind of side bets. Perhaps it was to boring to play only live poker and so they need a new adrenaline kick Blink
 shokaku10/10/2017 11:21:56 GMT
Old men might not be able to jump, but they can still throw. Cool

Nice shot by Hellmuth, showing those young Punks how it is done. But betting $10k on something like that only shows that some folks just have to much money at their hands.
 pochui10/10/2017 12:49:19 GMT
ok I must say that this 4 dudes tournament with all the pre match excitement and now as we see all the post matches fun really were I think a well planned event with lots of pr for all the guys involved and the organizers of the event.
 CALICUL10/10/2017 13:31:05 GMT
An excellent thing is that they are playing other kind of games not just poker. It's nice to see them do something else but they can not stop bets. They do what they do and always bets. I have the impression as with their wives or fiancees do the same. Their life is like a continuous bet i think. Smile
 bowie198410/10/2017 15:51:12 GMT
Posted by pochui:
ok I must say that this 4 dudes tournament with all the pre match excitement and now as we see all the post matches fun really were I think a well planned event with lots of pr for all the guys involved and the organizers of the event.

The only thing I see here is Hellmuth has at least 20 lbs+ on him. Maybe he should be betting on loosing some weight.
 shokaku10/10/2017 17:46:31 GMT
Some of the other guys in the video were in even worse shape the he is, and they are much younger. Sitting on your behind countless hours every day to play poker isn't that good for the general fitness.
 Gerimantas10/10/2017 18:58:54 GMT
Ha ha funny guys, when playing poker is done they think pf some other ideas and to have fun when doing them. Of course it is so popular with poker players to have many prop bets and some of them funny, some crazy and very often it is a lot of money in these bets
 Mober10/10/2017 20:58:50 GMT
They are the definition of gamblers.
What others do just for fun and spent some time, they are doing it for money.
If you can afford it, it is not a big deal, but still something that i dont like.
Even if i had the money for it Smile
 bowie198411/10/2017 22:33:33 GMT
Yeah but those other guys did not bragged about their ability to make a three pointer without warming up etc. By the way yeah, the overall health concerns are bigger when you spend your day working behind a desk. Gambling or having a desk job are risky 4 putting on weight fast.
 godoy15/02/2018 23:21:18 GMT
That's right, and I live a good time spending money on cool things like this. I wanted to have the money to make such a joke so hahahhaa more like I do not have it, just watch it.

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