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Two More $1 Million Guarantee Tourneys This Sunday At Americas Cardroom

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Posted on 19 October 2017 by "T".

Get ready for déjà vu, times two. After just wrapping up a successful Million Dollar Sunday tournament, Americas Cardroom is going full throttle with the third leg of the $14 Million OSS Cub3d. The BOSS, the Bigger Online Super Series designed for high rollers, started yesterday and concludes with two $1,000,000 GTD events this Sunday.

"The ‘Big' in Bigger Online Super Series might be the understatement of the year," stated Michael Harris, spokesperson for Americas Cardroom. "For the first time ever, we're hosting two massive $1,000,000 GTDs on the same day. It's unprecedented and promises to be huge."

This past Sunday, Americas Cardroom held the first Million Dollar Sunday tournament of the series, a half-price $250+15 buy-in event that saw 4,368 entries fuel the prize pool to $1,092,000. The tournament concluded with a final table deal between fk poleys ($157,952), Dable ($120,000), and AV12588 ($117,352). The figure for fk poleys includes the $20,000 he earned to determine the eventual tournament winner.

Players can look forward to two more $1,000,000 GTD tourneys on Sunday, October 22nd. It includes a regular priced Million Dollar Sunday at 3pm ET for $500+40, and a high-roller event at 1pm ET for $2,000+100.

It's all part of Americas Cardroom's biggest-ever OSS Cub3d series, featuring $14 million in guaranteed prize money. A total of $4.7 million of it is found in the 93 events of the BOSS. For the full schedule, visit AmericasCardroom's website.

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9 comments on "Two More $1 Million Guarantee Tourneys This Sunday At Americas Cardroom"

 doubletop77719/10/2017 09:04:48 GMT
These are the sorts of tournaments that us mere mortals can only dream of playing in. I would love to be able to afford to play in these things regularly but simply cannot do it
 DaCapo7119/10/2017 09:59:36 GMT
Such a big tourney two times at Americas Cardroom are great. I´m verry surprised, that they can offer such big tourneys with a amazing guarantee prize pool. Gl all mobsters in this tourneys, perhaps i try my luck too this time Blink
 CALICUL19/10/2017 10:57:52 GMT
So you can play in these tournaments you have to play poker very good. You earn money at smaller stakes with fishes and then sign up for tournaments. No sense to play in such tournaments if you do not have good qualities in the game style. The sharks do not let you take steps to the top.
 damosk19/10/2017 12:15:12 GMT
It's nice to hear about these tourneys and even nicer if you can get to play in them. Dream on us mere mortals, unless of course we can fight our way through a range of satellites just like out friend StheP did recently. The impossible is possible. Keep trying and play your A Game when you do and in time........ who knows what can be achieved.
 Fakiry19/10/2017 13:20:25 GMT
I already wrote here before that i consider the freerolls the most dificult tourneys because, in theory, they have all the types of players (from fish to shark, wanna-be-pros and pros too), and it's very difficult to understand how will any opponent play each hand. Adding the fact that, with no money from the pocket involved, one can madly risk any stack even in advanced levels, either because he's joking, has to have dinner (happens a lot to me Big Smile) or he's just tired of the lack of action. This said, knowing we have the chance to play a hand full of freerolls (steps mode) to get the chance to enter "The Tourney" is the biggest challenge one can pass through. And those who happen to do it all the way seem to get their space on some kind of hall of fame (remembering Moneymaker...). But, hey, keep trying, also remember our fellow mobster StheP who recently made all the way, and we all hope he can go even further. Live the Dream!!!
 Gerimantas19/10/2017 20:14:46 GMT
I think these are very good tournaments, but to have 4000 or more players to play for big prizes is very hard to earn a good result. Also people like a lot of here on forum do mot play with so big buyins like 215 dollars. But it is good to read that smaller poker room has such big tournaments
 Mober19/10/2017 21:03:03 GMT
They keep having big tournaments there. And the buy in for the last one,
with 250 USD wasnt that big.
And probably they would have satellites also, so players with low bankrolls could
have tried to get a ticket.
It was a nice prize even after the deal.
Good luck to all the ones trying there.
 pochui21/10/2017 10:06:40 GMT
well for this site these tournaments were probably a big deal, but when we think about it, stars keep doing sunday million tournaments for years and this is the standard I think when we have in mind million gtd tournaments.
 CALICUL21/10/2017 12:49:59 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well for this site these tournaments were probably a big deal, but when we think about it, stars keep doing sunday million tournaments for years and this is the standard I think when we have in mind million gtd tournaments.

Yes, but do not compare pokerstars with americas cardroom. One is recognized all over the world and the other i do not know where come from the players from their room. From my point of view ACR do not attract so many players to guarantee those tournaments with 14 miliions dolllars prizes especially as Americans are not allowed.

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